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Cherry Tomato black: description of the variety, characteristics, reviews

Early ripe, tall variety of cherry tomatoes for greenhouses and open ground. The period from germination to maturity is 110-112 days.

Indeterminate type bush, up to 2 meters high. Required garter to support and pasynkovanie. The best results were obtained when the plant was formed in 2 stems. The leaf of this tomato is medium in size, dark green. Inflorescence intermediate type.

Cherry tomato variety Cherry black is included in the State Register across the Russian Federation for cultivation under film shelters in LPH. This is one of the best varieties of cherry tomatoes with the original color of the fruit.

Description and characteristics of the variety

Black Cherry is an early ripe tall variety of tomatoes, which is ideal for growing in greenhouses and open ground. Harvesting can be carried out approximately 110-112 days after the first shoots appeared. Indeterminant tomato bush usually grows up to 2 meters, so it is formed into 2 stems, tied to a reliable support, stepson.

Features of the fruit of Cherry black variety:

  • round shape
  • smooth skin
  • thick texture
  • weight 18-20 grams
  • purple-brown tint.

The advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Tomatoes Cherry black is distinguished by important advantages:

  • easy care in a standard pattern, so growing becomes possible even for novice gardeners,
  • pleasant taste characteristics and amazing juiciness, thanks to which tomatoes justify all efforts of gardeners,
  • high yields, because with a square meter you can collect up to 7 kilograms,
  • possibility of long-term storage: up to 1 month at a temperature of from +5 to +8 degrees,
  • the ability to use the workpiece in the form of whole canned or dried fruit.

Every gardener who decided to start growing Cherry Tomatoes black is getting a chance for a rich and very tasty harvest. There are no flaws in compliance with the basic principles of agricultural engineering.

Cultivation Rules

Sowing seeds for seedlings spend 60-65 days before the tomatoes must be transplanted to a permanent place. With the appearance of 2 true leaves, it is recommended to carry out a pick, as it improves the further growth of the tomato bush. When disembarking a Cherry Black variety tomato, it is recommended to plant up to 3-4 bushes per square meter of the plot, which are then formed into 1-2 stems.

Cherry black tomatoes sprout amicably, have strong immunity, but it requires growing by seedlings with further compliance with the rules of standard agricultural technology.

Cherry tomatoes grow better when browned. This procedure improves fructification and eliminates the excessively abundant green mass, making the tomatoes have a particularly high yield. As already mentioned, usually leave 1-2 stalk. Pasynki need to timely pick off, leaving the cutting in a couple of centimeters.

Cherry tomatoes black need regular moderate watering. Otherwise, there is a risk of cracking the fruit in the period when they will ripen.

Regular fertilization is considered mandatory, as additional mineral components are required for the proper and full development of the bushes, to obtain numerous cherry fruits.

Removing weeds is a mandatory step in caring for tomatoes, because it directly depends on whether tomato bushes and fruits can get oxygen and nutrients for their development.

Proper care guarantees long-term fruiting, which is completed only because of the autumn frosts.

Possible diseases and pests

The Black Cherry variety in some cases shows vulnerability to viruses, fungi and diseases, therefore, special care and control over the condition of tomatoes become mandatory.

The most common infection is phytosporosis. In this case, the foliage falls off. Increased humidity leads to phytosporosis. To prevent problems, it is recommended to ensure the flow of oxygen and air, to carry out treatment with Fitosporin. In addition, you can use the folk remedy, which involves the dilution of whey with water in the same proportions.

Vertex rot is one of the most undesirable diseases that leads to darkening of the upper part of the bush. For prevention, add a tablespoon of wood ash and calcium nitrate to each well.

Plants that are grown in greenhouses are often affected by aphids and whitefly. Tomatoes that are grown on open ground, are vulnerable to spider mites. For prevention recommend the use of insecticide, herbal infusions of chamomile or yarrow, regular tobacco.

“Cherry black is a very good variety of cherry tomatoes. Even novice gardeners can cope with growing 100%. Of course, in order to obtain the desired yield, it will be necessary to carry out additional prophylaxis against diseases and parasites, to be sure that the agrotechnology is observed. However, the effort will certainly come true. "


“I really love cherry tomatoes. Moreover, the Cherry Black variety is one of my favorites. Every year I grow this particular variety of cherry tomatoes and always remain satisfied with the harvest. ”


“Black cherry is a worthy variety of cherry tomatoes. Agricultural technology is close to the standard, but the condition of the tomato bushes will need to be monitored more carefully. In any case, the correct cultivation of tomatoes can please impeccable in volume and very tasty harvest. "

Black Cherry Tomatoes: variety description

Indeterminantny grade of tomatoes Black Cherry (Black Cherry) - tall look for cultivation in an open ground and greenhouses. Powerful plant is a kind of vine, completely covered with dense tassels of the fruit.

Fruiting this variety comes already after 112-120 days since the emergence of the first seedlings (medium early). It has moderate resistance to cladosporia and wilting of tomatoes.

With the observance of agrotechnology, one plant can produce at least 5 kg of leveled commercial fruits. The main advantage of the variety Black Cherry - an unusually sweet taste of fruits and their attractive appearance. Of deficiencies varieties stand out the need for constant bush formation and susceptibility to cracking at the time of ripening.

Due to the great strength of growth and the abundance of constantly tying and soping fruits, he needs almost daily inspection and additional tying. Black Cherry Tomatoes are the only variety with lateral shoots thicker than the central one. The main part of the crop is formed on them.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of the Black Cherry are black and purple spherical tomatoes with a weight of not more than 20 g and a diameter of about 3 cm. The skin on the fruit is thin and very delicate, pulp of medium density, dark purple or bluish-green (depending on the stage of maturity). Seed chambers 2 or 3, the dry matter content in the pulp is average (about 4-5%). Fruits are collected in brushes of 5-9 pieces.

The taste of Black Cherry tomatoes is their main advantage. Sweet and very fragrant, they resemble candy. Unfortunately, the fruits of this variety cannot be stored fresh. Black Cherry tomatoes are good in pickles as a solo vegetable, and mixed with other vegetable crops. It is also used to prepare salads from fresh vegetables or fruits (usually as a decoration or to give them a piquant note).

You can clearly see how Black Cherry tomatoes look like in the photo below:

Growing up

Cherry Black Tomato is recommended to be grown by the seedling method. Seeds are sown 2 months before the intended landing in the ground. When planting in a permanent place, it is recommended to leave a distance of 60-70 cm between plants, between rows - about a meter.

Unlike other tomatoes, Black Cherry not recommended to shoot. To get a good harvest, you should tie up the bushes to the trellis, placing all stepchildren in one plane. On each of them you can leave no more than 3 fruit brushes.

Diseases and pests

Tomato variety Black Cherry may be affected by any fungal and viral diseasescharacteristic of tomatoes. To avoid this, it is recommended to regularly air the plantings, remove diseased parts from the bushes and treat them with a means Phytosporin.

In the greenhouse culture, the tomato is affected by the whitefly and aphids, in the open ground - by spider mites. To combat these pests use a complex insecticide Fufanon and folk remedies in the form of herbal bitter infusions of sticky traps.

Black Cherry - a variety of tomatoes that can decorate a greenhouse, garden beds, a balcony and even a festive table. Unusual-looking small black cherries-tomatoes especially like children for their sweet taste.

Fruit Characteristic

Fruits are round, smooth, dense, in the stage of maturity purple-brown color, weighing 18-20 grams, juicy, good taste with sweetness. These tomatoes are suitable for fresh consumption, whole-canning.

Yield: up to 7 kg of fruits from 1 square. meter landings.

Features growing tomatoes Cherry black

Sowing of seeds for seedlings is carried out 60-65 days before the intended landing on a permanent place. Picked up seedlings - at the stage of 2 true leaves. When planting seedlings in the ground for 1 square. It is recommended to place up to 3 plants of this variety in the meter plot, and up to 4 in the formation of 1 stalk.

Further care of the tomatoes consists of timely watering, weeding, pasyling, fertilizing with complex mineral fertilizer and preventive measures to protect this crop from diseases and pests.

If you grew black Cherry tomatoes, please write whether you like them or not. What was the yield and taste of the fruit in your climatic conditions? How do you rate the resistance of this variety to disease? If possible, attach a photo of the entire bush or individual fruits grown by you. Thank!

Your feedback on tomato Cherry black and additions to the description will help many gardeners to evaluate this variety objectively and decide whether to plant it or not.

The advantages of the variety

Tomato Cherry black entered in the Register of breeding achievements. The characteristic and description of the variety is related to the possibility of cultivating the plant in open and protected ground conditions. The bush of indeterminate type during the growing season reaches a height of 250-300 cm.

The variety is characterized by a long period of yield, begins to bear fruit in 112-120 days after the emergence of the shoots. The stems of Black cherry tomato resemble a vine. On the branches are brushes in which up to 20 small tomatoes simultaneously ripen.

Black cherry in appearance resembles a ripe cherry. In the horizontal section, there are 2-3 chambers with seeds. Subject to the rules of agricultural technology, the yield of the variety is more than 6.5-7 kg with 1m².

Cherry cherry tomatoes have a characteristic feature. The diameter of the side stalks of the bush above the main trunk. A larger number of ovaries and brushes with tomatoes are formed on the side branches.

Reviews of vegetable growers indicate the possibility to grow cherry tomatoes from the collected seeds. This variety is not a hybrid: acquiring quality seeds, you can use seed from your crop for growing in the new season.

Description of tomato

Cherry tomato is notable for its unusual look and taste. The fruits are small in size, their diameter reaches 3 cm, and the weight is 20 g. The flesh is cherry-colored, characterized by an average density. Gentle peel easily exposed to mechanical damage.

In the process of fruit ripening in the shades of the upper part of the tomato there is a black-violet color palette with an indigo shade. The exotic coloring of the fruit indicates a high concentration of anthocyanin.

These pigment substances are not formed in the human body, therefore, must come from food. Anthocyanins have a bactericidal property, increase immunity, and have a therapeutic effect for colds. The presence in the diet of tomato Cherry improves eyesight.

The main advantage of the variety is the original taste, the description of which indicates that the tomatoes are sweetish, with a rich aroma. The pulp of the fruit contains an average amount of dry matter (4-5%).

Tomato Cherry is removed from the bush upon reaching biological ripeness. Tomatoes harvested in the stage of technical ripeness lose taste in the process of ripening. These tomatoes contain fewer nutrients.

During ripening, fruits are prone to cracking. Tomatoes are intended for long-term storage. Freshly harvested tomatoes at + 5 ... + 8 ° C can be stored for 1 month.

In cooking, fruits are used fresh, for preparing various dishes, decorating when serving, canning. Black Cherry Tomatoes are dried and dried for the winter.

Agricultural cultivation of tomato

Cultivating the black cherry variety is no different from other tomatoes, but a powerful shrub and copious amounts of ovaries require constant attention. Cherry tomato is recommended to be grown by seedling.

Sowing seeds for seedlings spend 2 months before the expected date of planting in the ground. To this end, seeds are instilled into the prepared containers with a soil mixture or substrate to a depth of 3 mm. Before sowing, it is recommended to treat the seeds with a growth stimulator.

After watering with warm water using a spray bottle cover with a film until the germination. For seed germination, an optimum temperature of + 25 ... + 26 ° C is provided. To do this, the containers are transferred closer to the heating devices.

Seedlings must be kept in a well-lit place and extend the light day for them to at least 14 hours.

Further cultivation can take place at an air temperature of + 20 ... + 24 ° C. Lower temperatures have a negative effect on fruit stitching. In the formation phase of 4-6 true leaves, dive the plants in separate containers.

This event is accompanied by shortening the root in order to stimulate the formation of a more powerful root system. Taking care of the plant after the procedure consists in regular watering and fertilizing with complex fertilizers.

Growing seedlings in peat pots without a dive speeds up the ripening of fruits by 2 weeks. The plants are transferred to a permanent place after the end of the period of spring frosts.

Before planting, seedlings are recommended to harden for 7-10 days. To do this, seedlings are taken out on the street, constantly increasing the time from 30 minutes to several hours. 1 day before planting stop watering.

It is recommended to plant seedlings with 1 peduncle formed, at least 8 leaves, when the plant reaches a height of 30 cm. By the time the seedlings are 60-65 days old. When planting bushes to a permanent place between plants leave a distance of 60-70 cm, and between rows - 70 cm.

Cherry Tomato Cherry prefers a sunny, sheltered from the wind, well-drained, fertile soil. Before planting, it is important to prepare the site in advance and apply organic fertilizer.

For the northern regions and the middle band, it is recommended to cultivate the variety in greenhouse conditions. It is important that the air temperature does not fall below + 16 ° C.

During the entire process of growing plants requires constant care. Black cherry tomato is not recommended to pinch, and to get high returns from the bush, the branches are tied up to the trellis.

During the cultivation period, it is important to observe the irrigation regime, which a powerful plant needs. Uniform distribution of moisture, preventing the drying of the topsoil is achieved by mulching.

For this purpose, using non-woven black fiber. The use of organic materials (leaves, straw) is an additional source of food for the culture.

Black Cherry Cherries are sensitive to light and nutrient deficiencies. Rapidly developing stems require timely tying to the trellis to prevent damage.

The origin and description of the variety

Cherry tomatoes were bred in 1973, it was at this time that Israeli scientists created small sweet tomatoes, which ripen not in pairs or one by one, but in whole clusters. But these fruits were red. The variety of the famous dark-skinned tomatoes was brought out by breeders from the USA only in 2003 and the year. In the state register of the Russian Federation, the black cherry tomato has been registered as a separate variety, only in the 2009th year.

Tomatoes Black Cherry (born Black Cherry) - is a tall representative of tomatoes, it can be grown in open ground and in greenhouses. The plant looks like a vine, which is completely covered with bunches of small fruits. Each brush is usually from five to nine pieces.

The fruits of the Black Cherry are small tomatoes of a violet - black color, spherical shape. Their characteristic features are:

  • Fruit weight is about 20 grams
  • The diameter is no more than 3 centimeters,
  • Pulp is average - dense,
  • The skin of the fruit is thin,
  • The mature fruit has black and purple flesh.

The Cherry Black Tomato variety is perhaps the only miniature tomato variety that has thicker side shoots than the central ones. On the side shoots form a large part of the crop, which is usually ample.

The fragrant fruits of the “black cherry” variety have a rich and complex taste, they are good not only as a decoration of the dish, but also in salads. Unfortunately, this crop is not kept fresh for a long time, but black mini-tomatoes give the mixture of pickled vegetables great taste and aroma, although they can be preserved separately.

Planting region, ripening time and yield

In areas with a warm climate in the south, black cherry tomatoes can be grown in open ground. In the middle zone it is planted both in open ground and in greenhouses, and in colder regions (in Siberia) - only in protected ground. In principle, this variety perfectly tolerates minor temperature fluctuations.

Black tomatoes please gardeners with their high yields, with proper care, you can remove about five kilograms of tomatoes from one bush. The fruits of the average ripening period: it occurs already in 100-110 days from the moment of the appearance of the first shoots, however, in warm regions, the first crop is removed and after 90 days.

Land preparation for planting

Tomatoes of this variety love not only sunny, but also a place protected from the winds. The soil should be fertile, well heated, drained, loose. It is also necessary to ensure that the soil has a neutral or slightly acidic medium; tomatoes do not grow in the acidic soil.

The soil is prepared in early autumn, it is dug up to 20 centimeters, after which fertilizer is added. For this job you need to choose a sunny, dry day. Immediately before planting the bushes, they dig up the ground two to three times, they bring humus and mineral fertilizer. Immediately before planting, fertilizer is placed directly in the hole.

Characteristics of mini cherry tomatoes

At the end of the 20th century, domestic breeding specialists managed to withdraw and obtain state registration for Cherry Red Tomatoes. The described tomatoes are not hybrids, planting this mini-vegetable once, it is easy to get your own planting material for the following seasons.

It is worth mentioning that this type of cherry tomatoes is diverse, at present, the agricultural company Aelita offers cherry tomatoes black. Indeterminate plant develops actively, reaches 2 m in height. Black cherry, or black cherry, appeared thanks to American breeders, it happened at the beginning of the 21st century. In our country, it began to be sold only since 2009. The fruits of tomato bushes are endowed with small fruits of the original color (see photo). Black cherry can be considered a high-yielding plant, from one bush it is easy to get up to 5-6 kg of sweet vegetables, which will completely replace any dessert. Black cherry tomatoes weigh 25 grams.

Gavrish seed company offers interested buyers no less interesting subspecies - Cherry Pink Tomato. Early and very tasty, sweet variety. Vegetables hang on the bushes in incredibly attractive bunches. In addition to the subspecies mentioned, there is a yellow cherry tomato, this product is not inferior to other small tomatoes (see photo).

Back to Cherry red, it is often confused with tomatoes Winter Cherry. Neshtambovoe plant is tall, its base trunk reaches more than 150 cm. In the process of development, the tomato must be formed, removing the extra stepchildren, tied to a support. On average, with one copy you can get up to 2-3 kg of tasty tomatoes. The foliage on the bushes is not very much, the branching is moderate, the leaves are dark and small, not endowed with stipules. The first fruit cluster is formed above the eighth leaf, the next clusters grow in 2-3 leaves.

Bushes of mini-tomatoes of red color perfectly develop in any conditions. The main requirements for the care of the culture - this is a timely watering, feeding under the plant and loosening. Describing cherry tomatoes, it can be recalled, this representative is not afraid of brown spot and blight disease, it almost never affects pests. But fusarium and tobacco mosaic can ruin the crop.

Each brush on the culture forms from 25 to 35 small vegetables that weigh no more than 15-35 grams, they ripen non-uniformly and crack when overripe. Cherry red is not designed for transportation, at a temperature of + 8-15ºС, tomatoes can survive up to 20-30 days.

Most often, this variety is used to decorate different dishes fresh, tomatoes are beautiful and tasty in the buffet snacks. In addition, they can be canned, prepare juice and other culinary specialties.

Red cherry is an unpretentious plant with a large number of positive qualities, but it also has some drawbacks, such as exactingness to a lot of sunlight and heat. Tall culture is responsive to dressing, timely watering is important for it.

Cultivation technology

The best place for the cultivation of mini-tomatoes is considered the southern and middle parts of Russia. In March or April, growers are engaged in planting seedlings for seedlings. By May, the plants reach a certain maturity, which allows them to be transferred to the open ground.

When planting seedlings on the beds, you need to take care that when the eighth or ninth brush appears, you should pinch the main stem, leaving only two leaves above the brush. Every bush is watered abundantly, at least twice a week. While the culture grows and develops, it needs nitrogen, which is supplied with water. During the period of the ovary, the plant is nourished with phosphorus.

Plant Grower Reviews

Last season for the first time planted mini-tomatoes Cherry red and yellow. Shrubs pleased crop and most of all appearance. I like to experiment, I think, everything turned out with this variety, with great pleasure the grandchildren used tomatoes.

I got Cherry black for the sake of interest, having read the reviews of many gardeners, it turned out to surprise this variety not only children, but also adult neighbors. The fruits are very tasty, sweet, but it is better to collect them at the time of full ripeness. The bush periodically fed organic matter, during the formation of fruitlets it added only wood ash under the bushes. Next season I will definitely plant not only a black variety, but other cherry subspecies.

Varietal characteristic

Black cherry bushes are quite tall. The stems of a tomato resemble a vine, with dense brushes of tomatoes in the form of ripe sweet cherries. The time from the appearance of the first shoots to the harvest ranges from 112 to 120 days. Tomato has resistance to cladosporia. The yield from one bush, subject to compliance with agrotechnical measures may be more than 5 kg.

The attractiveness of the variety in an unusual form and high taste of tomatoes. The main disadvantage is the need to constantly inspect the plants and the formation of the bush, the possible cracking of the skin of the tomatoes during ripening.

Cherry tomato is quite sensitive to the lack of light and nutrients. Fast-growing stems must be tied up in time, otherwise they may break or fall to the ground.

Cherry tomato has a peculiarity - on the bush side stems are thicker than the main one. The greatest number of ovaries with fruits on the side shoots. This variety is not a hybrid - once you buy seeds, you can get them from your crop for planting next year.

Fruit Description

Cherry tomatoes have a small size: a diameter of about 3 cm, and the weight is usually less than 20 g. The pulp has an average density of cherry shade, when ripe in shades of the upper skin there is a black palette with a dark purple hue.

This color is formed due to the presence in the fruits of a large amount of anthocyanin - a substance that has a therapeutic effect on colds, has antiviral effect and enhances immunity. Regular consumption of such tomatoes improves eyesight. It is observed that anthocyanin acts as a cancer prevention.

Each fruit of Cherry Tomato has 2 - 3 seed chambers. In one brush can ripen at the same time up to 9 tomatoes.

The main advantage is still in the originality of the taste of tomatoes. Their description notes that the tomatoes are sweetish, with an unusual aroma.

Collect the fruit necessarily when reaching biological ripeness. If the tomato harvest was carried out ahead of time, the fruits that reached technical ripeness on the bush, and only then underwent the ripening process, lower taste and less useful substances.

Black cherry tomatoes can be stored for quite a long time. They are pickled and preserved in the composition of pickles, added to vegetable or fruit salads. Black cherry is used as decoration of ready meals when serving. Tomatoes are dried and dried for the winter. If fresh tomatoes are moved to a room with a temperature of +5 to +8 degrees, they can be saved for 1 month.

Possible tomato diseases and pests

There is a danger of infection of tomatoes of the Black Cherry variety characteristic of solanaceous diseases, viruses, fungi.

Phytosporosis infection occurs most often - foliage falls off. The cause of the disease is often high humidity. To avoid problems, the bushes are treated with phytosporin, and in the greenhouses with tomatoes conduct frequent airing.

To cope with phytosporosis can be a popular method: the whey is diluted with water in equal proportions and sprayed with tomato bushes. If the previous options have not had the desired effect, every 15 days they spray the bushes with a solution consisting of 1 tablet of Trihopol per liter of water. Treating the beds Bordeaux liquid or drug Mikosan.

Dorsal decay disease manifests as darkening on the upper part of the bush. As preventive measures when planting seedlings, a handful of wood ash and calcium nitrate is added to each well — it is enough to take 1 tbsp. l every substance. The lack of trace elements in the soil and moisture is evidenced by the process by which the foliage of tomato bushes curls.

Plants grown in greenhouse conditions may be affected by aphids and whitefly, and in the open beds of bushes the spider mite eats. It is possible to cope with pests of tomatoes thanks to the use of a ready insecticide Fufanon or Verticillin.

Folk methods will also help - spraying the bushes with herbal infusions of chamomile, yarrow or regular tobacco.

Landing in open ground

Before planting in one day, watering is stopped, but if the seedlings were grown in peat pots, then this is not necessary. This plant is planted in the ground with peat, it will be his fertilizer. Observe the planting pattern in open ground 50 to 50 centimeters, not more than three plants per square meter.

Do not forget that the bushes of this variety grow very large.

Care features

The main task in growing black cherry tomatoes is to properly form the bush itself, how to tie it up and clean the stepchildren in time. In greenhouses, these plants can grow tall, a bush up to two meters high - for this variety is completely normal. At the same time plants give many stepsons, which must be removed in a timely manner.

It should form a bush in one or two stems, in the latter case, the second of the stems is formed from the stepson on the side, which was the strongest. In the event that there are extremely many fruits, the stepson should be removed without the slightest regret. Otherwise it will damage the normal ripening of the fruit.

It is necessary to tie up the bush, otherwise it will break under the weight of its fruits or they will lie on the ground, causing cracking. It is necessary to choose one of the ways of garter to the trellis, it is better than a simple support. High tomato vines need reliable support.

Watering and feeding

Tomatoes, especially cherry tomatoes, require regular watering, although it is also impossible to turn the soil into a swamp, do not forget about drainage. The following should be taken into account:

  • If you constantly neglect the regular watering schedule, the fruits can crack.
  • In the event that the plants do not develop well enough, two weeks after planting in the ground, it is possible to water them with slurry or with a solution of chicken manure.

In the case of normal watering and after a little feeding, the crop will be abundant, and the fruits are intact.

Pest control

Black Cherry can be vulnerable to diseases, it is viruses and fungi. If the plant is in a greenhouse, then you should regularly ventilate the room, removing damaged areas (if any).

In the greenhouse, this variety has a high susceptibility to pests, it can be affected not only by aphids, but also by the whitefly. The fight against these pests comes down to the traditional use of various insecticides. It should be noted that this variety is in principle less susceptible to diseases and infections, in comparison with other varieties of tomatoes.


Cherry tomatoes delight gardeners with abundant and long-term fruiting. It begins literally three months after landing. Tomatoes can be collected both individually and in clusters.

Harvesting often continues until the first autumn frosts. There is a feature that is inherent in this variety: unripe tomatoes do not have their own taste. So immature fruits should not be plucked, they will remain tasteless.

Pros and cons varieties

The main advantage of Black Cherry is its high taste and effective appearance. Also positive qualities are high yields and fast ripening. Disadvantages - this is the need all the time to engage in the formation of the bush, as well as the tendency of the fruit to crack during biological ripening due to thin skin. This plant needs daily inspection, tying up.

In general, this variety of black tomatoes is really attractive for any gardener, and the fact is not only that the fruits are tasty, fragrant and extremely useful.Indeterminantnoe plant, huge and spreading, strewn with black clusters looks just gorgeous and pleasing to the eye.

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