Bred reproduction

Crassula (jade) is a plant of the Crassula family.

Under natural conditions, more than 300 species of this plant grow.

They differ in a variety of forms: ampelous, ground cover, bush, tree.

In the indoor floriculture, this succulent has become popular for its unpretentious and spectacular appearance.

The following types are cultivated at home:

Jade is treelike known as the "money tree". Subject to the necessary conditions, it can grow up to 1.5 m in height. After reaching the age of 10, it may bloom with white or pinkish flowers.

Sweaty Spatula has tetrahedral creeping stems on which aerial roots grow. This species needs regular watering all year round.

Coyper's Fatty - low-growing grassy type of Crassula with thin shoots forming clumps. Flowering occurs in summer. Pale pink flowers exude a sweet smell.

Fleshy-spongy (mucous) is a highly branching shrub.

Decorative plant give it a small pointed leaves, located on the stem in the form of tiles. The shoots of young plants are standing, and with age they fall.

This Krassula blooms with single inconspicuous flowers of pale yellow color. It grows very quickly, easily propagated by cuttings.

Portulacium fatty It is known as an oval or ovoid bullockback. It can grow to 1 m. It blooms with pink or white flowers.

Although Crassula is not demanding to care, yet knowledge of its biological characteristics will allow you to create suitable conditions for its cultivation.

Money Tree - Home Care: Breeding

Money tree at home propagated by cuttings and seeds. Vegetative method is the easiest and most acceptable option. Cuttings can be all year round. To do this, choose a mature process or a large leaf, separate it from the parent plant and leave it to dry for 1-2 days.

Money tree cuttings

Rooted cuttings in water or in the ground. In the container with water, pre-add charcoal for disinfection. The stalk will take root within 14-20 days.

When rooting in the ground in the prepared pot is placed drainage and add a substrate of garden soil and sand in equal proportions. Planted stalk cover jar or glass. Every day it is necessary to ventilate the sapling. Water it in small portions or spray the earth with a spray bottle as it dries.

Seed propagation rarely used at home due to the time-consuming and painstaking care. This process is performed as follows:

• Crockery for sowing pick clay without glaze, which prevents air and moisture exchange,

• The soil for sowing is made up of equal or proportional soil or garden soil,

• Crassula seeds are small. After sowing, they are sprinkled with sand,

• A bowl with seedlings covered with film or glass,

• Airing plantings daily (soil should be wet but not wet)

• Emerged shoots dive and put in a well-managed place,

• When the seedlings grow to 5-7 cm, they are transplanted into separate pots.

Krassoule Transplant

A jerky is transplanted as the coma of the earth is woven once every two to three years. To do it better in the spring by transfer. Pots should be used wide and stable, as the ground part of the plant is quite massive and heavy, and the root system is weak. Be sure to at the bottom of the new pot make drainage to prevent rotting of the roots.

Money tree - home care: watering, feeding, lighting, humidity

Location and lighting

The fat woman, like all succulents, needs a bright and diffused light. To do this, the plant is placed on the south-western and south-eastern windows.

In winter, on the contrary, they rearrange the pots with Crassula on the southern side or use additional lighting, otherwise, when there is a shortage of light, the plant will be pulled out and the leaves will become smaller.

In the summer, she will enjoy the fresh air on the balcony or terrace. At the same time it is necessary to ensure shading from direct sunlight.


The root system of the money tree is small and sensitive to waterlogging, and the crown due to the accumulation of moisture in the leaves is quite weighty. Pots should be selected based on these features of the plant. For the sustainability of fatty meat, the landing tanks should be wide, shallow, heavy with drain holes. Drainage from expanded clay or clay shards is obligatory.

Temperature conditions

In spring and summer, the optimum temperature for the bastard will be + 19-25ºС. In autumn and winter, the plant will be comfortable at + 14-17ºС. Therefore, it must be moved away from the central heating radiators. Maintaining such a regime helps to stimulate the flowering of the money tree.

Air humidity

The fat woman is not demanding of air humidity, but her sharp fluctuations affect the appearance of the plant: the leaves will turn yellow and begin to fall. Spray crassula on hot summer days for hygienic purposes - wash off the dust. In other seasons, you can wipe the leaves with a soft, damp sponge.


Money tree easily transfers rare watering due to moisture reserves in fleshy leaves. Excessive soil moisture leads to decay of the root system. In the spring-summer season, Krassoul is watered once every 3-5 days. At the same time, the earthen room should dry up to half. In winter, 1-2 watering a month is sufficient. Water used for irrigation is separated at room temperature.

The soil

The fat woman can grow even on nutrient poor soil. For its cultivation is best suited ready-made mixture for cacti and succulents, which can be purchased at a flower shop. If this is not possible, then it is made from sod or leaf earth, sand and humus (4: 1: 1).

Top dressing

Crassula is fed monthly in spring and summer with fertilizers for cacti. They do it only after watering, otherwise it is likely to burn the roots. In the cold season, fertilizing is reduced to half the recommended dose in the instructions.

Trimming and Pinching

In order for the money tree to please its lush crown, it is necessary to do the pinching of the shoots. This procedure is quite simple: 3-4 pairs of leaves are left on the stem of a young bastard, the rest is pinch off. A branch will begin at this point later.

If they are pruned to an adult grown-up plant, the cuts are made straight along the node (in the place where the leaves grow) and treated with charcoal. For even development of the crown, the potty potty is turned from time to time.

Money tree - care at home: why not grow and die?

With proper care, fatty meat is rarely affected by pests. Among them, the most frequent uninvited guests of the Krassula are the scythe, the mealybug, the spider mite, the aphid.

Defeat of the shield characterized by the appearance on the leaves of yellow-brown spots. Affected areas are rubbed with an alcohol solution with an interval of 5-7 days.

When appearing spider mite the leaves turn yellow at first, then a brown peel forms on them. The insects themselves are noticeable - they are small reddish-brown spiders. To combat them, the plants are sprayed with soapy water, and in case of severe damage by insecticides (Fitoverm, Fufanon, Karate).

Mealybug wash off the leaves with a sponge dipped in garlic tincture or alcohol. If the roots are damaged, the plant is shed by Mospilan, Fitoverm or Vermitek.

Much more harm to the money tree brings the wrong care.

If the money tree stopped growing, it is necessary to find out the reason: inspect the root system for the presence of rot, pests. When a young plant stops growing, it is transplanted into a small pot: until the whole earthen ball is mastered by the roots, the ground portion of the fat man will not grow.

Lack of lighting causes the plant to be pulled out, its stems become bent, leaves shrink and fall off.

If the fat woman is worth in direct sunlight, then leaf burns are inevitable - they turn black.

Excessive soil moisture - One of the most dangerous factors in the death of Krassula. The leaves at the same time change their color (darken), become lethargic, fall off. Root rotting begins, the signs of which are the appearance of a white-pink bloom on the root collar and softening of the trunk.

In this case, you need to examine the root system of the plant. If it is not completely damaged and healthy roots are preserved, then the plant is transplanted into a new pot. At the same time, the rotten parts are removed to healthy tissue and powdered with charcoal wounds.

If the plant all withers away early, then the only option is to cut the cuttings and grow the plants again.

Moisture deficiency and prolonged heat also cause foliage leaf fall. The leaves frown and dry, becoming flat, brown spots appear on them. When resuming the correct mode of watering the plant is restored.

Did the leaves turn red, or did a clear red border appear on them? This phenomenon, with the exception of varietal characteristics, is characteristic of long-term and bright illumination (often observed in spring). To plant again turned green, it must be removed away from the window.

Krassula does not bloom? For home plants, this is normal. In indoor cultivation, the fatty meat rarely pleases with its flowering. For this, she must be at least 10 years old.

It is also necessary to provide a winter dormant period with a decrease in air temperature and restriction of irrigation.

Some flower growers, using the well-known fact that when a threat of death occurs, the plant begins to multiply rapidly, to stimulate flowering, she is under stressful conditions (improper air temperature, long absence of watering).

Succulents: money tree

Money Tree (Crassula or Jade) is one of the most common succulent plants. There is a belief that the cultivation of money tree in the house brings wealth to the owners in finance. Like it or not, and care for the money tree brings pleasure and benefit, since all the succulents purify the air from excess carbon dioxide.

Like most succulents, the reproduction of the money tree is carried out in two main ways: seeds and cuttings. Reproduction of money tree by cutting is the simplest and most convenient option with a high percentage of rooting.

As a cutting, take a ripened process or just a large leaf of a tree, set it aside for a few days to dry. Rooting cuttings of money tree spend in the water, after adding to it charcoal for disinfection. The stalk will give roots within 2-3 weeks.

If rooting is carried out in the ground - mix the soil with sand in equal parts and use drainage. Planting cover with a can and air every day for 5-15 minutes.

Reproduction of money tree seeds is a long, but fascinating process. Prepare moisture-and air-tight dishes, soil mixed with sand in equal proportions. Sprinkle the seeds onto the soil without a depression, sprinkle with a layer of sand on top.

Cover the pot with a glass jar or plastic wrap. Harden sprouts every day, opening the greenhouse for 5 minutes, gradually increasing the time to 15 minutes. As soon as sprouts appear, dive them and put them in a well-lit place.

Spread out in individual pots when the shoots reach 7 cm in height.

Consider more care for the money tree.

  • Like all succulents, the money tree loves bright and lasting illumination. The window sill of the southwest or southeast window will become an ideal location for the bastard. In winter, transfer the plant to the south window, and add light phytolamps. But in the summer be careful, protect the plant from direct sunlight.
  • The right pot for the money tree: wide, low, heavy, with drainage holes. This is due to the weak root system and the heavy ground part of the plant.
  • The optimal temperature for the money tree ranges from 18-25 degrees, in winter it drops to 15-17 degrees. Do not place the flower near the radiator. The level of air humidity is not as important for a plant as its stability. Avoid sudden drops.
  • Insufficient watering of the money tree is less dangerous than excess. From spring to autumn, water the plant 1 time in 4-5 days, in winter - no more than 1-2 times a month.
  • Feed the money tree according to the instructions for fertilizers for cacti, in the winter, reduce the dose to half of that.
  • For the cultivation of abundant crown is required to pinch the money tree. The procedure is quick and simple: when 3 pairs of leaves grow on the shoot, pinch the tip over the third pair, branching of the shoot begins at this point.
  • Repot the money tree no more than once every 2-3 years. Use the transshipment method.

With proper care, the money tree rarely affects pests. However, the most common for this plant is the scythe, spider mite, mealybug. If you find a characteristic change on the tree, remove the affected shoots and treat the tree with insecticide.

More often, a money tree falls ill without receiving the necessary care. Stopping the growth of the ground part of the tree indicates the presence of rot or pests on the roots, or too loose a pot: until the roots fill the pot, ground shoots will not grow. Extracting leaves occurs when there is a lack of lighting.

Direct sunlight causes burns - black spots on the leaves.

A frequent cause of the death of the money tree is a surplus of moisture. The leaves become sluggish and fall off, a white patina appears on the basal neck, indicating rotting of the roots. In this case, inspect the root system of the money tree.

If you find healthy roots, plant them in a new ground. If the roots can not be saved, take the cuttings from the plant, plant in the ground for rooting.

Brown spots on the leaves indicate a lack of moisture, and the red border indicates an excess of lighting.

The rules for growing money trees are simple, but following them is important for the abundant and healthy growth of the plant.

How to plant jade

How to grow a money tree knows almost every florist. To do this, select the appropriate method of breeding fatty.

There are three options:

  1. grafting (shoots)
  2. leaves
  3. seeds.

Vegetative reproduction is most popular - cuttings and leaves. The first of them is considered the most productive, since the processes are easily rooted.

Before you start the breeding of the bastard at home, you need to prepare for this process: choose a pot for the plant, stock up on suitable soil.

Growing at home

In order for the money tree in your apartment to feel at home, it should provide brightbut not too intense natural light.

On the southern windows, especially in summer, the plant will have to be shaded or set aside somewhat deeper into the room, it is even better to put a jersey on the balcony - however, here we must take care that the plant is not located in the sun.


The best spring and summer crassula temperature range - 20-25 degrees.

In the autumn the temperature decreases, and in winter period well place the plant where enough light but temperature does not rise above 15 degrees and does not drop to plus four.

Sharp temperature jumps, like drafts, harm crassule.

The main requirements for the composition of the soil for the successful cultivation of money trees: good water and air permeability, weakly acid reaction, sufficient nutrition. You can use several variants of such soil mixtures.

Ready "cactus" soil.

Universal soil with a generous dose - up to a third of the volume - washed river sand.

A mixture of turf and leaf land, as well as peat and sand (all components are equally) with brick chips and pieces of charcoal. For old plants, the content of turf land is doubled.

Peat mixed with sand in a 1: 1 ratio is used for rooting in vegetative propagation.

At the bottom of a shallow, but wide enough container, before filling it with soil mixture, be sure to place a significant drainage layer (minimum thickness - 2 cm).

An inhabitant of semi-deserts who store water in fleshy stems and well-fed leaves will not benefit from an abundance of moisture.

When caring for fatty need moderate wateringwhose frequency varies seasonally.

In spring and summerIn the period of active growth, this succulent is watered. once or twice a weekPaying attention to the state of the soil substrate: after the ground has dried from above, it is not watered immediately, but after 2-3 days.

AT autumn and winterWhen kept in a cool place, the bastard is watered even less often, two to once a month, while avoiding wrinkling leaves.

If wintering is warm, water will be needed more often.

In all cases, watering is good. distilled water at room temperature.

Periodically foliar leaves should be free from dustwhile they can be sprayed and then wiped or rinsed under a shower, protecting the soil in the container from ingress of excess moisture.

The fat woman needs feeding only in the period of active development of the stems and foliage - from April to August inclusive.

In these spring and summer months twice a week The plant should be fed with a complex mixture for succulents and cacti.

You can apply and complex fertilizer for home floriculture, but be sure with reduced nitrogen content. An excess of nitrogenous compounds, first, causes an intensive growth of green mass and overdeveloped side shoots can break off from their own weight. Secondly, nitrogen compounds in combination with moisture reduce the resistance of succulents to rot.

Fertilizer is better after watering, on wet ground.

In the autumn-winter period, succulent, especially at low temperatures, is practically not fed.

Crassula blooming at home is an infrequent phenomenon.

Usually mature plants flourish, starting from seven to ten years.

There is also an observation that there is a relationship between flowering and the time of planting the cutting from which succulent is grown: early-spring cuttings of the money tree produce flowering specimens, while summer ones do not.

To stimulate budding, some growers apply stress effects on crassula: contain it in the winter with the minimum permissible humidity and extremely low temperatures (about plus six degrees)

Diseases and pests

In itself, the money tree is resistant to diseases, like any lasting succulent. The main danger is excess moisture especially when watering with cold water.
Then the leaves turn pale and hang, fungal infections join and the stems rot at the base. Especially dangerous rotting in the root area.
If such a process has started, in order to save a copy, you need to cut off a healthy tip and root it in a separate container with fresh soil, get rid of everything else and then strictly follow the irrigation regime.

Excess sun leaves burns on the leaves - brown drying spots appear on them. Succulents should be pritenit or rearranged, remove affected leaves.

If there are not many of them, you can remove the cheeks one by one, using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. A radical means of destroying these insects - systemic insecticides. Very rarely there are repeated massive lesions of the bruises, for which the last remedy remains: to keep a healthy root for rooting, to destroy everything else, to sanitize the pot and to wash the window sill well.


Hardy, viable succulent breeds in almost all possible ways: seeds, individual leaves, cuttings and processes.

Bullocks are sown in early spring into shallow clay plates with drainage holes filled with a wetted mixture of leafy earth and sand in a 2: 1 ratio.

Sown plates are covered with glass or plastic film, kept at a temperature of 15-18 degrees, aired daily, ajar for 15-20 minutes, and maintain soil moisture by spraying.

Shoots appear usually in two weeks.

After the formation of the first pair of leaves, the seedlings are seated at a distance of at least a centimeter from each other, and when they reach a height of 5-7 cm they are settled in separate "apartments".

This method of reproduction of fatty girls at home is quite laborious and is mainly used by breeders interested in obtaining the hybrid forms of these succulents.


Still, how to grow a money tree? A money tree can grow from a single leaf. This is especially convenient for those who believe in miracles and sneak a thick, developed piece of money from the money tree in the house of a rich person.

Separated from the plant leaf need hang in the shade during the day, and then rooted.

there is rooting in several ways Crassula leaf.

The first, simplest: put on the moistened surface of the soil and wait until thin white hairs of the roots appear on the lower side of the leaf facing the ground, and grains of future buds appear on the outer side of the leaf. The soil should not dry out, for this you can arrange a greenhouse made of polyethylene film, which should be ventilated daily.

You can put the lower end of the sheet in root solution, and after the appearance of the roots, plant it in a shallow dish with a lightweight substrate and cover with plastic wrap. "Greenhouse" regularly air. Then, as it grows, place it in a shallow pot with a standard soil mix for Crassula.

In addition, the leaf takes root and just in the waterTo which carbon powder is added to prevent rotting. The next steps — sequential planting into the soil — are described above.

Money tree easily and willingly propagated by cuttings.

Part of a developed stem is optimal for such breeding. 10-12 cm long. Cuttings can be the tip of the succulent, which must be saved from rotting roots or pest invasions, and parts cut off during crown formation.

After separation from the parent stem, the stalks with the lower leaves removed dry for a day or two, depending on its thickness.

Therefore, if carried out rooting in water crushed coal and / or a root formation stimulator must be added to it.

Roots are formed in two weeks, after which the stalk is planted, about half deep, in a shallow pot 5–7 cm in diameter with a drainage layer and the corresponding soil. Cover with a plastic cup. This greenhouse is ventilated, the soil is moistened, and after the formation of new shoots the glass is removed.

To avoid problems with excess water, many growers Immediately put the cutting in the soil mixture, bypassing the water stage of rooting - and, as a rule, this method is also successful.


A fat woman, focused on survival in harsh conditions, semi-deserts by all means available to her, she prepares herself for “landing” on the ground processes with aerial roots.

So all the same, how to plant a scion of a money tree? These roots, originally white, dry out after a while, but the processes still do not lose their vitality and can be, after separation from the mother plant, planted into the soil with fresh roots - then the process of the money tree will take root faster and with dried in this case, the same methods are used as in reproduction by cuttings and leaves.

The money tree (Crassula, Crassoule) demonstrates an amazing willingness to produce new and new viable specimens, which, under suitable conditions, develop into magnificent plants.

It remains to hope that the feng shui masters know what they say when they draw a parallel between the fatty leaflet abundantly dotted with brilliant green leaves and the inexhaustible cash flow in the household of its owner.

Next you can see a photo of the Money Tree:


The fat woman, or Crassula, is a member of the succulent genus. It is an ornamental leafy plant, although at home it blooms very rarely. Africa is the birthplace of the money tree. There are several varieties of it in the wild nature of hot countries. The most common among lovers of indoor flowers in our country is the wood bastard (Crassula arborescens) and the bastard silvery (Crassula argentea). About how this plant looks like, how to plant a money tree, we learn from the next part of the article.


Tolstyanka its structure resembles a tree. While the plant is young, its trunk is green. Over time, it becomes covered with a thin layer of bark and becomes gray in color, like any other tree. The leaves are fleshy and dense. This is explained by the fact that, like all succulents, this type of plant in them collects a reserve of moisture. The color of the leaves of Crassula is dark green with a silvery sheen. Their shape is oval or round, which is associated with coins, which, in fact, explains the popular name of the plant. On the leaves of the fatty grass, on the edge of them, from time to time there appear small processes with roots. They can be removed and transplanted into the ground. If this is not done, the processes fall under the stem and independently take root at the foot of the plant. How to plant sprouts money tree? All recommendations on this are given below. Read and find out.

Breeding features

Thick meat can be diluted in several ways: cuttings, leaves and seeds. The latter method is the most laborious. As already mentioned, this plant very rarely blooms at home, therefore, collecting seeds from it is almost impossible. But even if you succeed in this, it will be even more troublesome to sprout them. But if you really want to get Crassoul from seeds, try it. When you invest a certain amount of time, effort, patience and diligence, your work will produce its results - a small green cutting that will later become a large and beautiful tree. A fat woman grown from seeds with your caring hands will surely bring happiness and wealth to the house.

It is much easier to propagate a money tree with sprouts or leaves, which is recommended for novice gardeners. We talk about the rules for performing these procedures in detail below.

How to plant sprouts money tree: a guide to action

So, in your hands you have a fresh cut twig of a bastard or a leaf from it. What to do next? You can immediately put them in a prepared pot. But in order to know for sure that the plant will take root, it is better to put the process in a container with clean water and wait until it leaves roots.

The soil for planting crassula buy one that is recommended for cacti.Or universal. You can cook it yourself. To do this, you will need turfy ground and sand (1 part each), leafy ground (3 parts), on a pinch of humus, ashes and brick dust. All of these components are thoroughly mixed and poured into a pot at the bottom of which lies the drainage.

The pot is desirable to prepare a ceramic or clay, but if not, they can be used and plastic. It is better to choose a large and deep container so that the root system develops well and is able to hold a rather heavy plant.

How to plant sprouts money tree? At the bottom of the tank, where there is already a drain, sprinkle the soil (1/2 piece). Place the sprouts of the money tree in the container. Holding them with one hand, the second fall asleep around the ground. Make sure that the sapling, if it is alone, is in the middle of the pot. Planting several shoots at once in a long container, place them at the same distance from each other. When the shoot is planted, water it at room temperature.

If you didn’t germinate a whole cutting, but a leaf, or you want to plant a “baby” that fell from an adult plant, then you put all the prepared earth in a pot and then make a small depression in it. Place a small process there and sprinkle with earth. How to plant a money tree, you have learned. Next, we deal with the rules of care.

Recommendations for growing

In the warm season it is necessary to water Crassoul often. In winter, they do this as the soil dries out, about once a month. Take care not to overdo it with water, because an excess of moisture will cause the plant to begin to rot from under the root and die. It is not necessary to splash a jade every day, but it is necessary to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth once a week.

The temperature in the room where the plant is located, should be no higher than 22 degrees. The fat woman loves the light, but at the same time it should be protected from the direct rays of the sun.

Signs and superstitions

In order to plant a money tree, everything is clear. Next, we are talking about popular beliefs associated with this plant. One of them is as follows. To save luck and money in the house, you can not give away a plant grown by your hands to a stranger. True or not, no one can say for sure. Opinions of people on this issue are divided. Some confirm this fact, citing the fact that they have already checked the effect of the signs on their own experience. Others say that if you give a bollard to a person with all your heart, then you will be rewarded with even greater happiness and wealth for your kindness and generosity. Therefore, whether it is possible to give shoots of the money tree is up to you to decide. If you think about the gift in the form of this plant in advance, then you can specifically plant the cutting and grow it to the desired date. From this your own little tree will not suffer, and in your house wealth and good fortune will not lose.

Money Tree: Flower Description

Money Tree belongs to the genus of succulents and has more than 350 species. Its botanical name is Crassula (lat. Crassula). In translation, “crassus” means “thick,” therefore, in a different way, the flower is called Fatty.

  • Appearance corresponds to the name: a thick short trunk holds a lush green mass consisting of fragile branches and fleshy dense leafy plates of oval shape, which are located at right angles to each other. Glossy emerald green leaves 3-7 cm in size resemble coins.
  • While the tree is young, it has a grassy green trunk. As it grows, gray bark appears on it, it becomes powerful, stable, able to hold a large number of crown branches.
  • In nature, the Money Tree grows in South Africa, Madagascar and other places in the Southern Hemisphere. Under natural conditions, it reaches a height of 3 m, in the home - its size varies from a few cm to 1.5 m.
  • Blossoms very rarely, but plentifully. This usually happens at 5-7 years of age with careful care, observance of a certain temperature and humidity conditions and lighting. Flowers delicate, small, white, yellow or pink, collected in inflorescences, exude a sweetish sugary aroma. It is believed that if Crassula has blossomed, then this will bring to owners a huge material abundance and fulfillment of their cherished desires.

Money tree as a talisman to attract money

Crassula is grown not only as a beautiful ornamental plant, many believe that it brings wealth. It's no wonder that they call it the Money Tree.

To make happy hopes come true, you must follow the rules:

  • Tree can not buy, accept as a gift, you need to grow it yourself.
  • Planting material to extract unnoticedby pinching a bone or leaf without the knowledge of the owner.
  • The money tree should be developed in the "right" atmosphere: when it is impossible to swear, make trouble, shout, utter harsh words. From this it hurts, grows poorly, the leaves fall. And if you suddenly die, the owner will suffer financial losses.
  • When planting, you need to put coins into the ground., decorate the leaves and branches with red or gold ribbon. The numbers 6 and 8 will help to activate the magical powers. That is the number of coins placed on the bottom of the pot and the ribbons are hung on the branches.
  • Red Chinese lanterns are placed near the Money Tree to attract energy.
  • The plant pot is placed on the southeast side of the room.This part is responsible for monetary well-being.

Selection of planting material

The most common method is reproduction by cuttings:

  • To do this, a sharp knife cut off a strong smooth process with several leaves or a large leaf. Place the cut sprinkled with powder of activated carbon, dried at room temperature for 2-3 days.
  • Then planted in the soil, watered, covered with a glass jar to maintain a certain humidity. Sapling air out every day.
  • Rooting will take 3-4 weeks. You can first put the process without roots in water with the addition of "root" and put in a shaded place. With the advent of roots plant it in the ground.
  • With the leaf used for breeding, do the same. It gives the roots as quickly as the stalk, but a process from the leaf bosom appears after 2 months. This method is used less frequently because it is more durable. In addition, the sheet, planted in the ground, comes into contact with it and can rot, therefore, insulating material is laid between them.

A variety of breeding leaf is a way of germinating "kids." These are leaves with thin rootlets, formed on an adult bush. They fall to the ground and root themselves. It is necessary to carefully take a rooted leaf together with a small lump of earth or rip it from the mother plant and plant it in a separate container.

Soil selection

Money tree grows well on any soil. You can buy ready-made soil in the store. Any universal land will do; the best option is a mix for cacti and succulents.

Soils should have the following properties:

  • loose, light, porous,
  • slightly acidic, close to neutral (ph 6.3-6.8),
  • should not contain water-retaining components such as peat, moss.

If you can not buy ready-made soil, it is easy to do it yourself.

This will require:

  • turf ground (part 1),
  • calcined coarse sand (1 part),
  • leaf earth (3 parts),
  • on a handful of humus, broken brick, ash.

All components are thoroughly mixed.

In which pot to plant a money tree?

Housewives who are beginning to transplant a tree sprout are wondering - in which pot to transplant it?

At the initial stage of development, young Tolstyanka are planted in small pots with a diameter of 5-7 cm. They can be both ceramic and plastic. As it develops, the trunk thickens, the green ground part grows.

The root system of the Money Tree is superficial, and the crown is massive, so it is important to ensure plant stability when choosing a pot. A plastic pot for a large bush is not the best option, it is too light and can roll over.

When to plant Fatty?

In the fall and winter, growth grows at the Money Tree, it “hibernates”. Therefore, January and February are not the best months for landing. ATIn the whole life processes begin to be activated, and from the end of April to August it can be planted in the soil.

Folk omens attach great importance to landing in accordance with the lunar calendar. This affects the survival rate, rooting and development of the plant. After the new moon come favorable days for planting. Early in the morning on the "growing" moon Fatty planted in the ground.

How to plant a money tree?

Money tree is usually planted in a separate pot, gradually forming the trunk and crown. To create original compositions, sometimes several trunks are placed in one wide container.

The main thing is to arrange them at such a distance so that the roots do not intertwine, and in the process of forming, cut off the branches so that they do not interfere with each other.

When planting, you must follow certain rules:

  • At the bottom of the selected pot lay out a layer of drainage 2-3 cm high. Usually use expanded clay, walnut shells, broken bricks, shards.
  • Drain the prepared soil to half capacity.
  • Put the plant in the center.
  • Add ground, falling asleep roots. Radical neck should not be deeply buried.
  • Sprinkle with warm, settled water.
  • If necessary, add more land.

How to plant a money tree for feng shui?

In order for the Money Tree to endow its owner with wealth, the rules of Feng Shui prescribe a special ritual during landing that attracts the energy of money.

For this you need:

  • Take a shoot from successful people with good material condition. So the Money Tree will immediately have the necessary energy.
  • The flower is planted on the “growing” moon early on Wednesday or Friday. The moon grows - income grows.
  • The color of the pot should be black, red, green, brown. Suppose gold and silver color. This palette corresponds to the energies of earth and metal.
  • In the soil under the roots you need to put eight identical coins up the emblem.
  • To water with water in which there were gold or silver products. During the watering conspire. It is necessary to say: “You bloom, and I grow in wealth. You flourish, I - not know the grief. "
  • Plant put on the southeast. The fat woman does not like direct sunlight, therefore the best lighting for her is partial shade.

How to care for the money tree to attract money?

Here are some rules of care:

  • The tree should grow in a relaxed, welcoming environment..
  • It is necessary to care for him with pleasure and love. Do not entrust care to anyone, the plant should know one owner who owes his life and who should thank.
  • You need to talk to him, ask for help to improve well-being, turn the different parts to the light.
  • The room should be clean, quiet. There should be no rubbish, garbage, unnecessary things near the fat woman.
  • With leaves you need to regularly wipe the dust with a damp cloth.This allows energy to circulate better.
  • Do not put a money tree near the cactus. This prickly guardian will not allow any energies into his territory, even those who promise wealth.
  • When he grows up, decorate his branches with oriental coins with holes, in which the red ribbon has been passed, with beads, beads. You can also put paper money, but not twisted, but new and straight.
  • Do not place near water, such as with an aquarium.. Water extinguishes the fiery energy of money.
  • When the money starts to come, near the tree you need to put the dragon, guarding the welfare.

Money tree transplant

Over time, the pot in which the Money Tree grows becomes cramped for the roots, the soil is depleted, it loses nutrients and there is a need to transplant. The first three years during the period of intensive growth transplant is needed every year. After three years - once in 3 years.

If the Money Tree is purchased in a store and is located in a shipping container, then it is transplanted 2 to 3 weeks after purchase. During this time, it adapts to new conditions, microclimate, illumination and will easily transfer the transplant to a stationary container.

The transplanting pot should not be too big. In a disproportionate capacity, the root system will develop to the detriment of the ground portion. It is advisable to transplant in a pot that is 2 cm in diameter larger than the previous one. You need to do this in spring or summer, when the plant is in the active phase of development.

Instructions on how to transplant the Money Tree:

  • Water well to soften earthy coma.. This will facilitate the removal process from the tank.
  • Prepare a clay or ceramic pot larger diameter.
  • At the bottom put a drainage height of 2 cm. If the plant is large, then as a drainage it is better to take a broken brick. It is heavier than expanded clay and will give additional stability to the tank.
  • Pour a layer of sand and soil on top of the drainage.
  • Take out the Money Tree with a lump of earth from the pot. To do this, go around the perimeter of the pot with a sharp object (spatula or knife) to the full depth, separating the ground with the root system from the walls.
  • To free the root system from the old land is not necessary. It can be slightly cleaned with a pointed wooden stick, removing easily crumbling old soil. If the roots are too large and penetrate into the drain hole of the previous pot, they are slightly pruned.
  • Prepared plant put exactly in the center of the new pot. There should be enough soil on the bottom so that the root neck is at the same level as in the previous pot.
  • Pour the land around the circumference of the pot, pour. If as a result of watering the land subsided, add to the desired level.

What if the Money Tree broke?

Too big a sprout should not be torn off, because the tree itself can be damaged. If you are afraid to apply weed to the bastard after the break, the place where the tree broke has to be sprinkled with charcoal.

In addition, it is necessary to observe all the conditions of planting the plant so that the tree will surely take root and contribute to the improvement of the well-being of its owner.

Planting and growing a Money Tree is easy and easy for everyone. It is only necessary to know certain rules, rituals and follow them. Then it will bring its owner material stability, will delight with its appearance and decorate the interior of any room.

Pot selection

It is desirable that the container was clay or ceramic, but you can use plastic. Be sure to pay attention to the presence of drainage holes.

You should not immediately sprout or plant a leaf in a large pot, while the root system will grow excessively, and the ground part will weaken and stretch. As a result, the tree does not grow bushy, moreover, it can be one-sided.

The most suitable will be a wide, but low capacity. Its depth is no more than 10 cm, diameter is 20 cm. In about two years, the supply will not be enough, the roots will completely fill the pot. At this time, the plant must be moved to a new pot.

Soil for planting bastard

The money tree will normally grow and develop only in specially prepared ground. Even well-fertilized garden soil is not suitable for him. You can, of course, buy in the store a special blend for indoor flowers and propagate the money tree in it. But it is better to make it yourself.

First of all, drainage is poured at the bottom of the tank: small pebbles, expanded clay, you can add small twigs, moss.

The second step is the compilation of optimal soil.The composition should be as follows:

  • Coarse sand - 1 part,
  • Peat - 1 part,
  • Leaf soil - 1 part,
  • Turf soil - 3 parts,
  • Mineral fertilizers - 1 g per 1 l of soil.

Soil should be mixed thoroughly and fill them with capacity.

Grow a money tree, or how to multiply it? Photo and video

To your the money tree, also known as cholstyanka or crassula, developed well even when grown from a single leaf, you need to take into account its main features.

First of all, the fatty meat is succulent, that is, the inhabitant of arid areas, in this case African, Madagascar and Arabian, specialized in the accumulation of water in their tissues.

Consequently, intensive watering such a plant is not only unnecessary, but extremely harmful.

In those desert lands where succulents grow in the wild, a lot of sun - and at home content it must be considered.

There is and optimum temperatureassociated with weather conditions typical for native places.

In general, the plant belongs to unpretentious pets.

How to successfully propagate the money tree at home

Before you figure out how to plant a money tree, each grower should learn the basic rules, which you can’t do without if you want to grow this flower in your own home. The process of reproduction of Crassula will be successful if you provide the following conditions for it in advance:

  • It is advisable to place the flower in a pot in a well-lit place in the apartment. The best choice for the grower - Western or Eastern windows. It is not necessary to put the junkie in direct sunlight, because excessively bright light is contraindicated in plants. To prevent the appearance of burns on the leaves can be, pritenaya stem in the hot summer days. But in the winter, do not leave a money tree without lighting. It must be placed in a bright corner of the house. Do not forget to turn the flower pot occasionally. In this case, the fatty soup will evenly absorb nutrients and be saturated with sunlight,
  • moisten the plant should be moderate. Otherwise, its rhizome will begin to actively rot. From time to time, monitor the status of the flower. If leaves suddenly fall off from it, or the plates are covered with brown spots, it means that you have gone too far with moisture. To prevent the sad consequences, even at the landing stage, take care of the presence of drainage in the flowerpot. In this case, do not forget to defend water for several days before the next irrigation. Liquid from the tap contains too many chlorine elements, therefore, it will not be suitable for humidifying Crassula,
  • planting fatty should be carried out in the ground with a low density. Universal substrate or ground for succulents - the best choice for any grower,
  • be engaged in the formation of the crown and thus stimulate the flower to grow the vegetative mass,
  • to propagate and replant shoots is recommended not too often, otherwise cause serious damage to the plant.

Reproduction of homemade bastard will bear fruit if you can create favorable conditions for its growth in your home.

Main ways

How to plant and germinate a sprout of a money tree is a question that flower growers probably have when they have this flower in their flower collection.

This plant can be diluted at home by several methods at once: using cuttings, leaves or seed.

Let us consider the features and advantages of each technique in order to make a competent choice as a result and successfully grow a sweetie.

How to grow a money tree from a process - flower growers are ready to resort to this method more often, because it quickly brings its fruits.If your crassula is already about 3 years old, you can safely cut the stalk from its stem without fear of causing significant harm to it.

First of all, inspect the flower and take the shoots, which are present air roots. If any, the plant will be able to root pretty quickly. The optimal length of the stalk is 10 cm. It must be strong and healthy in appearance: sluggish specimens are unlikely to take root in water or soil.

If desired, cut off the top of the trunk, which can also be planted in a separate container.

The procedure for the reproduction of crassula using cuttings is carried out in the following mode:

  • first make a cut of the appendix between its segments, it is not difficult to see them on the branch,
  • Obtain the obtained cuttings with antiseptic, and then leave for a few hours so that they can dry well,
  • before planting the sprout in the pot, pour a little drainage to the bottom so that there is no moisture stagnation thereafter,
  • fill the tank with earth with the addition of a small amount of sand,
  • Sprinkle sprouts on top of the sand - then the water will not evaporate too quickly.

If desired, plant several shoots next to each other. It will be possible to arrange these cuttings in individual flowerpots when they are sufficiently strengthened.

With the help of leaves

The reproduction of a young money tree can be carried out not only by cutting, but also with the help of leaflets. Implementing this method is not difficult. To get started, look at your plant and select the bottom sheets.

Cut them off, then leave them in the open air for at least a day. The next stage is soaking in the growth stimulator.

In this case, it is very important that you immerse in the solution not only the leaf process, but also the plate itself (0.5 cm).

Some growers prefer to root the blunt leaves in a mixture of peat and sand. Even moistened moss is used for this purpose. After disembarking, cover the processes with glass or film for the first few weeks. This will create a greenhouse effect. From time to time, air the leaves, and do not forget to spray them. Soon they will begin to release roots.

To plant and propagate a flower with leaves and twigs is much easier than grains. As a rule, seed material is used in case you want to replenish your collection with new varieties. However, please note: this technology will require a lot of time and effort from you.

Sow grains in nutrient soil composition. Top of them must cover with a glass jar or film. Almost every day after rooting seed will need to be aired and also sprayed with water.

Knowing how to cut and replant a money tree, as well as look after it, you can diversify your home flower collection and decorate your own home.

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How to propagate a money tree at home, how to plant a process, methods of propagation by cuttings and leaves

The money tree has long become a popular indoor plant and, according to the name, is of interest to every hostess. This flower promises help in wealth and well-being, which means you need to keep it in proper form and be able to reproduce at home. The easiest way to propagate the fatty, properly planting the process.

Description of the money tree

Crassula and sweetie are other names for the money tree whose natural habitat is South Africa.

The money tree will eventually need support

Quite unpretentious plant has a number of features:

  • The fat woman does not like overmoistening of the soil.
  • The plant does not tolerate heavy soil and improperly chosen pot.
  • The money tree needs the formation of a crown - pinching the leaves.
  • The plant reacts poorly to frequent fertilization.
  • The fat woman can not be put in the shade.

How to propagate Crassula cuttings

The easiest and fastest way to grow the money tree is by cuttings. It is not difficult even for a novice gardener. You must perform a series of sequential actions.

    It is enough to break off a twig from a well-formed plant, and the cutting is ready. The shoot should choose a vertical form, so that a beautiful tree will grow in the future. The optimal size of the cutting is from 5 to 10 cm.

At the cutting you need to cut off the lower leaves

  • The lower leaves of the stalk need to break off, in their place subsequently formed roots. At the same time, if the process already has air roots, then the rooting process will go faster. However, their presence is not necessary.
  • Prepared cuttings placed in a glass of water. To speed up the process, you can use a root formation stimulator, for example, Zircon, by adding 4 drops of the drug per 1 liter of water (according to the instructions). The glass should be transparent, and it is desirable to place it on the windowsill on the sunny side. Water needs to be changed, and within 10–14 days, the germ will have roots.
  • Approximately in 2 weeks the processes of fatty roots will give roots

    Rooting in the ground

    Crassula stalk can be rooted directly in the ground:

    1. In a prepared cutting, powder the cut area with charcoal and leave the process for a day to dry in the open air.
    2. Pour a layer of expanded clay into a small container with a drainage hole. Prepare a soil mix for planting: mix equal quantities of garden soil and sand. Pour the soil into the container.
    3. In the center of the pot make a groove with a pencil (3-4 cm) and place a cutting in it. The earth around the shoot a little tamped and moisten the soil from the spray. Water the sprout with distilled water as the soil dries.
    4. The cutting will take root in 2–3 weeks, and a transplant to a more spacious container is recommended after six months.

    After a few months, the cuttings will need to be transplanted into another container.

    How to plant a scion

    1. Lay a drainage layer on the bottom of the pot.
    2. Pour nutrient soil. It can be replaced with garden soil mixed with sand in half. In this case, it is better to sanitize the soil in a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
    3. In the center of the earth coma make a small depression in which to place the cutting.

  • Level the ground and lightly tamp.
  • For planting, you need to choose the right pot: it should not be selected for future use, taking into account the future size of the adult plant, and it is better to plant in a small container with a diameter of 7-10 cm. So the money tree will have the opportunity to quickly take root and grow.

    After a year it can already be transplanted into a large pot.

    It is not recommended to plant the plant immediately in a large pot.

    Growing from a leaflet

    A fairly simple way to reproduce is growing a money tree from a leaf.

      You can cut any sheet or take fallen, but it should not be old and flabby. Any leaf bastard will do.

    For rooting fit any sheet

  • Place it in a shallow container with water until the middle and wait for the roots to appear.
  • Plant a leaf with roots in a small pot with fertile light soil, compact the soil around it. Water 2 times a week with a small amount of separated water. Within a month, the leaflet will have time to settle down and immediately grow.

    On rooting leaflet will take about a month

    Proper care of the plant

    To make the money tree always look healthy and flourishing, it’s enough to follow these simple rules:

    • the money tree loves to be in the sun, but it also tolerates light partial shade,
    • an adult plant does not like abundant watering, otherwise the foliage will begin to fall off actively, and the root system may get sick,
    • watering should be done in small portions once a week, and in winter, reduce watering to two times a month,
    • it is enough to apply fertilizers once a month and only during the growing season,
    • spraying with melt water will accentuate the beautiful glossy shade of the fatty sheet,
    • in summer, the flower will be more active in growth in the open air.

    The flowering of the money tree is a rather rare phenomenon, but if it happens, consider yourself lucky. Flowering money tree foreshadows in the near future luck and wealth to its owner.

    Flowering money tree promises wealth

    The fat woman is unpretentious in leaving, easily breeds and is considered a talisman of the family center. The plant is interesting to start and for the sake of stimulation of flowering, which will mark the imminent wealth and financial well-being.

    2. Rooting in water

    From the cut stalk you need to remove all the lower leaves (as in this photo).

    In a glass, half filled with clean water, dissolve the "Kornevin", which stimulates the growth of roots.

    Dip the cutting in water so that it is strictly upright.

    Place the glass in partial shade.

    After a couple of weeks, roots will form, they will develop rapidly. The stalk is ready to land in the ground.

    1. Rooting leaves in water

    Rooting requires a low capacity, filled with a solution of a stimulant for the formation of roots.

    The sheet is cut with a cut edge about 5 mm into the solution and left in a place inaccessible to direct sunlight.

    When the first roots appear, the plant is first planted in a small container, and then in a pot with a diameter of about 7 cm.

    2. Rooting leaves in the soil

    To use this method of propagation of fat leaves from a leaflet, you need to mix sand and peat, pour this mixture into a small container and pour it with water, in which you should add a stimulator to form roots.

    The sheet is placed in this mixture so that it two thirds remained on the surface.

    The first days of the sheet should be covered with a glass. This mini-greenhouse is ventilated several times a day, while the sheet is sprayed with warm water. The stubs appear in three to four weeks.

    Rules that will relieve problems

    It is desirable to assimilate them before propagating the fatty:

    1. Properly choose a place for a plant. This should be the light part of the apartment. Well, if the windows will go to the west or east. Direct sunlight is contraindicated in seedlings. This is fraught with burns of leaves. In summertime, the fatty duck is prone, in winter it is put in the most lighted place. So that it has a beautiful, even form, it must be turned from time to time evenly towards the sun.
    2. Do not over-wet the soil. With frequent and abundant watering the plants roots can rot. If leaves fall from the money tree or brown spots appear on them, this is a clear sign of over-wetting the soil. Water remaining in the pan after watering should be drained. A fat woman can die from stagnant water. To revive such a plant is unlikely to succeed. Only one way out: start growing a new stalk.

    This video details and shows the reproduction of a money tree with cuttings and leaves:

    Red-brown or yellow spots on the leaves

    White, brown and brown spots are the symptoms of a fungal disease.

    To save a fat man, you need to apply fungicides - chemicals to combat fungal diseases.

    If the leaves are stained with red-brown or yellow shades, it means that the plant was attacked by shchitovki - the worst enemies of the fat man.

    You can get rid of them only by mechanical treatment, that is, manually remove pests using a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or kerosene. After that, you can wipe the leaves with soapy water. This procedure is repeated weekly until the pests disappear.

    On the leaves - yellow spots and cobwebs

    These are signs of a microscopic insect, a spider mite that feeds on plant leaves. He actively carries gray rot. This is a dangerous disease, as a result of which the bastard loses its insensitivity to pests.

    Struggling with spider mites, treating the leaves with soapy water or using the preparations “Actofit”, “Aktetik”, “Fitoverm”.

    In the axils of the leaves and around the root of the neck - wadded lumps

    Symptoms indicate the harmful work of mealybugs, which dehydrate the shoots and leaves.

    The development of the money tree stops, it loses leaves.

    With pests are also fighting by hand, rubbing the plant with soapy water.

    In case of mass invasion of this pest, the preparations "Biotlin", "Calypso", "Akktelik", "Fitoverm" are used.

    It is known that in order to have money in the house, it is not enough just to breed and grow fat jugs. Perhaps there is a reason to just work. However, even if the signs are not fulfilled and the money does not come immediately, the money tree will definitely bring joy and aesthetic pleasure.

    Planting a “money tree” and caring for it

    The fat woman breeds by shoots or cuttings that need to be held for several days in the water in order for the roots to appear. A small plant can create a favorable climate by covering it with a glass bell jar.

    The bearberry soil prefers a versatile and slightly dried. If you are preparing the soil yourself, mix the turf and leaf soil and add a little humus or coarse sand. Take a pot deep and heavy. Before pouring the ground, fill the pot one quarter with expanded clay or small pebbles.

    Bearberry is watered as the soil dries, but not over-wetting the soil, because of this, its roots rot. Water for irrigation must be defended for at least a day. It is not necessary to spray the plant, it is enough to ventilate the room and wipe the leaves from dust.

    Feed the "money tree" you need once a month during the period of active growth - from April to September. The first feeding after transplantation is recommended to be done in 2 weeks, when the plant takes root. Use liquid mineral-based supplements and deposit them only in moist soil.

    In the heat of the "money tree" to hide from direct sunlight, because burns easily on its leaves. For a uniform growth of the crown, it is recommended that the bearberry be turned to the light by different sides.

    During the period from September to March, Krassule needs a period of rest. Put your "money tree" in a cool place and practically do not water. Once every 2-3 years, the “money tree” needs to be transplanted into a more spacious pot. This is best done in the spring.

    How to avoid the disease

    Excess moisture is signaled by the withering and shriveled leaves of the money tree. In the cold season, excessive watering leads to growths and a strong pulling of the trunk.

    The appearance of root rot is another symptom of over-irrigation. In this case, the plant needs to be dug, cleaned from rotted parts and transplanted into a new pot with clean earth.

    If a tree pulls up too much, it lacks light. Dropped, darkened and lost luster leaves indicate insufficient watering or too cold water.

    Due to the defeat of a fungal infection on the leaves of bearberry appear brown spots. If this happened to your “money tree” - treat it with antifungal agent and ventilate the room more often.

    Preparing a pot for replanting a money tree

    It is recommended not to replace Jade, like any other succulent, more than once every two years. But this procedure can be carried out more often if you want to transplant a money tree a larger pot. The planter for transplanting should be of the same diameter as the plant crown. This is because the Krassoula root system is wide. The first reason that the plant has slowed its growth is the cramped pot.

    • Beautiful flowerpots,
    • Drainage,
    • Soil intended for succulents
    • Water for irrigation.

    At the bottom of the pot lay drainage, it is better if it will be small pebbles, as the clay is very light.The flower grows quickly, it can turn the pot over with its weight, and if there are heavy stones on the bottom, this will not happen. Soil buy special - for succulents. But if this was not found, not scary. It is enough to buy soil for indoor plants, add river sand.

    After the preparations described above, the transfer of the money tree to the pot begins, it should be done carefully - Falsy is a very fragile plant. Before transplanting the soil in a flower pot is well loosened. It is important to remove all damaged roots before placing a flower in a new place of residence.

    We plant money tree by pinching

    Puppy Woman's cuttings root very well. Plant a new flower of Krassula - by simply pinching. To do this, choose a healthy large enough layers, on which at least seven leaves, cut, or pinch off. If there are no shoots on the trunk, you can pin it off the top of the crown. After the cutting has been cut, we dry it a little, leave it in the open air for three hours. But you can - a day.

    During this time we are preparing the soil, pots for planting. Many novice growers are afraid to carry out such an action, because they do not know how to properly plant a money tree by pinching. Believe me - there is nothing difficult. As soon as our cutting dries, it is ready for planting. Drainage is laid at the bottom of the pot: there may be fine gravel, or expanded clay, also broken porcelain will do. Then fill the pots with a mixture of pre-cooked or purchased in a specialty store. We make a small indentation, which must be moistened with water.

    Before planting, the bottom two leaves of the cutting are removed with a sharp knife. We put a process in deepening, and well we press. If the pot is not filled with soil to the top, you can pour a little. After planting, we water the flower, put it on the windowsill, before rooting. To make this process quick, painless for the plant, we cover it with cellophane, thereby creating a greenhouse effect.

    As you can see, it is not difficult to plant a money tree properly by pinching a process from the main plant. In addition, thanks to pinching, you can form a very attractive crown for your flower.

    Planting process from the main money tree

    There are situations in which an adult tree has a process on the trunk that does not belong to the crown. They usually grow at the base of the trunk in close proximity to the ground. Let us consider how to plant a sprout of a money tree without harming the mother plant. To do this, take a sharp knife, carefully cut off the layering, right at the base.

    Once it is removed, carefully cut a slice with the soil in the pot to prevent the disease of an adult plant. We remove the otvodka two lower leaflets and leave it to dry in air. A few hours are enough for drying, but if it is not possible to plant a sprout of a money tree on this day, it can be left without landing for a day. While he is lying on the air, you need to prepare a pot, soil.

    Soil for succulents is sold in the store, but you can make the mixture yourself. To do this, take part of the garden land, or land from the garden, and add a part of the river, washed sand. Everything is thoroughly mixed, poured into a prepared pot, with drainage at the bottom. As soon as the pot of soil is prepared, you can start planting. We make a small dimple, which we water well, if the ground is dry. If the soil is wet, then watering is not required. We place our sprout in this recess so that the cut-off points of the lower leaves are submerged in the ground. The soil around is compacted, if necessary, you can pour a little earth. After planting, the plant is watered, leave for rooting.

    Of course, there are many ways to propagate a fathead.For example, if in the near future you do not have the opportunity to land a layer in the ground, you can simply put it in a jar with water, and transplant it when roots appear on a layer. They usually appear in water in a week. Before planting a money tree with roots, loosen the soil well and moisten it. Flower deepen into the ground carefully, so as not to damage the young roots. The ideal option would be to pour on the bottom of the tank of the earth, then put the plant in there, gently sprinkle it with earth, filling all the roots. It is not necessary to crush the earth, but it is enough to knock a little on the walls of the pot so that the earth will settle down.

    A crassula flower or a bollard common, which is popularly called the "money tree", many people love to grow in their apartments. The plant is considered a talisman that brings good luck, its owner will never have financial difficulties. The flower has a thick tree trunk and leaves that look like small green coins.

    How to plant a sprout of a money tree?

    First you need to cut off the stalk with a sharp knife from the main plant. It is desirable that the appendix has 2-3 leaflets. You need to let it dry for two days.

    Then the stalk is left in a glass of water until it has roots. To further stimulate the formation of roots, you can add root - a special powder.

    This method of planting a flower is considered the best, because with it the plant takes root faster in the ground.

    How to transplant a flower

    Transplantation of the money tree is carried out in the spring. To do this, pick a pot that exceeds the previous one by one size. At the bottom of the pot is placed on 1-2 cm drainage (expanded clay or small pebbles) to prevent excess moisture. Then, one quarter of them are filled with a mixture of leafy earth and turf with the addition of sand or humus. The seedling is placed in the middle of the pot and the ground is filled. After transplantation, the plant is well watered.

    You can choose for yourself the most suitable way how to plant a scion of a money tree.

    Learn how to plant a money tree to attract money so that the energy of this home plant works for you. The fat woman, if you believe the signs, attracts cash flows into the house, but for this you need to follow a few rules.

    The money tree, junkie or crassula has long been considered a plant that should be in every home. Its thick, fleshy leaves resemble large coins in their appearance. Perhaps because of this similarity, the sweetie was started to be considered a money plant.

    However, proper plant care alone is not enough to increase income. It should be properly planted and spoken, and then observe the ancient signs of wealth.

    Caring for a crooder and correct from an esoteric point of view, the treatment of her will help to establish a connection with the money egregor. People who follow the rules of this energy-information entity are connected to it. Monetary signs, including signs of indoor plants, are included in their list. If you want to connect to the egregor of wealth, try to start with a fat woman.

    How to plant a money tree to attract money?

    Consider the phase of the moon. Like your income in the future, it should grow. On the decreasing moon, the bastard is not planted, like any other plant - this is a bad omen.

    The best day of the week to plant this plant is Wednesday.

    The fat woman does not release the energy of wealth in itself. She takes her through herself. Therefore, it is better to take the process of this plant from people whose level of income makes you jealous. They will not lose theirs, and the cash flows opened by them will go to your home too.

    In order not to share your success, you need to separate the process on your own, without letting other people's hands touch your plant.But, if there are no such people or they do not want to share the money tree, you can purchase a process. Do not take an adult plant if you need a money tree to raise money. We'll have to grow it from the process.

    The magic of the money tree can be enhanced by planting it with affirmations. Speak them only in the present tense, without the particle “not” - the Universe does not perceive it, as if it does not hear.

    You can say something like:

    "I attract money, I get rich, my income is growing."

    It is desirable that during the planting of a tree no one distracted you.

    Plot when planting money tree:

    When planting a tree of wealth is to put a few ordinary coins on the gravel or expanded clay, which is laid on the bottom of the flower pot. Coins must be of the same denomination.

    You need to spread them with a coat of arms up, sentencing a plot for each coin when planting a money tree:

    ,, Let the tree grow in the house, It will bring me a lot of money. Coin ukroyu in zemlitsa damp, In the house I will bring a big salary. Rich people will give generosity, In the money I will not feel more care. Let it be so commanded! Yes, executed three times! The key is locked! Amen. Amen. Amen".

    After that, you can plant a plant and start watering, which can also be accompanied by a conspiracy. The same conspiracy on coins can be repeated every time you decide to put coins in a plant pot. But only under the condition that they will be hidden in the ground.

    Conspiracy on the money tree when watering:

    The plot on the money tree is read during the watering of the plant. This can be done immediately after landing. But at any other time, you can start talking a jerk to make it profit.

    Watering the plant, say:

    ,, You grow, and I bloom in wealth. Amen."

    Water for irrigation should be taken infused with silver or gold. For about three days, it must be saturated with the energy of precious metals and profits. Iron coins are also suitable, but they are much weaker than gold and silver. Do not use jewelry to charge the water, they contain the owner's energy, which is not always positive.

    Money tree to attract money - signs and customs:

    On the question of how to plant a money tree so that money is brought in the house, folk omens, customs of feng shui and other superstitions will answer. Thus, the Chinese consider green, red and gold to be the colors of wealth.

    In order to strengthen the cash flow, you can choose a pot of one of these flowers. On an adult plant you can tie a ribbon of one of these flowers. The pot can be put on a red tablecloth or a napkin under which the coin lies.

    Strengthen the energy of the plant will help the Chinese coins of wealth.

    For this you need to bury the "treasure" in a pot with a flower, consisting of three coins. They should be hieroglyphs up.

    Feng Shui coins, knots of happiness and other wealthy Chinese amulets can be hung on the plant - it will bring you profit. You can take and ordinary coins, which are in progress where you live.

    A dragon figurine can be placed near an adult and steadily attracting the capital of a plant. He will protect your wealth, protecting from the evil eye and the machinations of enemies.

    Owl will help fight with tranzhirstvom, but does not make you hog.

    Chinese lanterns, candles and Feng Shui figurines can stand near a fathead, enhancing its energy.

    Fire energy is not compatible with water. Keep the wealth tree away from its sources.

    If you have a jade and indoor fountain or a picture of a waterfall, place them away from each other. Water fights fire, and cash flows will be “quenched” by the energy of the water.

    You can not have a junkie near cacti. Signs about cacti say that they protect the house from energies that are not peculiar to it - they can not miss the cash flow. Spines and frizzy flowers do not mix with fathead and interfere with cash flow.

    If you know how to plant a money tree and attract money, this is not enough. You should know about the traditions of placing plants and other items in the house. Southeast sector of the house or apartment is responsible for material wealth. To the fat woman and the rest of the money symbols in this part of your home is the place. But if there is a toilet or a corridor, place the plant where there is a lot of light, regardless of the sides of the world.

    The magic properties of the money tree appear only when the plant is cared for with pleasure. In a loving family, a fat woman helps to increase income. If you do not like plants, and caring for them is disturbing, and not fun, it is better to choose other methods of witchcraft.

    You will have to talk with the wealth tree, give it time and attention, and then your income will increase. Do not forget to wipe the dust from the sheets, it complicates the flow of money energy.

    The fat woman blooms extremely rarely, the cool climate does not suit her too much. But if it blooms, it foreshadows a significant profit. Of course, it blooms only with perfect care.

    Only one person should take care of it - the money tree has a good memory and can establish contact with only one owner. Do not worry that you will not be able to go on vacation - this plant needs to be watered all every few weeks.

    In general, a jerk can really help improve financial matters. She is kept both in houses and in offices.

    But in order for the wealth tree to reveal its full potential, certain rules should be observed - mainly from the teachings of Feng Shui and Eastern folklore. For greater effect, the plant can speak during watering and planting.

    Rules for the preparation of planting material

    Even a beginner amateur grower who has never engaged in independent reproduction of ornamental crops will be able to plant and grow the popular “money tree”. The fat woman is able to get acclimatized with both small shoots and leaflets. Most often in the conditions of indoor floriculture the process of rooting is, which quickly form roots and quickly take root at a permanent place of cultivation.

    It is very important to take planting material from a well-formed parent plant. Amateur flower growers know quite a lot of Crassula species, but the most common variety is Crowberry (Crassula arborescens), as well as cotyledon treelike or money tree. The processes of the fatty silver (Crassula argentea) and the fatty oval (Crassula ovata) take root very well. Coloring and the shape of the foliage can be very different, but this does not affect the indicators of rooting of planting material.

    Important to remember, that take shoots from too young and not fully formed instances of crassula. In addition, indoor decorative succulent culture, acting as a mother plant, should be completely healthy, without any signs of damage by pathogenic microflora or plant parasites. Quality planting material should have at least a couple of leaves. First, it is necessary to cut with a sharp and clean garden knife, cut the cutting off the plant, and then dry the cut section at room temperature for a couple of days. Plot the slice on the mother plant should be powdered with crushed charcoal.

    Soil preparation

    In natural, natural conditions, Crassula grows on soils, which necessarily contain a significant amount of sand. The soil should be very loose or rather loose. At home, for the flower it is necessary to create conditions that will be as close as possible to the natural habitat. Very well suited for the cultivation of decorative indoor plants ready soilsuitable for the cultivation of cacti or any plant succulents.

    If it is necessary to plant the “money tree” sprout in an independently prepared soil mixture, then it is recommended to give preference to the composition based on three parts of medium-grained sand, a couple of parts of peat and a couple of parts of leafy ground. In order to ensure an optimal level of air permeability, it is desirable to add baking powder in the form of vermiculite and perlite to the prepared soil mixture.

    Important to remember, that any varieties of weeds are very difficult to tolerate too dense and poorly drained soil, which often becomes the reason for the stagnation of moisture in the root system of ornamental culture.

    Selection of landing capacity

    A flower pot or planting container for planting the process of a fatty root with roots must be chosen carefully and thoughtfully., which is due to quite active growth processes and a rapid increase in the aerial part of the plant. In a rather short period of time, a dense and relatively heavy crown is capable of forming on an ornamental culture, which is not always well maintained by the insufficiently developed root system of fatty meat.

    Experienced amateur flower growers, who have been cultivating Crassula for the first time in indoor floriculture, are recommended to prefer heavy and fairly deep, but at the same time roomy planting capacities. It is best to plant a bastard in clay or ceramic pots with a wide neck, which is due to the peculiarity of the quickly growing and rather superficially located roots of the ornamental culture.

    It is important to notethat the succulent ornamental plant does not need frequent transplants, which is especially important for adults or overgrown specimens. However, the larger the flower pot, the faster the green above-ground mass of the crop grows. In any case, the capacity for planting should fully meet all the requirements of the fatty and promote the full growth or development of this room culture.

    Terms and technology of landing

    In order to properly seed the process of the “money tree” into the already prepared planting soil, It is necessary to adhere to the following simple, but very important rules:

    • the scion is separated from the mother plant and must be immersed in cleaned room water for rooting,
    • some amateur flower growers practice rooting the process directly in the nutrient soil substrate, but this method is less convenient and does not allow to determine the degree of root formation,
    • when rooting in the nutrient soil, the seedling needs to provide the greenhouse effect, and watering in the lower way, through the pan,
    • in order to increase rooting rates, it is recommended to process a slice of a room fatty bone process in a stimulating solution based on “Kornevina” or “Heteroauxin”,
    • in a prepared, clean flower pot you need to pour a drainage layer, and then a nourishing soil,
    • it is very important to observe the depth of planting, which directly depends on the size of the rooted process of fatty meat,
    • As a rule, the average planting depth of a “money tree” seedling varies from 40-60 mm.

    At the last stage of planting, the root system of the fatty bone process is very carefully covered with soil, but in no case should the soil be compacted. After heavy irrigation, there may be a strong shrinkage of the soil, therefore, if necessary, the feeding of the nutrient substrate is carried out.

    It should be noted that when the soil volume in the flower pot is too large, a houseplant under home-growing conditions can be strongly drawn upwards, and the taproot is significantly deeper downwards, therefore the aerial part of young Crassula becomes thin and rather weak. If this situation is observed, then at the first transplant of a plant, an excessively long root should be slightly shortened.

    Features further care

    In the first days after planting the rooted appendix to a permanent place, it is very important to provide the plant with high-quality shading from direct sunlight and relatively abundant watering. The first feeding of a young ornamental plant can be given about a month after planting. As soon as the plant begins to grow, you can move on to activities that are standard for caring for an adult room sweeper.

    Watch the video: Breeding Ewes In Season BACK TO BASICS: Vlog 101 (November 2019).