Chocolate tomatoes: growing features and characteristics

Any gardener wants to grow not only beautiful and tasty, but also unusual fruits on his garden plot. The red tomatoes, which are familiar to all residents of Russia, will not surprise anyone. Another thing - Chocolate Tomato! What are the features of this variety and is it difficult to grow it in your garden? All this in the article below.

Description of the variety of tomatoes Chocolate

An unusual variety was bred in Russia quite recently, in the 21st century. Not all gardeners had time to evaluate it, so they do not plant it as often as the variety deserves. But experienced and delicate hands to plant and grow a chocolate tomato, reviews of which are enthusiastic, not at all difficult. The hybrid tomato has an average bush height of 150 cm. Leaves and stems of the usual dark green color. Since the height of the bush is small, tying is not required.

However, experienced gardeners still insist on garter bushes with the aim of increasing yields. Representatives of this variety can be planted in the greenhouse and open ground, the tomato is a little susceptible to diseases and rot. Chocolate Tomato is a medium early variety. It takes about 110 days from the time the seeds are planted until the fruits are picked.

The advantages of the variety are in its large tasty fruits of interesting color, high yield of bushes and their simplicity. With a square meter of planted tomatoes with the right care to collect up to 15 kg of fruit.

Chocolate Tomato Variety: Fruit Characteristics

Fruits of an unusual variety of tomatoes have a dark green color. As they ripen, they gradually darken, turning into dark red tomatoes weighing up to 400 grams. The consistency of the fruit is not watery, fleshy. The shape of the fruit is usually round, but slightly flattened on top. Up to four nests are found in each fruit.

Chocolate Tomato has a pleasant sweet taste, but is not intended for long-term storage. It is best to use these tomatoes immediately, for example, in the form of a fresh salad. They can also be used to produce your own tomato juice and a variety of preservation. In this form, the fruit is also very good.

Nuances of growing a new variety of tomatoes

As mentioned above, Chocolate Tomato can be grown in greenhouses and in the open field. Of course, greenhouse cultivation provides a number of advantages - it is protection from pests and wind gusts. Chocolate tomatoes are grown throughout Russia, planting ready-made seedlings in the ground is closer to the end of May. Before planting seeds should be checked for germination in a glass of water. Seedlings form two to three stalks.

A dive is made after the appearance of two or three leaves (as in the other tomatoes). Before planting you need to harden the seedlings, reducing the temperature of the water during watering. This variety is completely unpretentious and needs the usual gardener's manipulations: daily watering in the evenings, weeding, loosening the soil, fertilizing. Don't forget about pasynkovanie. Passing bushes is especially important when grown in open ground, because without this event the plant will waste its strength.

What pests threaten chocolate tomatoes?

High resistance to many diseases - this is what is remarkable for the Chocolate tomato. Reviews of experienced gardeners about him are usually good, everyone praises the yield and sweet taste of these tomatoes. If you still encounter diseases on the site, do not worry. This grade of a tomato is processed by habitual fungicide preparations. Timely treatment of plants with insecticides will save from pest invasion.

Chocolate Striped Tomato

If you want to surprise your dacha guests even more, then grow a chocolate striped tomato on it. This variety is famous for its extravagant color and unusual taste. The size of the fruit is also surprising - for particularly successful summer residents, it reaches one kilogram, while the average weight of one fruit is 500 grams. Tomato peel is pleasant, smooth and not thick. Particularly surprising is the color of the ripe fruit - chocolate color with dark green or red stripes. Because of the unusual coloring of these tomatoes like children.

Chocolate striped tomato is used to prepare fresh salads and hot dishes. Used fruits and for preservation. True, pickled wholegrain and pickling is not for these large tomatoes. Do not make them and juice.

The advantages of the variety are large fruit, color, interesting taste, fruiting throughout the season and high resistance to diseases. No cost and without drawbacks - when planted in open ground, the fruit may burst under the action of too high air temperature. These tomatoes are best planted in a bright place, but not under the open sunlight. Seedlings are planted in greenhouses in mid-May, and in open ground - in early June.

Russian gardeners with might and main are developing new varieties of tomatoes. Chocolate tomatoes fell in love with many summer residents because of the high yield and simplicity of the bushes. Grow a rich crop of unusual colors is a snap!

Tomato Dark chocolate: characteristic varieties, description, reviews, cultivation

Varieties of black-fruited tomatoes are still perceived by many as some kind of exotic.

Indeed, an unusual color and bright taste makes this vegetable not only the decoration of the table, but also the decoration of the garden.

Tomatoes have about 10 dark varieties, Dark chocolate belongs to the small mid-season varieties.

Characteristics and description of the variety

Tomato Dark chocolate is a sort of cherry tomato. The peculiarity of this variety is its unusual color.

Although there is a black color in the title, it should be noted that the color is brown-purple. The taste is very pleasant - pronounced fruity and sweetish.

This type of tomato is very appropriate in salads, but you should note that these tomatoes are not suitable for preservation.

Tomatoes with black color are not only beautiful, but also very useful. The substance anthocyanin gives the tomato a dark color. This substance is very beneficial for the body.

A large number of vitamins, microelements contribute to the improvement of immunity, normalize blood pressure, and also contribute to normal blood circulation. Tomatoes Dark chocolate are very high in vitamin C, as well as antioxidants.

Recent studies have argued that the substances that are found in black varieties of tomato, prevent the occurrence of cancer in the body.

The plant reaches a height of 1.5 meters, and the fruits rarely exceed the size of 28 grams. The shape is perfectly round, the color is brown, with a greenish spot on the stem.

On the brush is always a large number of tomatoes - about 10 pieces, which indicates a good yield.

Such a number of fruits requires mandatory garter, otherwise the plant will fall or break.

Features of the cultivation and care of the variety

Tomato Dark chocolate refers to mid-season varieties, therefore, the planting of this type in the ground should begin on day 60 after the first shoots. The first fruits ready to harvest ripen on the 115th day after the first shoots appear.

The peculiarity of growing this type of tomato is no different from any other mid-season tomato. For growing seedlings, seeds are sown in the middle of March. Experienced gardeners check seeds for seedling quality.

This procedure is carried out as follows: the seeds are placed in water for 20-30 minutes, those seeds that drowned are quality for planting.

Before you put the seeds in the ground - they need to be treated with fertilizer that stimulates growth.

Important! In order for the plant to sprout well and develop - at the seedling stage the ideal temperature in the room should be 18-22 degrees.

In order that the soil was not filled with various harmful substances - it is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate, and then fertilized with peat, humus and sand. An equal amount of these substances provides the ideal ratio of useful substances for the growth of good seedlings.

Seeds are planted at a distance of 2-3 centimeters. After planting, the soil needs to be watered and covered with a film for several days. After the seedlings have sprouted, basically it happens for 3-4 days, the film is removed and the seedlings are placed under good lighting.

Watering seedlings should be done regularly, as the soil dries. It is necessary to water with warm water, which is first defended.

Planting of seedlings into the ground is made after 3 leaves appear on the stem. It is during this period that the plant is ready for further transplantation and formation.

During this period, tomato seedlings dive into separate containers with a clod of earth. This procedure should be carried out very carefully, so as not to damage the main root of the seedling.

Planting time of black tomatoes at a permanent place will fall at the end of May.

Resistance to diseases and adverse conditions

For a healthy growth, as well as to ensure the health of seedlings, you should worry not only about fertilizer, but also about the health of tomatoes. The main enemies of any sort of tomato is late blight.

On the positive side, it should be noted that the Dark Chocolate variety is very resistant to this disease, therefore many gardeners prefer to plant these black-fruited tomatoes on their plots.

Also, all types of tomato are characterized by various types of rot: wet rot of tomatoes, stem rot, root rot, apical and gray rot.

All of these types of diseases arise not only from an excess of moisture in the soil, but also from bacteria and fungi that attack the plant.

The main fight against the disease is soil fertilization and proper care.

Important! Most of the black-fruited tomatoes are resistant to various types of diseases, but still preventive measures should be taken to ensure good growth and a decent harvest.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Black chocolate varietal tomatoes are resistant to various diseases and rarely produce poor yields.

In order to have a lot of fruit - branches and bunches should be tied up. This procedure will facilitate the bush itself and the formation of fruits will increase significantly.

Of the main advantages should be highlighted:

  1. Beautiful fruit appearance,
  2. Rare fruity taste, with a sweetish aftertaste,
  3. Disease resistance
  4. High yield.

Most of the gardeners, having tried once to plant on the site of the black-fruited tomato bush - in the future are unlikely to be able to deny themselves this tasty and attractive vegetable.

In addition to all the above advantages, it should be noted that this variety is unsuitable for conservation. Its thin skin breaks easily, and the flesh looks like liquid jam.

When transporting a tomato, dark chocolate must be provided with special protection, because tender and soft fruits are easily crushed and burst.

Also of the drawbacks of black-fruited tomatoes, it should be noted that without necessarily tying up bushes - the branches break easily.

In which regions are grown

Almost all black-fruited tomatoes, including dark chocolate, are heat-loving plants. That is why the majority of gardeners prefer to grow tomatoes of this variety in greenhouses and under film.

It should be noted that black varieties of tomatoes prefer organic fertilizers, such as droppings, crushed chalk, or nitroammofosk. Feeding should be carried out once a week.

If you follow all the above recommendations, you can achieve a good yield (about 5 kg per 1 m2) in almost any region of the country.

Tomatoes Dark chocolate belong to varieties of black-fruited cherry tomatoes, unpretentious care and very good yield completely satisfies the majority of gardeners.

Varvara Semenovna, Moscow region

The variety of tomatoes Dark chocolate is grown for the second year, I really like the taste and appearance of these tomatoes. In order for this variety to give birth well, it is necessary to fertilize seedlings well, not to allow overcooling.

Characteristics and description of the variety of chocolate tomato, its yield

Tomato Chocolate is an original type of tomato. We are all accustomed to the tomatoes of red or pink color. But this type of tomato has a unique and original chocolate color for tomatoes.

Such a miracle of selection appeared in the 21st century thanks to our Russian breeders. And immediately this variety took a worthy place in the popularity rating of tomatoes.

Its demand among summer residents and gardeners is associated with its interesting color, excellent taste, decent yield and unpretentious care.

This variety is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. And now everything in order.

Characteristics of this variety

Description of the variety positions this tomato as a semi-determinant non-stembered hybrid. In terms of ripening, it is mid-early. Crop begin to collect after 110-115 days after planting seeds.

This variety is quite possible to grow both in the open area and in the greenhouse.

The variety requires pinching and shrub formation. The bush grows up to 1.2-1.5 meters, quite strong and powerful, requires mandatory garters to the supports. The leaf is small, the leaves are dark green, slightly corrugated.

Reviews gardeners and gardeners indicate that it is best to form a plant in 2 stalks.

Inflorescences are of intermediate type, the first of them originates above 8 leaflets, the next - every 1-2 leaves. Fruits grow in clusters, 4-5 vegetables are formed on each hand. Each vegetable has 4-5 nests.

Fruits have the correct rounded shape, the weight of vegetables varies from 200 to 400 grams. Unripe vegetables have a dark green color; when ripe, the tomatoes become a beautiful reddish-brown color. Tastes of fruits are excellent, vegetables are sweet, fleshy. The flesh is elastic.

They tolerate transportation and are stored for quite a long time.

Ways to use

Fruits are great for fresh consumption. They make very tasty salads, very presentable and exotic in appearance. Tomatoes are also suitable for canning, for preparing juices, ketchups, sauces.

Despite the brown color of the skin, inside the vegetables have the usual red color and the juice or ketchup from such tomatoes turns out to be the usual red color. These vegetables are also harmonized in various vegetable stewed or boiled dishes.

Tomatoes can also be frozen for winter and dried.

The advantages of this variety of tomatoes

The advantages of such tomatoes are many.

  1. Resistance to various diseases and pests. This species has good resistance to various diseases. And such a common disease of tomatoes as root and apical rot never affects this variety.
  2. High yield. The stated characteristics and description of the variety indicate the possibility of collecting up to 5 kg of yield per square meter. But those who planted such a variety claim that with good care, you can collect 14 kg from one square.
  3. Large-fruited tomatoes can significantly save time at harvest.
  4. Excellent taste and healthy properties of tomato allow not only to enjoy the excellent taste of grown tomatoes, but also to strengthen their health.
  5. Unpretentiousness in cultivation and care allows you to grow tomatoes not only experienced gardeners, but also only beginner gardeners and gardeners.
  6. Presentable presentation allows you to grow such a tomato on your site for personal use, and for industrial purposes.

About the origin of chocolate tomato

The author of the variety is the well-known and now living Lyubov A. Myazina. The breeder, doctor of agricultural sciences, for his more than 30 years of practice has created a whole collection of unique vegetables. In the State Register of breeding achievements made:

  • 25 varieties of tomatoes:
  • 39 hybrids of tomatoes
  • 7 cucumber hybrids.

An application for registration of Chocolate was filed in 2005 by the Moscow agrofirm Aelita, which also became the exclusive wholesale seller of seeds of this tomato. The patent owner and originator, that is, the person responsible for the safety of the variety, is Myazina Love. The grade is brought in the State registry in 2007, allowed to cultivation in all regions of the Russian Federation.

The author of Chocolate has a website where you can not only buy seeds, which is called first-hand, but also ask a question, ask for advice on cultivation, express wishes or thanks.

Reviews gardeners

I planted Chocolate - the main difference from the red ones in my opinion is that it is exceptionally sweet. In all other respects, in general, they are the same as usual - neither by height, nor by size, nor by yield, they do not stand out, but the taste is really quite original. If such varieties like - then it is worth planting. I myself like when tomatoes taste with such a slight sourness, but in general even I liked chocolate, I will probably look for seeds again this year.


Plus to the "Chocolate" tomato, only live it ate all summer. A lot of only cracked fruit was

red wine

Chocolate variety. Already now I can state that this is one of the leaders (more than 50 varieties have been planted ... ..) Many varieties are dropping flowers, brushes are tied with gaps. There is almost no chocolate discharge. I conduct in two trunks. While very pleased. The nights, of course, are very cold, I am afraid to make plans, but if it turns out to be also tasty, I will plant annually.

Tatyana Evgenievna

Chocolate variety, when other seedlings had already grown, they decided to plant this “after” .. these tomatoes caught up and overtook others, started to bear fruit early, were very fruitful, and the taste .. I want to say that I have never tasted a tomato better than these. This is something amazing, so harmonious, I would even say, noble taste. All other tomatoes on their background are just tasteless.


Chocolate Tomato has an extraordinary taste, but is grown using the most common technology. There is one significant disadvantage: it is unlikely that it will be possible to take ripe fruits safely from the dacha to the house, therefore it is better not to delay the harvest.

Key properties of the variety

"Striped chocolate" - a variety of tomatoes, which is bred by American breeders. The original name of the variety sounds like Chocolate Stripes. Vegetable culture is known also under other names ("Chocolate strips" and "Chocolate striped"). To date, these tomatoes have not been included in the state register of the Russian Federation. In the United States, vegetable production is very popular and in great demand. It made the top three varieties at TomatoFest. It is highly valued by gardeners and gardeners in the West.

Vegetable culture belongs to the category of determinant plants. Its end point of growth is determined by the area after 6-8 brushes. The bush is not a stab. The stem of a culture is considered:

  • weak leaf, which greatly simplifies the cultivation,
  • strong
  • persistent.

The height of the bush is about 1.5-2 m. The plant has a powerful and highly developed rhizome. Vegetable culture is characterized by the presence of wrinkled leaves of medium size. Gardeners often call them potato. The shade of the leaves is saturated, colorful, dark green, pubescence on them is absent.

Tomato variety "Striped chocolate" forms simple inflorescences. The first of them is formed above the eighth leaf. The following buds are laid at intervals of 2 sheets.

Attention! Each inflorescence of the plant allows you to form about 5 fruits.

Description of the bush and fruit varieties "Striped Chocolate"

Vegetable culture can be grown in greenhouses, under film shelters and in open ground. The grade is considered middle-ripening. From the moment of germination to the ripening of vegetables, it takes about 95 days. A shrub bush is not. But it is recommended to grow the plant in 2-3 stalks.

Many gardeners note the resistance of the Striped Chocolate variety to all sorts of diseases and adverse conditions, but so far there is no official confirmation, as the vegetable is very young.

As for the description of the fruits of this plant, they attract with their extraordinary appearance. Tomatoes are maroon, almost chocolate in color. On their surface there is a great many thin red and dark green stripes. Unripe vegetables have a light green color. It is better to rip them ripe, as tomatoes ripen badly.

Fruits of the "Striped Chocolate" variety are very large. On average, their weight is 500 g, but some vegetables can weigh up to 1 kg. The diameter of the tomato is about 15 cm.

Peculiarities of tomatoes "Striped chocolate"

Among other characteristics of vegetables of the American selection it is worth noting:

  • a rounded, slightly flattened form at the top and bottom,
  • 8 cameras,
  • low seed content
  • pleasant, appetizing aroma.

Tomatoes varieties "Striped Chocolate" have excellent taste. Their flesh is juicy and fleshy. Gardeners celebrate the expressive sweet taste of tomatoes. That is why tomatoes are so popular with both adults and children. The fruit has a low solids content.

The amazing taste of tomatoes makes them very attractive for fresh consumption. With them you can make delicious salads. Vegetables are suitable for the production of ketchup, pastes, preparations for the winter and canning. Tomatoes can be used as ingredients in hot appetizers, but they are not recommended for juice production and whole-fruit pickling.

The variety of tomatoes "Striped Chocolate" is very popular with gardeners for their unpretentiousness in cultivation. But especially appreciated taste and appetizing appearance of vegetables.

Briefly about the plant and its fruits

Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Striped chocolate as follows:

  1. The vegetative period from sprout to the full fruit of the plant lasts from 95 to 105 days.
  2. Tomato bush Chocolate striped reaches a height of 150-160 cm when grown in open ground. If the plant is bred in a greenhouse, then some varieties of the described tomato grow to 200-250 cm.
  3. Tomato has a resistant and powerful stem, and on the bushes a moderate amount of foliage.
  4. The root system is developed and strongly branched. The leaves are medium in size. Wrinkles are well visible on them.
  5. To get a good harvest bushes form of 1-2 stems.
  6. Fruits of tomato fall into the maxi category. Their diameter is about 150 mm. The weight of individual copies is close to 1.0-1.5 kg. The average weight of berries ranges from 0.5 to 0.6 kg.
  7. The shape of the fruit resembles a slightly flat sphere, having chocolate-colored stripes on the lateral surfaces. When tomatoes reach technical maturity, they turn a chocolate or burgundy color. Immature specimens in green or red. Peel on tomatoes shiny, has a high density.

Reviews of farmers show that the yield of striped chocolate is up to 8 kg of fruit from 1 square. m. beds. When performing all agrotechnical measures and recommendations of breeders, gardeners get 4-5 kg ​​of berries from each bush. Fruit picking is done throughout the season.

Farmers note the resistance of the plant to the effects of garden pests and various diseases that destroy solanaceous crops. Striped chocolate is not susceptible to phytophthora, powdery mildew, various types of rot, tobacco mosaic virus.

Despite these qualities of tomato, plant breeders advise gardeners to carry out 1-2 times the entire vegetation period of a plant by treating bushes with complex drugs that destroy parasites and fungal infections.

Growing Striped Chocolate Seedlings

Seeds for planting are prepared in the last week of February or in the first decade of March. First, they are checked for germination, soaking in water for 10-15 minutes. Unproductive seeds float to the surface of the liquid. They must be removed. Then the ground is prepared. To create it will require garden soil, peat and sand. All components are taken in equal proportions.

Seeds are planted in prepared boxes. Planting density ranges from 2 to 3 seeds per square meter. see. From above the seed fund is filled with wet peat, and then the boxes are covered with a film (a sheet of glass can be used). The containers are placed in a warm room. After 4-8 days, the first shoots will appear. The film is removed, and the boxes are moved under special lamps.

Feed the seedlings 15 days after the appearance of fertilizers containing nitrogen. Watering seedlings produced as needed, since the tomatoes of the type described are sensitive to high humidity.

Dive sprouts after the development of 2-3 leaves on them. Plants are transplanted into a greenhouse when they are 50-60 days old. Before that, the shoots are hardened for 10-12 days. If the seedlings are transferred to the open ground, then to eliminate the danger of freezing of seedlings they are covered with a film.

Tomato Chocolate: reviews, photos, yield

Chocolate color tomato attracts not many vegetable growers. Traditionally, everyone is used to seeing red tomatoes.

However, according to reviews of gardeners who decided to grow such a miracle, the taste of the vegetable is excellent. You can even make delicious juice from fruits.

Chocolate tomato is bred by domestic breeders, so the culture is well adapted to our climate.

Characteristics of a variety

Consider the characteristics and description of the tomato variety Chocolate begin with the structure of the bush. The plant is considered semi-determinant. The bush is not standard. The stems grow from 1.2 to 1.5 m in height.

The foliage on the plant grows a little, but it is wide and tightly closes the fruit. A special feature of the Chocolate variety is disease resistance.

None of the reviews did not contain information about the defeat of the tomato root and apical rot.

The variety of tomato is suitable for indoor and open cultivation. In terms of ripening, the culture is considered to be mid-early. The fruits are ready for use 110 days after sowing the seeds.

In cold regions, the Chocolate variety is best grown in a closed way so that the plant has time to give the entire crop. Ovary fruit occurs with brushes. The first flower appears on the 8th leaf. From inflorescence in the brush is tied up to 5 tomatoes. The grade is considered high-yielding.

On average, 10 kg of fruits are harvested from 1 m2. With good care, the yield of tomatoes can grow up to 15 kg / m2.

Fruit Description

About Tomato Chocolate variety reviews often begin with the mention of the unusual color of the fruit. And this is not in vain.

When ripe, the tomato becomes dark red mixed with a brown tint. The skin of the fruit gets chocolate color.

The pulp inside the tomato is red, and the walls and seed chambers combine two colors: pale green and brown.

Fruits grow on an average weight of 200 g, but they can reach up to 400 g. The shape of a standard tomato is spherical with a flat top and bottom. Seed chambers in the fruit of at least 4, but sometimes more.

Important! Chocolate Tomato fruits are not suitable for long-term storage. After harvesting, it is better to recycle.

Most often, brown tomato is used for salads, decorations and cooking. In conservation, the fruits go well.

Tomato pulp is sweet and juicy, which allows to process the crop into juice.

However, many are frightened by the unusual dark color and because of this, tomatoes are grown in small quantities for fresh consumption.

In the video you can see what kind of juice is made from chocolate tomatoes:

Positive traits of the variety

Taking into account such arguments as reviews, photos, the yield of chocolate Tomato, let's define the positive features of the variety:

  • Tomato variety perfectly resists many diseases. There is a high resistance of Chocolate Tomato to various types of rot. Even a rainy summer is incapable of harming the plant. However, it is impossible to neglect preventive measures. Severe thickening of tomato bushes in hot weather and high humidity can cause phytophthora.
  • A high yield of tomato often forces vegetable growers to step over their ambitions with regards to the color of the fruit. When other varieties are badly ugly, the Chocolate Tomato will always come to the rescue of the hostess.
  • Fruits are characterized by running size. Tomatoes are small and rather big, but just good in a jar. Brushes easy to pluck from the bush, thereby accelerating the harvest.
  • Despite the brown color, chocolate tomato is very tasty. The fruit does not look so elegant in a jar or salad, but the one who tried it, will remain indifferent to this vegetable.
  • Big plus varieties in ease of care. Chocolate Tomato is unpretentious. Even a novice vegetable grower is able to get a good tomato crop. Especially the variety will suit summer residents who do not have the opportunity to leave the country every day to water the garden.
  • The form gives the fruit a presentation. Tomatoes can be grown not only for their needs, but also for sale.

You can read as much as you want about Tomato Chocolate variety, but there are practically no negative statements. The minus can only be called the color of the fruit, although many vegetable growers eventually change their mind about brown tomatoes.

Growing and caring for the crop

You can grow a variety of chocolate tomatoes in an open and closed way. In any case, you need to get a strong seedlings. Tomato seed sowing time falls in February - March.

It all depends on the weather conditions in the region and the place where tomatoes are grown. When planting seedlings in open ground, sowing of seeds is carried out approximately two months before the indicated date.

Tomatoes are sown in grain greenhouses for ten days.

Tip! Vegetable growers calculate planting time so that at the time of planting a tomato grows 6–7 leaves and 1 inflorescence. A date planting tomato depends on weather conditions. On the street by this time the weather should be warm and the ground warm.

Purchased tomato grains do not require preparation. All the necessary seed procedures were in production. Here, the main issue for the vegetable grower is soil preparation.

Store soil quality mixture, but for it you need to pay money. Independently, the soil can be prepared from equal quantities of humus and fertile land. It is better if it is recruited from the garden.

Homemade soil mixture is heated in the oven and watered with a solution of manganese to kill harmful bacteria. To increase nutrients in 1 bucket of soil mixture add 1 tbsp. l wood ash plus 1 hour

l mineral fertilizers containing phosphorus and potassium.

The finished soil mixture is laid out in drawers, slightly moistened, and then grooves 1.5 cm deep and 3 cm between rows are made on the surface.

Tomato seeds are laid out, keeping at a distance of at least 2 cm from each other. Tomatoes are sprinkled with loose soil on top of the grain. Watering is carried out only with a sprayer.

Before the appearance of tomato sprouts, the boxes stand in a warm place, covered with glass or plastic wrap.

To obtain good germination in the room keep the temperature at least 25 ° C. After sprouting sprouts shelter removed from the boxes. The air temperature can be reduced by 5 degrees.

Now, tomato seedlings need only lighting and regular watering with warm water. In about 10 days, the tomatoes will form two normal leaves.

This suggests that it is time to dive seedlings in cups.

When plants form 6–7 adult leaves and throw at least 1 inflorescence, tomatoes can be planted in a permanent place. Seedling tomato by this time must grow hardener. Plants take out on the street for two weeks, constantly increasing the time spent in the fresh air.

Chocolate variety reacts well to light soil with neutral acidity. Before planting tomatoes, soil in the garden should be prepared:

  • The earth, along with humus, is dug up to the depth of a spade bayonet. If the ground is heavy, then add river sand. High acidity is reduced with chalk.
  • At the rate of 3 kg per 1 m2 of a bed, a complex fertilizer is applied.
  • The prepared area is covered with black film until the planting of tomato seedlings. This is required to warm the soil to a temperature of at least + 15 ° C.

Tomato seedlings Chocolate planted in the last days of May. It is advisable to choose a warm and cloudy day. To avoid thickening, Chocolate variety tomatoes are planted in 3 bushes per 1 m2.

It is important for plants to pay a lot of attention during the first days while they take root. Further care for Tomato Chocolate is simple. Water the plantations of tomatoes, preferably regularly.

Do not allow the soil to dry out or excessive waterlogging. Water is taken only warm and poured directly under the root of the plant. It would be nice to dissolve a little wood ash.

The best time for watering tomatoes is early morning or evening.

Fertilizing to chocolate is not necessary much. During the season it is enough to apply fertilizer or organic three times.

For those who wish to speed up the process of ovary and ripening of the fruit, fertilizing can be made every two weeks. Young plants can not do without magnesium.

This substance helps to develop culture. Boron is introduced with the appearance of inflorescences on plants.

After each watering and making additional dressings, the soil around the bushes is loosened by a tomato so that the roots receive the necessary portion of oxygen. It is important to prevent the weeds from growing over the bed. Grass pulls nutrients from the ground.

Chocolate Tomato Bush requires a garter to support. It is not necessary to put tapestries for these purposes. You can do with ordinary wooden stakes.

The blanks are cut to a length of at least 1, 5 m and driven into the ground next to the plant immediately after transplanting. As the stem grows, it is tied with a string to a peg. Pasynkovka tomato bush need.

To form a normal crown, all extra shoots are removed from a tomato. Pasynkovka usually perform early in the morning.

Chocolate is resistant to many diseases, however, prevention never hurts. Do not immediately resort to chemicals. The ash has good protective properties.

It is simply added to the ground. Instead of ash, bone meal is suitable. Bordeaux liquid will help to get rid of phytophthora.

In case of occurrence of harmful insects, plantings of tomato are treated with a solution of soap or decoction of wormwood.

About Tomato Chocolate reviews are not the worst. Let's find out what growers are saying about the crop.

In the garden planted 4 Chocolate Tomatoes. The fruits are not fully ripe or in fact are so sour.

The flesh near the stem remained green. Tomato is very watery. Productivity is also weak. However, the summer was bad.

Next season I will taste this tomato again.

Elizaveta, Novosibirsk

Variety Chocolate liked because of the simplicity of cultivation. The ripe fruit is not bad, but it turned out a little. Most liked the juice, though, the color is not very beautiful. With the arrival of cold, the unripe tomatoes were brought to the cellar. They remained half ripe. Next year I will plant 4 bushes in the greenhouse.

Characteristics and description of tomato varieties Chocolate miracle

Each gardener wants to grow unusual, beautiful, and at the same time tasty fruits on his personal plot.

Tomatoes are a very common vegetable and are present in almost all household farms. One of the selection of new products is considered to be a variety of tomato Chocolate.

Next, try to figure out how to grow tomatoes of this variety in your garden, and also consider a detailed description and description.

This culture was bred by the breeders in the 21st century. Fruits of a plant differ in an exotic color, and also high flavoring qualities.

  • Medium size, reach height 120-150cm.
  • Root system: powerful with horizontal forks.
  • Stalks are strong, require garters for high yields.
  • Leaves: green color, medium size.
  • Inflorescences: intermediate type.

About 5 fruits form on one hand.

  • the fruits are round, slightly oblate,
  • weight on average 200-400 grams,
  • color tomato: red-brown chocolate,
  • pulp: fleshy, juicy.

Chocolate Tomato Fruit Weight - 200-400 grams

Fruit not intended for long storage and in cooking they are used in salads, sauces, vegetable snacks, canned food.

According to the type of growth, this hybrid is a non-standard semi-determinant culture. It is a mid-season variety and the first crop ripens in about 3 months. The average yield per season is 10-15 kg / m2.

Tomatoes of this variety can be grown both in greenhouses and in open areas.

The main difference of black varieties from other tomatoes is their taste. Chocolate endowed high sugar and because of the special ratio of the sugar-acid index, it has a pleasant taste.

Main advantages of a ground grade:

  1. Unpretentiousness in cultivation.
  2. Ease in cultivation.
  3. Bushes are medium in size.
  4. Disease resistance.
  5. High taste.
  6. An interesting kind of fruit.

Fruits cannot be kept for a long time and usually they are consumed fresh.

This variety does not have any special disadvantages, the impossibility of long-term storage of fruits is considered to be the main one.

As already mentioned, tomatoes of this variety can be grown both in greenhouse conditions and on open soils.

Preparing seeds and soil

Due to the fact that Chocolate is a hybrid variety, its seeds no need to sanitize, soak and temper.

At first they are sown in deep and larger containers, pre-filled with earth mixture. The latter can be purchased in stores or independently prepare.

Chocolate Grade Tomato Seeds

For the preparation of the earth mixture:

  • mix in equal amounts peat, humus and sod,
  • Add 1 tbsp to the bucket of the mixture. a spoon of ash
  • add 1 teaspoon of potash and phosphate fertilizer.

The resulting mixture must be disinfected. To do this, it is calcined at a temperature of 200 degrees in the oven for several minutes. In addition, for disinfection the soil can be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Seedling care

Seedlings in tanks should be kept in a well-lit place with air temperature from +18 +25 degrees.

After emergence, seedlings should be stored in a well-lit place.

It is necessary to control the humidity of the mixture every day and spray it if necessary.

When sprouts appear in warm weather, the containers need to be carried outside. On the first day, take out for 5 minutes, and then every day increase the time the seedlings stay in the open air for 5 minutes.

In addition, tomato sprouts need feeding. Feed the plant can be 1 time in 2 weeks.

After about 10 days, 2 leaflets appear on the sprouts. During this period it is necessary to hold picking and planting seedlings from large capacity to small containers. These can be pots or plastic cups. Planted seedlings carefully, along with the ground.


After a few weeks, floral brushes appear on the seedlings, and it is time to plant them in open areas. For high yield, this crop should be planted. in light soils with a neutral acid-base medium.

Soil preparation before planting seedlings:

  1. Soil loosening to the height of the shovel.
  2. Cover the place where the landing will be carried out, with black film to warm the ground to +15 degrees.
  3. Fertilize in proportions of 3 kg per square meter.

Tomato seedlings are planted in the ground around mid-May.

Tomato seedlings are planted in the open ground approximately. in the end of May. Usually 3 bushes are planted per square meter.

Planting seedlings should be in a quiet, not windy and not sunny weather.

After planting tomato Chocolate undemanding in the care. The main care is watering, feeding, weeding, garter.

In order to collect large fruits, it is necessary to follow the formation of the bush: tie up in time, and also remove unnecessary ovaries.

This culture is unpretentious care, but needs periodic watering. The soil should not dry out. The acclimatization of seedlings takes place on the first week and during this period the seedlings should not be watered.

Water the plant is necessary between rows or under roots. It is best to conduct watering in the early morning or late evening. Ash water is suitable for the procedure.

The plant is recommended to feed three times per season. You can feed once every two weeks until the fruit ripens. For fertilizing fit all fertilizers with a low content of nitrates.

Young bushes for growth and development is needed magnesium, and during the flowering period the bushes are needed boron. With a shortage of calcium, it is necessary to make preparations containing this element.

Adding mineral fertilizers should take into account the agrochemical composition of the soil. Begin feeding on day 10 after transplanting. The second time to feed tomatoes is recommended for 20 days.

Rows with tomatoes need to weed regularly, as well as loosen the soil to obtain a rich harvest. Weeds need to be actively controlled against weeds, as they take in nutrients and moisture, and also create shade.

Bushes garter

Chocolate bushes must be tied up

Tomato bushes must be tied up so that they do not break from their own weight. To make the bushes rooted for the garter, they use pegs that are 1.2–1.5 m long. immediately landing field.

The pegs are driven into the ground on the north side of the plant. From the stem indent by 10 cm.

In addition, it is necessary to conduct cradle, removing unnecessary side shoots. It is recommended to do this in the morning.

The variety of chocolate tomatoes is characterized by good immunity. However, there is no need to relax and not carry out prevention of diseases, since the risk of infection still exists.

Key recommendations for the prevention of infection:

  • addition to soil ash or bone meal,
  • daily alternating spraying of herbs with a decoction of ash, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, copper sulphate and other inorganic fungicides.

To prevent infections, it is recommended to add bone meal to the soil.

And also with the help of pest control should be dealt with pests: aphids, mites and cicadas.

Reviews about tomatoes of this variety are mostly positive. All praise the unusual taste of the fruit and high yields.

Grown tomatoes in the open field. Just a wonderful variety. Fruit juicy, sweet, meaty. Got an average harvest.

He grew tomatoes in the greenhouse. Miracle seeds acquired by chance. During this period, already planted another tomato seedlings. Collected very early harvest and rich of all planted varieties. Recomend for everybody. I will plant this variety constantly.

Tatyana, Gornozavodsk in the Perm Territory

Grown tomatoes in the open area. Alas, disappointed in this variety. Productivity on 4 balls from 5.

But by taste the fruits were sour, watery and absolutely tasteless. Part of the fruit near the stem remained green.

However, I will try to plant chocolate tomatoes again next year.

Grown tomatoes in the open field. I was pleased. The fruits are juicy and sweet. Perfect for fresh use. And cooked juice and adjika.

Nadezhda, St. Petersburg

Grown in a greenhouse Striped chocolate. Because of rainy weather, the fruits were sour, watery. It was not noticed gray rot and phytophtora. Gathered seeds because the store bought badly sprouted. I will try to plant next season.

Chocolate Tomato is a mid-season variety. It is not intended for prolonged storage. In addition, green fruit can not be left to ripen.

However, despite this, this variety is unclaimed to care and has good taste.

At observance of all recommendations this grade will please with a rich harvest.

Dark Tomato Varieties - Origin and Modern Variety

Since Andrei Timofeevich Bolotov persuaded the peasantry to grow overseas “tomato” as a full-fledged vegetable crop, this plant has not only spread throughout Russia, but has also been scattered with many original forms.

Thanks to the work of folk and professional breeders, there are red, pink and yellow varieties of tomatoes, as well as lesser-known hybrids of green, brick and even almost black tones.

These latest news deserve the most thorough consideration.

Why do tomatoes become dark

Beginning summer residents at the sight of a black tomato raises a reasonable question, resulting in an unusual coloring: mutations, genetic engineering, the introduction of dyes - and most importantly, can we eat it ourselves and give it to children. To understand this problem, you need to look into the holy of holy plants - in its genetic code.

All black tomatoes are actually deep purple or dark red.

Strictly speaking, representatives of the flora have no genes of radically black color. Melanin, which determines the color of black horses, Australian swans and the notorious black cats, is found in the plant world except in some algae.

Therefore, all black flowers or fruits are actually dark red, dark green or dark purple.

In search of the right genes usually turn to wild forms. In different types of tomatoes, as many as six genes were found that affect the color of the fetus. Under their joint action, the plant forms four colored substances:

  • chlorophyll is green, we see it in any unripe tomato,
  • lycopene - red, accumulates as it matures,
  • carotenoids - orange, completely determine the color of vegetables such as carrots and pumpkin,
  • anthocyanins - maroon and purple, familiar to us in plums, red grapes, blueberries, beets.

In dark fruits, many anthocyanins

Some genes are responsible for the production of pigments, while others enhance or weaken this production. For example, the "red" gene under the influence of the enhancing gene gives chocolate fruit, and under the influence of the attenuating gene - pink.

Therefore, there is no doubt that tomatoes of unusual colors are not chemistry, not GMOs, but the result of competent selection using the genetic resources of the world flora.

General biological and agrotechnical properties of dark varieties

Unusual color variations often correlate with other properties, as well as the individual needs of a variety in particular care methods.

An example is the albino forms of animals, in which the lack of pigment and the resulting attractiveness is accompanied by a decrease in immunity and general vitality, shortening of life, and sometimes infertility.

This pattern fully applies to dark tomatoes, whose biochemical composition differs significantly from conventional varieties.

Variety "Black Prince" - for such beauties should try

Are there special approaches to growing dark tomatoes?

Of course, they exist, but there are opposing opinions on this issue.

Many private owners believe - and this confidence of them, undoubtedly, is based on personal experience - that black tomatoes are more resistant to diseases.

Professional agronomists, on the contrary, observe their low germination, slow growth, prolonged maturation and defenselessness against infections, especially fungal ones.

Growing black tomatoes is a real pleasure.

For the prevention of the latter, it is recommended to plant dark tomato bushes in such a way that the air between them is better ventilated.

With the same purpose, it is obligatory to garter indeterminate varieties and remove lower leaves.

Such measures not only reduce the likelihood of fungal diseases, but also allow the plant to fully utilize leaf mosaic.

The main exterior quality of dark tomato varieties - their unusual coloring - is fully manifested only with good nutrition, therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe the dosages of fertilizing recommended for a particular variety.

Who are useful tomatoes with dark fruits

The work of enhancing genes leads to an increased content of beta-carotene, lycopene, chlorophyll, sugars and ascorbic acid.

Since all of these substances are components of taste, it can be argued that in most cases, dark varieties of tomatoes have a more pronounced taste than the traditional red and yellow.

Grade "de barao black" - a great helper to heart health

The connection of dark tomatoes and human health, due to the increased concentration of these substances, is also more pronounced. In particular, these tomatoes have a positive effect:

  • on immunity and vitality due to the antioxidant properties of lycopene,
  • condition of the bones, which is especially important for women during menopause and later,
  • the state of the heart and blood vessels due to a significant reduction in "bad" cholesterol,
  • the body's ability to fight inflammation and resist the formation of cancer cells.

Doctors call all this “protector”, that is, a protective function and recommend dark varieties of tomatoes for systematic use, in particular, for the prevention of cancer.

But you should not get involved in them with gout and other painful conditions of the joints, with increased acidity of gastric juice and renal diseases.

Variety review

Dark tomato varieties are rapidly gaining popularity due to their taste.

Points are added to them by the fact that the red fruit varieties lose these very qualities, since their selection over the last decades has been conducted on the ripening uniformity to the detriment of the active accumulation of sugars and organic acids. Every year in the world there are new varieties, and their number is likely to grow even more.

Dark tomatoes and darker inside

Let's divide them conditionally into three categories, which differ by their primary shade:

  • green
  • brown (chocolate),
  • almost black.

All of them are unique combinations of genes that jointly control the synthesis of certain pigments, which determine the final color of the ripe berry.

Green Tomatoes - Hide and Seek among the Leaves

The fruits of these varieties remain forever the same color as the ovary, except that they change color.

This phenomenon is caused by a gene that enhances the action of a gene that causes a plant to produce chlorophyll.

Of course, lycopene, anthocyanins and carotenoids are also present in them, but there is so much chlorophyll that it makes the rest of the pigments invisible to our eyes.

Inside, the fruits are also green; in the cut, they resemble kiwi in color. Despite the unusual appearance - perceived as immature - their taste qualities are at their best.

The disadvantages include extremely low transportability, so the green variety is grown exclusively in private farms and sent to salads on the spot.

"Swamp" - bronze balls on the branch

The variety "swamp" is a product of domestic breeding. Treats early, the first fruits ripen in three months after full shoots.

The ribbed, slightly flattened fruits when ripe acquire a noticeable shade of bronze.

On the cut may be yellowish and pinkish streaks: tomato nature takes its toll.

"Swamp" - green outside and inside

“Swamp” is an indeterminate variety, requires cracking, grows optimally when formed into two shoots. Yield of 5 kg per square. m

Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and recommended for cultivation in greenhouses, but in the southern regions fully matured and in the open.

According to reviews of vegetable growers, it shows itself perfectly when salting with whole fruits.

"Malachite Box" - a berry with a surprise

Fruits of the “malachite box” variety, originally green, when repaired are repainted yellow, though they also become watery, therefore they should not be brought to full maturity.

The cut berries retain a pronounced green color. Breeders claim that the "malachite box" should have a distinct melon flavor, but, according to reviews of gardeners, tasters, rarely anyone watched it.

The variety is indeterminate, mid-season, the yield under the film is over 15 kg per square meter. m

Like other green tomatoes, has a reduced resistance to disease and very thin skin on fruits. Included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. Not stored, used in salads.

The fruits can be salted, but they are large, so canning is not always possible.

On the cut of the "malachite box" as if the star is playing

Of the other green tomatoes, mention can be made of the “green giant” (fruit weight up to 800 g), “emerald apple”, “jade gem”. They all have a pleasant taste and are recommended for people prone to allergies to red fruit.

Brown fruits - chocolate in the garden

When breeding brown varieties of tomatoes, the usual red varieties were used, in which, when crossed, a gene was added to enhance the accumulation of lycopene and carotenoids. The total solids content in them is higher, which determines the great taste and dietary properties of the product.

Dark color is also an indicator of high vitamin C content. The daily inclusion of brown tomatoes in the diet maintains immunity at the proper level, cleans blood vessels, has a beneficial effect on the heart and liver, helps the body recognize and eliminate emerging cancer cells.

Kumato - Galapagos Legend

“Kumato” is a group of hybrids and at the same time a trade brand of the transnational company Syngenta.

Kumato is represented by the whole range of fruit forms: from cherry and cream to balls of various sizes, they are painted in a smooth brown color or have stripes.

The people of the word "Kumato" often denote any dark tomatoes.

Since the company grows tomatoes on an industrial scale and sells them around the world, hybrids were bred with an eye to high “keeping quality” and a long shelf life. Therefore, the fruits have a rather thick peel, which is not always liked by the consumer, but is transportable and well proportioned.

Kumato seeds are not commercially available, as Syngenta protects its copyright and supplies it only to certain companies with which it has reliable contacts.

It does not make sense to extract seeds from fruits for the purpose of sowing them - descendants will demonstrate the splitting of characters, since these are not established varieties but hybrids.

“Kumato” always pleases the vegetable grower

A curious legend is associated with Kumato.

Allegedly, the great-granddaughter of Charles Darwin, Sarah, discovered a wild type of tomato in the Galapagos Islands, which has adapted perfectly to poor soils, winds, droughts and other delights of this piece of land. Its seeds are so harsh that they germinate only after passing through the digestive tract of a huge Galapagos tortoise.

And this wild sufferer, who bites into low-grade soil and depends on the appetite of rare reptiles, has become one of the pioneers of this variety of tomatoes.

True or not, the company-author does not tell, but it is known that Kumato tolerates stress more easily and resists disease than other tomatoes with dark fruits.

"Chocolate" tomatoes of domestic breeding

“Chocolate” is a magnificent semi-determinant middle-early hybrid, most recently bred in Russia and already included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. Its yield is up to 10-15 kg per square meter. m

The color of the ripe fruit has a deep hue of boiled tomato paste, the flesh is the same with an orange tinge.

The manufacturer recommends it not only for salads and pickles, but even jam, which indirectly confirms the high content of sugar in fruits.

"Chocolate" variety will decorate any table

The younger brother of this variety of tomatoes is the “chocolate bunny”, a representative of the brown cherry, so desired for any culinary specialist. "Rabbits" have a plum shape and a mass of not more than 50 g.

The main advantage of the variety is the ability to bear fruit from the end of June to the victorious, i.e. before frost. This allows with a small number of bushes to harvest for dining needs almost the entire season.

Late-ripening brown tomatoes - kings of beds

A group of late-ripened brown tomatoes is headed by a variety of “brown sugar” with perfectly spherical fruits of deep burgundy color.

Independent variety, up to 2.5 m tall, the taste is saturated, which is clear from the name. This is one of the best salad varieties with pronounced oncoprotective properties.

There is evidence that the brown sugar tomatoes are effective in the prevention of heart attacks.

Brown tomato lovers call them "rejuvenating apples"

“Paul Robson” of amateur selection also deserves attention: ideally rounded balls weighing up to 400 g each, amazing taste, elegant appearance.

Only “keeping quality” brings it: unlike other brown varieties, it has a thinner skin.

On the other hand, it improves its consumer qualities.

Such brown tomatoes as the exceptionally greenhouse “creme brulee”, “Japanese truffle” pear-shaped, “watermelon” with half-kilogram fruits, “black moor” and “black prince” are worthy of mention. The last two are slightly misleading. They have a brown color in which a fair amount of red peeps through.

Black tomatoes - "Ten Little Indians" grown on a branch

The genetic map of these varieties of tomatoes lies in such a way that ripe fruits, saturated with anthocyanins, become dark purple, very close to a truly black color.

By coloring, they resemble either giant coffee beans or small spherical eggplants. The latter is not surprising, if we recall the close relationship of tomatoes with eggplants, there was still a common gene.

Indigo Rose

The “blackest” among the tomatoes are the Indigo Rose and Blueberry Tomato varieties.

The first was bred in Oregon for cultivation by amateurs in small containers on the balconies.

Fruits - small cherry weighing up to 45 g, very dark and rather sweet, bright red on the cut. Good for salads and quick roasts.

Blueberry Tomato (“blueberry tomato”) looks like black nightshade, but has berries weighing up to 70 g. It is a champion among tomatoes in terms of anthocyanins, therefore, the variety with the highest antioxidant properties.

Blueberry Tomato

Summing up, it should be said that dark tomato varieties are very promising for cultivation in domestic vegetable growing.

They are represented by all types of precocity, can be grown under the open sky, in greenhouses and within the apartments, they delight in their taste and health benefits.

Every year, breeders offer new forms of tomatoes, so there is a choice for every taste, from green and striped to almost black.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Tomato Chocolate Fingers F1 Cherry Premium - a tall shrub, fruits in terms of ripening ultra early, from the emergence of seedlings to harvest passes 80-85 days. They are small, 30-35 g each, rich brown color, elongated cylindrical shape. Taste is sweet, aroma is saturated.

Characteristics and description varieties chocolate tomato

Variety of tomatoes Dark chocolate is quite young, was bred by domestic scientists at the beginning of the twenty-first century and represented by the agrofirma Aelita. Tomatoes are suitable for planting in the greenhouse and in the open beds. And although the culture is well adapted to the climatic conditions of central Russia, the first days after planting in open ground should be covered with a film or other insulation that will protect against sudden frosts or temperature drops.

Tomato Chokoladka is middle-ripening, the first fruits ripen already on the sixteenth week. In the northern areas to grow tomato chocolate is recommended in closed greenhouses or greenhouses, which will allow to get the harvest in full.

Growing chocolate tomatoes 110-150 centimeters high. The plant is semi-determinant, non-standard, therefore in the process of its growth it is necessary to tie it up, and carefully remove the stepchildren so that the bush does not grow to the sides. The yield of tomatoes per season can reach from 10 to 15 kilograms per square meter. Variety of tomatoes Chocolate is resistant to some diseases, it is especially good against rot, even on rainy days. But in the heat, with increased humidity in the greenhouse, it can become infected with late blight, but only with a very dense planting of the bushes.

Shokoladnitsa tomatoes - a variety of medium height with a strong branched to the side of the root and powerful stems. Usually formed a bush of 2-3 stems that need to be tied up. The leaves are medium, bright green color. Inflorescences intermediate, growing to the side. The first flower appears above the eighth leaf. On the hand can grow up to five fruits.

Ripe tomatoes are round, slightly flattened. Ripe individuals from green become red-brown, with a chocolate shade. Under the skin - the flesh is red, juicy, very pleasant to the taste, and the walls and chambers for seeds can combine light green and brown colors. Ripe berries gain weight from 200 to 400 grams. Due to high gastronomic qualities, they are successfully used in the preparation of salads, sauces, tomato juice, even jam. Variety of tomatoes Chocolate is suitable for pickling, salting, freezing.

Tomato Striped Chocolate: variety description

Striped chocolate is a relatively new variety of tomatoes. The plant is determinant - determine the end point of growth, usually after 6-8 brushes. Not a standard bush.

Rhizome powerful with development horizontally. Stem resistant, strong, weak-leaf. The leaves are medium-sized, wrinkled, "potato" type, without pubescence dark green color.

The inflorescence is simple, it forms over the eighth leaf, then it is laid through every 2 leaves. From one inflorescence to 5 large fruits. Tomatoes Striped chocolate reaches about 150 cm tall, is a mid-season variety, the fruits ripen 95 days after germination.

High resistance to many diseases. Suitable for cultivation in the open field and under the film shelters, in greenhouses.

Planting and care

Sowing seeds produced in early March. First, they are disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate or aloe juice. They put in a nutrient substrate from ordinary soil, peat, sand and humus to a depth of 1-1.5 cm. For the period of growth, seedlings need 2-3 additional feeding. Pick on stage 2 true leaves.

When the bushes will be 50-55 days, they are transferred to a permanent place of 3-4 plants per 1 square. m Pre-temper.Water watered with settled water, loosen the soil, weed weed, regularly planting.

Planting dates

Since the hybrid tomato Black chocolate can be planted in different regions of the country, vegetable growers need to properly navigate to the place and dates of sowing and planting tomatoes in the soil. Sow them need two months before transplanting seedlings in the greenhouse or on the open beds. If seedlings are planned to grow in a greenhouse, then sowing is carried out 10 days earlier.

It is important! If sowing is planned in a greenhouse, then you need to know the forecast of a possible cooling or freezing. This can slow down the growth of tomatoes and affect the future harvest.

Earthen mixture is often bought in stores. She is fully prepared for sowing, but you can cook it yourself. It is necessary to mix in equal quantities peat, humus, turf. Then add a tablespoon of wood ash to the bucket of the mixture, one teaspoonful of phosphate and potash fertilizers. To cook the prepared soil in an oven or a microwave. For complete confidence that the soil is safe, disinfect with a solution of manganese.

Interesting. If you moisten the soil prepared for sowing the seeds and stand in a warm place, this will favor the appearance of microflora in it.

The purchased seeds of the chocolate hybrid have already been disinfected, hardened and soaked. Therefore, you can safely sow them. Sowing containers should have a volume of 1 liter and a depth of 10 centimeters. Having filled them with soil, make grooves that are 4-5 centimeters apart from each other and distribute the seeds in them evenly after 2-3 centimeters. Then sprinkle the hollows with earth and spray with warm water.


The tenth day came, the seedlings had the first two leaves. It is time to arrange them in separate pots, cups or special small containers, the volume of which should not be more than 200 milliliters. It is necessary to move the seedlings carefully, digging a lump of earth together with the roots and dropping them into a cup. Lightly press the ground in the tank, if it is not enough - add it.

Soil preparation

In order for young saplings to be comfortable in a new place, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for them. Soil need to dig up the depth of the spade bayonet, make organic fertilizer (liquid mullein or chicken manure). At 1 square meter will need 3 kilograms of feeding. Care must be taken when using bird droppings - excess fertilizer can burn tender sprouts. The norm for such a solution would be 1 matchbox of organics per bucket of water. Water the land before planting for a day or two and cover the beds with black film to warm up to + 15-18 degrees.

Tomato Transplant Chocolate

When the seedlings appear 7 leaves and 1 inflorescence, it will be a signal to plant them in open ground. A couple of weeks before that, prepare the beds. The time of transplantation should be chosen according to the weather: it should be warm, but overcast and windless. This procedure is usually carried out in the second decade of May. On a square meter you can plant no more than 3 bushes, planting depth - 3 centimeters.

Care and watering

No special techniques in the cultivation of chocolate varieties are required, the usual activities: timely watering, weeding and feeding. One condition that a variety requires to itself is the formation of a bush. This means that it is necessary to tie up the stems and stepchild in time, that is, to remove excess ovaries so that they do not take away the nutrients from the growing fruits.

Important! Removal of stepsons should be carried out in dry, windless weather. This will prevent the possibility of infection of seedlings with infections in places of wounds. Under the rays of the sun, they dry up and close the place of entry to harmful bacteria.

The development of the root system and the growth of seedlings depend on regular weeding and loosening of the soil. Fertilizers will easily fall into the light soil with irrigation water, and remote weeds will not deprive tomatoes of moisture and nutrition. Well loosened earth will open access of oxygen to the roots. At week 16, the first ripe fruits will appear. It's time to harvest. We must remember that the chocolate tomato is not stored for a long time, so it needs to be immediately processed.

Advantages and disadvantages of the hybrid

The positive properties of the variety include the following:

  • unpretentiousness in the process of growing,
  • small height of the bush,
  • high resistance to infectious diseases
  • unconventional peculiar color that attracts growers,
  • excellent gastronomic qualities
  • good yield
  • optimal size for conservation.

The vegetable has no particular disadvantages, except that it is not stored for a long time and does not have the ability to ripen.

Due to its unpretentiousness in the care and wonderful taste, the variety Chocolate Tomato finds more and more admirers among the fans of this culture. The varieties of black and chocolate colors are not only no worse than red and orange-yellow, in some respects they can give odds to their relatives of a different color. After all, the dark color indicates that there are substances in these tomatoes - anthocyanins, which give them such color. Scientists who have investigated these varieties claim that they contain more antioxidants than red tomatoes. Try a sort of tomato Cream Chocolate - not a chocolate bar. The benefits of these fruits for human health, it is difficult to overestimate.

Watch the video: Artisan Tomatoes (November 2019).