How to build a barn cheap and fast

This structure does not amaze the imagination with its architectural forms. However, the need for a good barn arises from each owner of the estate. Someone wants to get a warehouse for household belongings or a workshop, someone is going to raise chickens or rabbits.

Well, when the thought of a household building comes to mind when building a residential house. With the material at this time there are no problems. Surplus blocks, timber, sheet metal - everything can be put into action.

But when the idea of ​​a utility room appears later, you have to wrestle with what to build it from.

In this article, we offer an overview of the options tested in practice. We hope that acquaintance with them will help you to decide the question of which barn to build at the cottage.

Frame Sheds

The technology of frame construction is applicable to any structures. Sheds are no exception to the rule. The main idea is to create a rigid spatial “skeleton” that perceives loads. It can be assembled from a wooden bar or from a shaped pipe. For sheathing fit any sheet and molded materials.

Wood (slab, board)

Inexpensive option for any tasks: keeping animals, garage, warehouse, workshop. A good owner always has in stock a bit of timber, a couple of cubes of board or slab. They can be used for the construction of such a building.

Do not dig in the wooden pillars of the frame. Even impregnation with antiseptic can not permanently protect them from rotting. Therefore, before starting to build the frame, you need to think about the foundation. It is best to use columnar or pile. Having made it, start installation of a basic frame from a bar. To her mount rack. At their upper ends expose rafters shed roof. Having collected a wooden "skeleton", it is sheathed with a board or slab.

In the lining of the usual edged boards with time appear gaps. Therefore, it is better to use a rabbit material for work. If it is not, then wooden strips should be filled at the joints.

Another simple way to protect the walls from blowing is to install the “herringbone” plating, when each top row of boards runs its edge onto the bottom.

For the construction of a warm barn for wintering cattle, you need to attach a wind-moisture-proof film to the racks and fill it with vertical bars for fastening the sheathing. After this, the warming begins, laying a heater (mineral wool, foam) in the inner part of the frame.

Plate OSB

Considering how to build a barn, many opt for OSB. At a cost of 1 m2, this material is slightly more expensive than boards, but in the cutting and installation with it less trouble.

The main condition of quality is to set up the frame posts so that the joints of the cladding plates fall along their center. If everything is done exactly and smoothly, then the lining takes a minimum of time.

The plate of OSB practically does not decay and is not jarred on by moisture. However, you will have to paint the walls. Not only for reasons of aesthetics, but also as additional protection.

Metal (profiled)

Remains of metal remaining after the installation of the fence can be put on the barn. The frame is best made for it from a shaped tube, but a wooden bar is also suitable for this purpose.

For old water pipes can be used. Concreted them in the ground, you get a reliable rack. They fix (on welding or bolts) runs for fastening cladding.

Sheet metal without insulation - an option for a cold warehouse. If the building is reserved for the workshop or for the maintenance of animals, then its walls from the inside will have to be sheathed with insulation.


It makes sense to use this material for cladding of the frame in the construction of a hopper with a closed range for poultry. Transparent walls are not needed in a warehouse, garage or workshop, although in the absence of an alternative it can also be used.

According to the technology of installation on the frame, cellular plastic is similar to OSB. In both cases, screws are used for fastening. Only for polycarbonate you need to buy special ones with a wide cap and a sealing washer.


Popular materials for household outbuildings. Old wave slate, remaining after replacing the roof, you can take to work. The best basis for its attachment - wooden racks and girders.

A more aesthetic solution - flat asbestos-cement sheet. The large surface area reduces installation time. Resistance to frost, moisture and sun several times increases the service life of this design compared to the board.


Considering the materials for the construction of the barn, few people realize that in this capacity you can use regular straw. More precisely, pressed blocks from it. In the countryside, you can always buy this cheap and environmentally friendly material.

Straw "bricks" do not burn. They are strong enough and keep warm well. True, it is rather difficult to assemble walls from them without the use of intermediate racks. Therefore, pressed blocks of straw are most often used to fill gaps in a wooden frame.

The best way to finish such walls is to spray clay plaster on a steel mesh.

The cost of thatch construction is minimal. In terms of its thermal performance, it is significantly superior to brick and cellular sheds.


For ancillary construction, you can use the technology of the formwork monolith with a frame. The most accessible material for this work is opilkobeton. Bringing a couple of wood waste machines from the nearest sawmill and buying cement is not a problem.

The main condition for quality in this business is solid and even formwork. So do not save on it. Make shields of OSB and securely mount them on the frame. After that, you can proceed to layering pouring a mixture of sawdust with cement mortar.

Pallets (pallets)

They can be inexpensively purchased by visiting any wholesale base. Pallets are not used as cladding. They are too large gaps between the boards. From wooden pallets build walls. To do this, they are put on a foundation and bolted together with bolts or threaded rods.

Having collected the walls and installing the rafters, proceed to the lining. For this work, we recommend using OSB plates.

Firewood and clay

Anyone who wants to make a barn cheap for pigs and other domestic animals, can adopt an ecotechnology called a clay pot. The union of wood, clay or cement-sand mortar gives an excellent result.

There are two types of this technology: laying walls from logs on clay mortar with ligation of joints like a brick and filling the gaps between the frames of the frame.

High strength of clay-wood constructions is optimally combined with good energy saving indicators.

Sheds of blocks, brick and stone

Blocks of cellular foam and aerated concrete are most often used for the construction of solid outbuildings. Their main advantages are low price, large size, accurate face geometry and low thermal conductivity.

For year-round operation, the overlap under the shed roof must be insulated with mineral wool. When using a gable roof, you can do without additional insulation.

Arbolitovy blocks - one more popular material for utility rooms. They are not as fragile as aerated and at the same time strong and warm. The plaster on the rough surface of the wood concrete holds up perfectly. Therefore, it is most often chosen for decoration.

Winter sheds, completely made of brick, are rarely found today. The main reason - the high complexity of the work. Therefore, in practice, this material is combined with blocks (arbolitovye, gas silicate), using it for the outer cladding.

The stone from the quarry remaining after the foundation has been cast will find its place in the walls of the utility block. Such a structure cannot be called warm. For winter operation, it must be insulated with a mineral board from the inside and sheathed with a flat slate or wooden clapboard.

It is best for the masonry walls fit limestone - a stone of limestone rocks of a flat shape.

Timber, logs and sleepers

When building a house of logs or lumber, they need to be purchased in such a way that it would be enough for the barn. Buildings from the same material look much better than different types.

Assembly is better to entrust experts. Many of those who did this work with their own hands, later honestly admit to mistakes and mistakes.

Log cabin of logs or logs as a shed - the best solution for year-round animal housing and workshop equipment. For a cold warehouse, it is cheaper and easier to assemble a regular frame by covering it with slate, board or metal profile.

Occasionally on the estates there are outbuildings of old sleepers. Today, wood is rarely used for their manufacture, because it was replaced by reinforced concrete. However, in remote corners of Russia, one can still find deposits of sleepers that have served their time.

If you occasionally manage to buy them, then there will not be any special problems with the construction of the outbuilding. Such a structure cannot be called beautiful, but you cannot refuse it in good quality and durability.

Assembling the walls is done simply: the sleepers are laid one on another, tying them at the corners. Fastening the walls in height is done with steel brackets, driven into the side edges of the bars. In the corner joints for greater rigidity, the staples are driven in from above, connecting the joined crowns.

There is another way of installation. In this case, part of the sleepers around the perimeter of the building vertically instilled into the ground. The rest of them are cut by a chainsaw so that at the ends there is a protrusion - a thorn. On the poles form a groove, stuffing two bars on the sleepers.

After that, the sleepers are inserted into the prepared grooves, fixed with each other using staples.

Precast barns

The progressive method of prefab construction is applicable to the outbuildings. "Designer" for the barn can be ordered together with the purchase of a domokomplekt or to do this when the need arises in the back room.

There are three designs for prefabricated buildings:

  • SIP panel,
  • sandwich (metal insulation-metal),
  • plastic panels.

With your own hands from this list you can only make a SIP panel. For this, you will need an OSB board, glue, foam plastic and a wooden bar. The assembly is carried out according to the "sandwich" principle. Having laid a flat sheet of chipboard, an adhesive composition is applied to it and the foam is laid so that along the contour there is room for the installation of the docking bar. After that, a second sheet is glued to the insulation, and the load is evenly laid out on top.

The mounting of the panels is carried out by inserting connecting bars between them. They are screwed to the edges of the plates with self-tapping screws. To exclude blowing on the docking areas, use mounting foam.

Sandwich panels are familiar to all who have seen modern construction change houses. By design, they are similar to OSB. In addition to the foam in them can be used hard mineral wool. The outer lining is made of steel corrugated. For installation of such panels need metal frame.

It should be noted that the price of sheds from CIP panels and sandwich is higher than the cost of frame and block structures. The main advantages of the full-option are high speed of installation and mobility.

The ubiquitous composite plastic reached the outbuildings. Today, houses are made of it, in which you can store garden tools or equip a small workshop. For the maintenance of domestic animals, they are not suitable. The reasons - a small area and lack of insulation.

Cheap plastic "containers" can not be called. Despite this, ease of assembly, durability, aesthetics of appearance and the absence of corrosion attract the attention of owners of private estates and cottages.

Frame barn

One of the fastest and most inexpensive technologies are frame structures. Construction by frame technology consists in forming a solid wooden or metal frame and covering it with the material at hand.

Any frame building is a light object and does not require the construction of a strong foundation. The frame barn is no exception. How to build a barn with your own hands cheap?

For the barn there is no need to build a costly foundation. For such a building is perfect:

  • ribbon shallow foundation,
  • column foundation
  • screw piles.

Depending on the size of the shed, the foundation is best laid below the freezing point of the ground. This will ensure the durability and reliability of the building during the spring flood and will allow you to avoid distortions, roll and cracks on the walls.

Of course, you can do without a foundation. In this case, it is necessary to install car tires at the corners of the shed, as well as at the same distance along its walls. Fasten them with metal pins stuck into the ground and pour them with cement. But with the use of such a foundation, there is a high risk after a few years of operation to get an ugly, skewed object on the territory of the summer cottage.

Preparatory work

Stage preparatory work is important in the construction of the shed and other objects. First of all, it is necessary to choose a site for construction in such a way that the further operation of the shed is convenient and comfortable.

The shed should be located no closer than 1 m from the fence. In no case should water flow into the neighboring territory. It is not necessary to place the barn in the lowlands, in the flooded areas, on loose slopes. This will avoid trouble during the spring flood.

The entire area is cleaned of debris and dry grass. If necessary, cut down extra trees and uproot stumps. Surface leveling is a difficult, but necessary stage of work in any construction. The entire area is carefully leveled, getting rid of holes and irregularities.

We carry out the layout of the foundation, taking into account the size of the barn. To do this, set pegs in all future corners. If it is planned to build a barn of impressive size, the pegs are placed along the walls at a distance of no more than 2.5 m from each other.

Between the pegs, we stretch the rope, the rope, the fishing line, or whatever is at hand. This should have a figure with perfectly even angles of 90 °. If the angle is different, the shape must be corrected by moving the boundary cord to one side or the other. In this case, the diagonals drawn from corner to corner must be equal to each other.

Choosing a place to build a barn

Before you start the construction of such a structure as a barn with your own hands, you must make a planwhere you should display the location of all the outbuildings that you built or will build in the future.

First you need to determine the place where the apartment building will be located, bath. Focusing on the location of these objects, you need to pick up a piece of land on your site, which will be located barn. Place to accommodate this household building every owner chooses in its own way.

Some have it as close as possible to home. Others approach the choice of location for this structure more practical. They place it where the land is unsuitable for growing horticultural crops.

The location of your barn will largely depend on such factors:

  • general zoning of the dacha,
  • materials that you will use for the construction of this outbuilding.

An important point is the method of decorating it.Although the barn mainly carries the functional load, but if you wish, you can decorate it, turning it into a design object that will add beauty to your summer cottage.

What a variety of sheds can be seen at the dacha, if you look at the Internet and get acquainted with photos of original farm buildings.

If we talk about a standard shed, then it is a structure with dimensions of 2 × 3 × 2.4 m. When it is erected with its own hands, it is used as the main material. unedged board. Roof do shedding. For its covering as roofing material use roofing material.

Only two days you will need to build a standard barn with your own hands. In this case, you do not have to seek help. With the construction of such a building, you can easily cope on your own if a drawing is prepared.

If you comply with the construction technology, then upon completion of the work you will get a completely sturdy barn on your site. Its unsightly appearance can be changed for the better, if you slightly elevate it. Walls can be decorated in such ways:

  1. Place flowerpots with flowers.
  2. Decorate the walls of the barn with graffiti.
  3. Place around a barn built.

If not only the functional component is important to you, but also the appearance, then to build a shed, use brick or foam blocks. Of course, this will require a lot of money and time, but on completion of the work you will be able to get a beautiful structure, which in terms of functionality will not yield to a standard barn of unedged boards.

The structure constructed from these materials may have single or gable roof. You can cover it with a metal sheet or slate.

If you have never built a barn to give, it is easy to make mistakes in the process of its construction. Therefore, before proceeding to construction, it is necessary read the instructions on the construction of the barn. The main stages of the construction of a barn made of wood and foam blocks will be discussed in detail in this article.

What material to choose for the barn

The main thing in an economic building is the material from which it is built. Much depends on the materials - the complexity of construction, area of ​​use, duration of operation. The main materials for construction will be discussed below.

    1. Wooden barn - simplest. Erected within 1-2 days, the roof is covered with roofing felt or slate.
    2. Shed of corrugated and profile tubes. Inexpensive structure, which can also be built with your own hands.
    3. Brick or stone. The shed is built once and for a long time, in compliance with a number of building codes and regulations. Foam concrete is a type of artificial stone. A great option when planning a capital structure, which will be actively used at any time of the year. From this material you can also build a garage.
    4. Plastic sheds Usually sold in finished form. Self-assembly of the finished barn occurs within 1-2 hours. The cost of the kit - from 40 thousand rubles.
    5. OSB-plates - A good choice for an inexpensive barn. Does not require the construction of a complex foundation.
    6. Parallel bars. Enough expensive material, the work with which requires construction skills.

  1. Pallets. Great budget option for a summer barn.
  2. Frame barn does not require an expensive foundation and has virtually no shrinkage. It can be built in a few days.

There are other materials for the construction of sheds, differing in price, quality of execution and a number of other parameters. The choice of a specific building material depends on you.

We do the project of a barn

Before construction begins, a project is created. If you plan to register a barn in the BTI, you should connect a building or project organization to the creation of the project. It will cost about 5 thousand rubles.

If registration in the BTI is not needed (the main criterion is the presence or absence of the foundation), the project can be develop by yourself. It is enough to make a drawing of the future shed and calculate the amount of materials that will be required during the construction process.

Calculations are made on the basis of the planned size of the building. Most often sheds are built with dimensions of 3 * 3, 3 * 4, 3 * 5, 3 * 6, 5 * 5 meters.

When you create a project of a barn is required to consider its functionality. Depending on the destination, the shed may include several zones:

  1. Tool storage room, workshop.
  2. Room for garden, building, etc. accessories.
  3. Separate room for motoblock, trailer, etc.
  4. Shower, summer bath.
  5. Storage space for wood, hoses.

How to build a barn with their own hands cheap and high quality

First of all, it should be decided what functions this facility will perform - whether to be just a storage place for various tools and devices or whether it will contain animals or a bird. Because it depends on:

  • The choice of material for walls, floor.
  • Lighting.
  • Warming
  • Device or lack of sewage.

And even a room intended for the maintenance of various types of living creatures is distinguished by its structure and, accordingly, by the requirements imposed on it. If the house does not involve the construction of a waste pit, then for the pigsty such a structure is the first necessity.

Construction of the shed with his hands continues the choice of the location of this building on the site. And again, everything depends on its functionality. If this is a normal barn, then it can be placed in any convenient place.

But if the barn is filled with animals, then it should be placed at some distance from the house so that smells, which are not always pleasant, do not reach the living quarters.

For a simple unheated shed, it is quite possible to choose a not edging board 2–3 cm thick as a material for walls. Naturally, the appearance of such a structure will not please the eye, but it can be sheathed from the outside with any decorative material. If an animal housing is being built, then a foam block shed will be the best option.

Compared with other traditional building materials - silicate or red brick - foam blocks have a low thermal conductivity, which will allow not to make additional insulation of the building.

What stages involves building a barn with your own hands

Before you build a barn with your own hands, you need to make a small project. Naturally, it will not be as ambitious as for a residential building with all engineering calculations. A simple drawing on which the dimensions of the foundation, the roof structure and the structure itself, as well as other necessary details should be indicated. In addition, having the drawings in hand is easier to calculate the required amount of materials, and all the construction and installation of the necessary communications will be easier and faster.

The foundation under the barn is lightened, given its low weight. This can be either a tape construction with a slight deepening, or a columnar one. In addition, the following materials can be used for the construction of the column foundation:

  • Red brick,
  • concrete blocks
  • asbestos cement pipes.

You can make the columns for the foundation of concrete, pre-installed formwork and reinforcement cage. But in this case, you need to wait for the concrete mixture to set completely. It will take 28 days, only after this time the concrete gains full strength.

The next stage of construction will be the construction of walls. But before you make a barn with your own hands, you need to consider that when constructing the foundation, you need to provide embedded parts in the attachment points of the future framework of the structure, if the lightweight option is chosen - from boards. Although in addition to the boards in the frame construction can be used a variety of panel structures with insulation inside.

Where to place the barn? Choosing a place

Choosing a place for a barn is an important task, and its solution depends largely on the preferences of the owner, on the location of other buildings on the site, and even on how your future barn will look. Some try to build it in the depths of the plot, so that it does not catch the eye, others - closer to the house.

Often for farm buildings allocate part of the land, for one reason or another unsuitable for the cultivation of garden plants. If your barn is an unsightly but good-quality building, you may want to hide it in the back of the plot. But if you take the time for its unusual and artistic decoration, it may become your pride, and then it is desirable to place it in a prominent place. So, where to place the barn - depends on your taste!

The choice of materials for the construction of the barn

The choice of materials from which you can build a barn, is now very large, and depends on how much money and how much time you are willing to spend on construction. Building from some materials will be more expensive, from others - cheaper, some materials require more time to build, others less. We will look at several different choices for shed material.

    Brick - perfect for building Brick shed is strong and durable

durable durable barn. The cost of this material is not too high; building from brick is rather fast, although it does require some skills. Such a construction does not require finishing. Brick - one of the most popular materials, including for the barn.

  • Decking - a relatively new material for outbuildings. Its advantage is that it is very inexpensive and convenient, even a novice can build it with a shed. This material is light and durable. Recently it has become increasingly popular, especially in garden plots.
  • Timber - a shed of wooden timber is also quite economical. This material is environmentally friendly, beautiful and also quite popular.
  • Foam blocks - Enough new material, very strong and durable. It is quite simple to build from it, but such a construction requires a solid foundation.
  • Wooden boards - A shed of such material will be the most traditional. It will be inexpensive, you can build quickly, although the shed will not be too strong.
  • Foundation laying

    What material would you choose to build a shed, you need to make the foundation.

    To lay the foundation in the place that you chose under the shed, you should remove the soil layer along the entire perimeter of the planned structure. Depth of doing about half a meter. We fill the bottom of the pit with gravel, and above - with rubble, the height of this layer is about 10 cm. We put a grid of reinforcement on the layer, then make a formwork of boards and fill it with concrete according to the standard method.

    On the resulting foundation in the future it will be possible to lay linoleum and get the finished floor.

    Frame for the barn

    In order to fix the boards or professional sheets, you need to prepare the frame. It is possible to make a frame from wooden bars or from a metal profile. Racks and transverse crossbars of timber are connected with self-tapping screws, the frame made of metal profile requires welding, but connections can be made with bolts.

    Frame for the barn

    Shed own hands from corrugated board: details of work

    For construction use wall profiled. It is advisable to choose a material with a thickness of 0.4 mm. Standard sheet sizes are usually 1 to 2 meters.

    Begin the installation of professional sheets with the longest walls of the barn. Then install short walls. The installation of the walls is performed overlapped, the individual sheets are fixed with the help of screws and a screwdriver.

    If necessary, doors and windows should be prepared in advance. If you want to make a barn of corrugated warm - prepare insulation, it can be expanded polystyrene, penofol, mineral wool, or other material. Insulation should be placed between the sheets of professional sheets and cladding. Plastic clapboard, a house block or plywood can be used as a plating.

    Shed do-it-yourself from a bar: a tree around the head

    For the construction of the barn is better to use profiled timber. This material is economical, easy to use - it is produced in certain sizes, so you do not have to customize individual elements. This material is very environmentally friendly - it is produced without the use of glue, wood allows the walls to "breathe", contributes to the creation of a special microclimate, maintaining a constant low humidity level. In addition, the timber does not require additional finishing.

    Connect the individual elements of the timber should be screws. At the end of construction, you can paint the finished shed of timber with oil paint.

    Shed do-it-yourself foam blocks: trendy and modern

    Foam blocks or blocks of foam concrete - a modern, relatively new material, which has many advantages in construction. Foam blocks are lightweight, durable, retain heat perfectly due to the large number of voids in the structure. The thermal conductivity of foam concrete is 4 times lower than that of traditional brick. At the same time, this material "breathes", which saves the room from mold and mildew. Foam concrete is fire resistant and does not contain harmful impurities. In construction it is especially convenient because it can be easily cut with a regular hacksaw. Foam concrete is an excellent replacement for bricks.

    However, due to its porosity, it can absorb moisture and degrade over time, therefore, requires a mandatory exterior finish.

    Foam blocks are laid in the walls in the same way as brick. Connect with cement mortar or special glue, which allows to reduce the thickness of the seams and provide better heat retention. It is necessary to observe the verticality of the walls and horizontal rows, for which use the level and plumb. Before starting work on the foundation is laid waterproofing ruberoid.

    Start with the output angles. Next, put the blocks, observing the horizontal rows and ligation of the seams.

    Carefully remove any mortar or glue that has come out on the wall surface.

    After completion of construction, the shed of foam concrete blocks can be sheathed outside and inside with clapboard or block with house.

    Shed do-it-yourself boards: traditional

    Board shed is a traditional type of outbuilding. For such a shed, a planed board is used - this material is easy to process by impregnation and painting.

    It is best to place the boards vertically, thus increasing the stability of the building. However, it is necessary to take into account that on the frame it is necessary to make additional transverse strips on which the boards are attached.

    Ready barn - a great model for a photo

    Having built a barn with your own hands, you can be proud of it without a doubt! And of course, you can post a photo of a barn in social networks, for example, on Instagram. Especially because the finish of the finished barn can be very artistic, you can turn your shed into a real work of art. In the UK they even hold a competition for the “Best Shed of the Year”, and participants receive prizes in various nominations.

    We will give a few examples of how beautifully you can arrange an ordinary barn at the dacha.

    Winner of the British competition "Best Shed of the Year 2012".

    Shed in the form of a hobbit house.

    And even in the form of a chapel!

    And another barn chapel.

    The shed can be camouflaged with climbing plants ...

    ... or turn into a charming dollhouse.

    Experiment! After all, a person's fantasies have no limits, and who knows, maybe your shed will be the winner of the competition “Shed of the Planet Year”!

    Choosing a pile

    Piles are made of high quality metal. They are pipes with blades at the ends and a pointed tip. Due to its shape, the piles are easily screwed into the ground. When building a barn, special attention must be paid to the quality of the piles. Acquisition of poor quality piles significantly reduces the life of the shed.Such an object will soon require partial or full replacement of the piles.

    It is best to choose solid piles, without welds. Also avoid building up screw piles when screwing. Placed in a moist, aggressive environment, such elements do not withstand long-term operation. In places of welding rust will appear soon, the piles will quickly become unusable and will need to be replaced.

    For the construction of the barn is best to use cast piles. This will allow to extend the operational period of the piles and do without overhauling the foundation for many years.

    Foundation installation

    First, we are engaged in the installation of corner piles. We form the initial wells for them. You can drill them with a hand tool or dig them up to a depth of about 40 cm. The hole will allow you to set the correct direction when screwing in the piles.

    In the resulting grooves install piles. Screw piles are easily screwed into the ground by the efforts of two people and a third controlling the vertical level. To do this, in a special hole at the top of the pile insert scrap or any other metal rod. Screw piles are screwed at least 10 cm below the ground freezing point. Piles are better to install with a maximum step of 2 m.

    After installing all the piles align the height of their above-ground parts with the help of the grinder. The inner part of the piles is filled with concrete mix and weld the tip.

    Next, perform the foundation piling. For this you can use a beam, channel or any other material. The timber treated with antiseptic, fastened to the piles with a soft wire. Pre-performed waterproofing surface.

    Shed frame

    So how to build a barn with your own hands cheap? For the formation of a barn we collect a frame from a bar with a diameter of 150x150 mm. Preliminary it is necessary to treat the entire material with antiseptic impregnation. They protect the wood from mold and mildew, as well as from wood pests.

    We install logs at a distance of 50 cm from each other and fasten to the harness using steel corners with self-tapping screws.

    • a bar with a diameter of 100x100 mm is required for wall formation,
    • 100x50 mm stands
    • board for rafter 120x50 mm.

    We sew the walls with any available material overlapping, leaving openings for doors and windows. To do this, you can use:

    If the construction of a warm shed is planned, we sheathe it with any material from two sides, and fill the space between the walls with insulation.

    As a heater you can use:

    • ecowool
    • mineral wool,
    • Styrofoam,
    • expanded clay
    • polystyrene foam.

    The result will be a very warm, cozy barn. When installing a heating system, this room can be used all year round.

    The waterproofing film is laid on the rafter system and the crate is filled. As the roof, you can use any material. The galvanized professional flooring is the cheapest and most robust. We form the floor of the board no thinner than 30 mm.

    For the manufacture of the door will require the following materials:

    • dry boards
    • slats,
    • plywood,
    • fasteners and accessories,
    • furniture dowels.

    Pre-take measurements of the doorway and prepare the material of the required size. Detailed instructions on how to assemble a wooden door with your own hands, you can see on the training video:

    We install doors and windows, form wooden or filler steps.

    Canopy over the front door

    A small canopy over the entrance door to the barn will protect the stairs from excess moisture. In addition, here you can hide from the rain. The easiest way to make a canopy of polycarbonate.

    For its manufacture will require:

    • metal pipes for the manufacture of the frame,
    • polycarbonate,
    • screws, anchor bolts and brackets.

    For the formation of an arched canopy it is best to use cellular polycarbonate with a thickness of 6 mm. Pre-assembled frame and attached to the wall of the barn. Polycarbonate perfectly bends, and to collect a canopy will not be difficult. It is easy to fix this construction to the wooden shed with the help of brackets. However, do not make it too big. For canopies exceeding a length of 2 m, install additional support posts.

    A detailed description of how to build a barn with your own hands cheap, you can see in the video:

    A shed is a necessary object at any dacha. Here you can comfortably place garden tools, small appliances, store animal feed and store building materials. For its construction it is not necessary to attract expensive specialists. It is worth making a little effort - and a convenient barn is ready.

    Building a beautiful barn

    Frame barn may be different. If you do not want to see a faceless structure on your site, then, having shown imagination, you can get a functional building an original lookusing for it quite affordable building materials.

    However, for the construction of a beautiful barn with his own hands on the site will take more time. In addition, your cash costs for its construction will increase. You need to cook right away not less than 20 000 r. The time spent on building a farm building will also increase.

    We'll have to set aside two days to build a barn. However, these costs will not be in vain. With proper performance of work, you will be able to get a structure that will serve for 20 years.

    Being engaged in the construction of a beautiful barn in the country, during work you can try yourself not only as a builder, but also to become an architect for a while. How the barn will be as a result depends largely on your desire, as well as the amount of funds you are willing to spend on its construction.

    Stages of construction

    Construction of the utility block begins with leveling the prepared site. Thereafter need to build a foundation. Since the structure has a light weight, a columnar foundation will be quite enough.

    For its construction it is necessary to dig asbestos pipes to a depth of 1.5 meters. After that they poured concrete. For its preparation mix sand, crushed stone and cement. These components are taken in the ratio of 3: 4: 2.

    Then you need to add water and bring the concrete mixture to the consistency of sour cream. Next, you need to leave the foundation for a few days so that he grabs and gains the necessary strength.

    • The prepared wooden materials that will be used during the construction of the shed must be impregnated with a special antiseptic protective agent. This will avoid the processes of decay, and the structure will last a long time.
    • Further, you can go directly to the construction of an economic structure. Begin with the construction of a wooden frame. Lower strapping must be laid on the foundation. For its production bars are used.
    • When this is done, it is necessary to arrange logs on which the floor will be laid. It can be laid immediately or deal with them at the final stage of construction of facilities.
    • Then it is necessary to fasten vertical posts to the strapping. After that, the top harness is fixed to them, which is also arranged from the bars. It is enough just to find out the number of support legs required. Their installation is performed at the corners of the building. They are also located in the place where there will be a door and window openings.
    • After that, you can proceed to the construction of the roof. A simpler task is to build a shed roof. However, a more attractive form of household construction will have a gable type roof.
    • At the next stage, it is necessary to sheathe the walls using prepared boards. Then set the door and windows. Then you can proceed to the lining of the shed clapboard. Next, you can go to the interior decoration, the device shelves.

    Construction of a shed from foam blocks

    Most often in the construction of a barn with their own hands using unedged board. Recently, however, many began to build sheds, using foam blocks as the main building material.

    This decision is quite justified, since such a hozblok has a long service life, and foam block is more convenient for construction.

    If during construction the construction technology will be observed, then the building will serve at least 30 years. However, if you decide to build a foam block shed, then it will be difficult to cope with this task alone.

    It is necessary to attract specialists to the construction of household construction. You also need to be prepared for the fact that the construction of such a barn will require serious cash investments. Especially considering the fact that this room is residential.

    List of basic building materials

    The list of tools and materials may vary depending on the type of barn. However, we will definitely need the following tools:

    1. Roulette
    2. Construction Plumb
    3. Hydro level
    4. Drill
    5. Hammers of different sizes
    6. Digging trench
    7. Screwdriver or screwdriver

    If you are planning to build an inexpensive barn of corrugated board, which is also used in the construction of the fence, you will need: profiled sheeting itself and the profile pipe required for the erection of the building frame.

    Construction of the barn step by step

    The construction of any outbuilding takes place in several stages. Time, complexity, etc. depend on a number of factors: from the materials used to the experience of the builder.

    One of the cheapest options is building metal profile shed. Consider the construction stages in more detail.

      1. The construction of the shed begins with the construction foundation. The most commonly used strip foundation with the deepening. The depth of the pit is about three meters. This type of foundation is also suitable for other buildings, such as gazebos. Read more about this here.
      2. As far as the readiness of the pit around the perimeter digging trench. The depth is small, about 30cm. Reinforcing bars are installed in it, after which they are poured with cement.
      3. Overlap construction the barn. There are several options: installation of heavy factory plates, installation of formwork and reinforced concrete floors, etc. Cheap option - to lay on the reinforced "belt" 20 cm timberon which wooden flooring is laid.
      4. Frame construction. Wooden blocks or square tubes can be used as starting material. First, the bottom strapping is done. This is the very first layer of bars. Before installation, you need to wait for the concrete to harden. Then to the foundation around the perimeter parallel bars. Anchor bolts can be used as fasteners. at a distance of 1 meter from each other.
      5. To strapping with steel fixing angles and screws vertical posts are mounted. Their height should correspond to the height of the barn. Distance between racks - 60-70 cm. Horizontal bars are attached to them. Installation of horizontal bars occurs "from the bottom up." If you plan to install a shed roof, one side of the frame is made more.
      6. Installation of professional sheets. It starts from the long sides of the barn. Professional sheets are fastened with screws. On average, 1-8 square meters require 6-8 screws. Sheets are laid 200mm overlap.

    1. If you want to make a warm shed, run insulation installation. At the end of the external wall cladding with professional sheet filled with insulation. The most commonly used foam or mineral wool. These materials can also be warmed attic. After that, the inner side of the walls is sheathed with drywall, siding or other material at the request of the owner.
    2. Floor installation. Most often there is a pouring concrete. A wooden partition is installed along the perimeter of the future floor (ordinary boards connected with self-tapping screws). The space between the boards is clogged with rubble and filled with concrete.
    3. Door installation. The space under the doorway stands out during the construction phase of the frame. The simplest door is homemade: a frame of welded square shaped tubes with an attached profiled sheet. Two hinges are fastened to the frame and the nearest vertical rack, with the help of which the door is hung into place.
    4. Installation of windows in the barn - a rarity. If necessary, the opening for the window is highlighted in the process of mounting the frame. Sets the window in most cases the organization in which you order it.
    5. Roof in most cases suitable single-pitch. The process of mounting the roof is almost identical to the hanging walls. The difference is that there are no vertical racks, but there are rafters - square shaped tubes or bars laid on top of the frame. The distance between the bars - about a meter.

    The construction stages of the wooden shed can be viewed in this video:

    What you need to build a barn

    First, if you build the shed yourself, then you need to think about the tools. You will need an ax, a hacksaw or a chainsaw, a hammer, a screwdriver, a tape measure, a level, a shovel, nails, screws, hinged hinges for the door and a small lock.

    Secondly, you need to choose the cheapest material for construction. Ideal for this fit wooden building materials, namely bars of 100x100 mm and roofing boards or slab for wall cladding. The roof of the shed can be covered with either slate or roofing felt. The second option is cheaper, but the first one is more durable. For a small foundation, you can use several ceramic bricks.

    How to build a barn cheap and fast do it yourself

    To begin to choose a place for this outbuilding. It should be even without water stagnation during rain. Better if it is a small sublime place. The size of the barn each person chooses independently. For storage of building materials, it should be about 4x3 m, for gardening equipment - 3x2 m and so on.

    Since the timber is sold at 6 m, the ideal option for a shed will be 3x3 meters in size and 2 m in height.

    First, in the corners make small columns of brick in two or three rows. They will draw the lower bars. The same columns additionally set in the middle of the walls. Make the bottom trim bar 100x100. Then attached to it stand, a height of 2 m from the same bar. The distance between the uprights should not exceed 1.5 m. And from the side where the roof slope will be, the height of the uprights is reduced by 20-30 cm. Next, make the top dressing. For it, you can use boards of 100x50 mm. Next to the corner racks install the booms that will hold the barn.

    In the next phase of construction, roof lags are set. To do this, use the bar 100x100. The distance between them should be 1 m. Then the roof is sewn up with a crate of roofing boards with a pitch of 15 cm under slate and 5 cm for roofing material. The roof is covered with any of these selected materials, placing sheets from the bottom.

    Walls are sewn with edged boards or slab with flats. For fixing boards, you can use nails or screws. On the front side of the shed leave an opening for the door the size of 1.8 m in height and 80 cm in width. The door is also made of edged boards for this size. The windows in this household building are not provided, but if desired they can also be made independently. Instead of glass fit polycarbonate trim. The floor in such buildings is also no need to do. This will increase construction costs. If, nevertheless, plans to make the floor, then first lay on the lower bars of the log with a step of 80 cm, and then lay the floorboards, nailing them with nails. Such a barn will last for several years.

    This method allows you to quickly and efficiently build a cheap barn with your own hands.

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    After the walls are ready, comes the turn of the roof, which can be gable, single or four-sided.Building a barn with your own hands makes it possible at any stage of construction to make adjustments, to choose a more economical option.

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