Cranberry - useful properties and contraindications

This evergreen shrub with thin knobby creeping stems along the ground and ascending shoots is often referred to by the people as “crane” and “sour doctor”. The most familiar to many will seem the name cranberry.

Useful properties and contraindications of this red berry have been studied for many years.

During this time, a whole list of illnesses was compiled, from which the cranberry can save, but, unfortunately, a number of diseases came to light, when the berry not only does not benefit, but also worsens health.

Cranberries grow in swamps and peatlands. Flowering shrubs observed in late spring - early summer, the fruits ripen in early September, after which they can be collected immediately. If this is not done, the berries will hibernate under the snow. Their taste will not spoil because of this (on the contrary, the berries will become a little sweeter), but vitamin C will become significantly less.

By the way, only ripe cranberries are harvested for the winter; recipes do not allow harvesting of berries, seasoned under canopies or anywhere else in order to acquire the coloring characteristic of ripe berries. In such a cranberry is much less biologically active substances than in the one that ripened on the branches.

By the way, they are stored much less time, and inferior in taste - it turns out a bitter taste.

Useful properties of cranberries

The fact that cranberries have useful properties in Russia already knew in the XVI century. It was used in scurvy and coughing. Berry juice was used to lubricate weeping wounds.

Today, scientists argue that cranberry significantly enhances the effect on the body of many drugs, including antibiotics. The leaves of the shrub are actively used to combat the formation of kidney stones.

The juice obtained from the berries helps not only to quench thirst, but also to reduce the temperature, normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract with constipation and colitis, fight against atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and overweight.

In its composition cranberry contains a large amount of organic acids, micro-and macronutrients, vitamins, essential oils.

So, due to the high content of vitamin C, cranberry is actively used to strengthen the immune system against colds. Vitamin B in berries has a positive effect on the hair, nails and nervous system.

Cranberry is a diuretic, but due to the high content of potassium in its composition, it does not remove this chemical element from the body, thereby maintaining the strength of blood vessels.

Proanthocyanides, which are part of cranberries, can slow the development of malignant tumors.

The use of this berry gives good results in the treatment of anemia, varicose veins, tonsillitis, urinary infections, pyelonephritis.

Cranberry juice relieves headache, normalizes digestion, increases efficiency, provides concentration, improves hormones, replenishes the body with antioxidants.

It is recommended to use berries, even for women during pregnancy.

The entire list of healing properties is not surprising, but, unfortunately, in addition to the useful properties of cranberries and has contraindications.

Who is the cranberry contraindicated?

In case of a number of diseases, cranberries may not only not have a beneficial effect, but also cause harm. Who should stop using this berry?

First of all, those who have individual intolerance to any components of the cranberries. This “intolerance” manifests itself, as a rule, by the usual allergic reaction after taking the product - rash, redness, itching.It is because of the "allergy" cranberries are not recommended to use during lactation and young children under the age of 3 years.

The fruits of this plant and people with diseases such as gout and urolithiasis should be taken with extreme caution. In no case should not eat berries and drink cranberry juice "gastritnik" and "ulcer", especially during periods of acute illness.

And in general, with regard to the action on the gastrointestinal tract, here experts recommend diluting cranberry juice with water and avoid taking the berries on an empty stomach, so as not to provoke excessive secretion of gastric juice and not irritate the mucous membrane once again.

Derived cranberries should be used in the form of dessert - after eating the main meal.

Not very good, by the way, dentists treat cranberries. In their opinion, the acids contained in the fruit can quickly destroy tooth enamel. For this reason, after taking cranberries (or juice), it is recommended to brush your teeth or at least rinse your mouth with water.

Eating cranberries

Cranberries can be used in any form. The easiest way is the berry with boiling water. All that needs to be done is to sprinkle the washed berries with sugar and pour boiled water. The resulting drink will have not only a lot of useful properties, but also a very pleasant taste.

A little more hassle with mors. For its preparation, it is necessary to chop 0.5 kg of berries (this can be done quickly and easily using a blender), squeeze the juice, pour the rest of the berries with 1 liter of water and boil for 5-10 minutes. The resulting broth is filtered through cheesecloth and cranberry juice is added to it, as well as sugar, if desired - honey. Morse drink already cooled.

You can make a cranberry-flavored and excellent cooling drink - cranberry-raspberry milkshake, which without problems will allow you to quench your thirst in hot summer. The berries are poured into a blender, crushed, mixed with milk and sugar, whipped and left in the refrigerator for at least half an hour. After this drink can be consumed!

Surely many people know such sweetness like cranberries in sugar. Today, it can not only be purchased at the store, but also cooked on your own at home. How? Take large berries cranberries, washed, dried. Beat egg white with icing sugar in a separate container. In the resulting air "cream" roll berries. Let them dry. Here the cranberries are in sugar and ready!

Cranberry Ingredients

The little berry contains many useful elements. The fruit contains phenolic acids, flavonoids, glucose, malic acid, leucoanthocyanins. Curative properties of cranberry cause the presence in the product:

Of the vitamins, substances of group B, PP, C, K are present. The fruits are distinguished from others by a high content of ascorbic acid and organic compounds.

Iron, manganese, potassium and silver improve the functions of blood and brain, contribute to the process of blood formation, disinfect and fight inflammatory processes. Substances act as natural energetics, improve the work of the cardiovascular system, strengthen nerves and immunity. Eat small red berries should be for the treatment of ailments, and for the prevention of disease.

Phosphorus, calcium, boron help strengthen the skeletal system, prevent the development of osteoporosis, saturate the body with beneficial compounds. Substances help the body to function fully.

Iodine and organic acids have a disinfecting and bactericidal effects, are involved in metabolism, cellular metabolism. Fruit juice from fruits well tones and stabilizes the body without adverse effects. Useful cranberry for thyroid disease.

Cranberry Benefits

The product contains a small amount of calories, so it can be used in the diet. The berry is low in fat and sugar, as well as carbohydrate compounds.As the scientists say, if you eat the cranberries daily, you can significantly reduce the load on the heart, as well as stabilize the degree of cholesterol in the blood. These properties make cranberries one of the most useful berries. Its fruits can be collected in swampy swamps, as well as a berry grown on special plantations.

Since cranberry effectively eliminates bacteria, it must be used for infections of the urogenital system, cold, flu. When ARVI berry juice is mixed with honey and regularly taken until recovery.

Juice from this berry is useful to drink for cancer of the breast, bowel cancer and genital organs. Flavonoids of fruits strengthen the walls of the blood arteries, improve their elasticity. Cranberry helps in the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It is also a powerful antimicrobial agent that should be used in the fight against bacterial and viral infections. It is known that cranberry prevents the development of caries and other dental ailments.

Especially necessary is the use of this berry in the presence of cardiovascular ailments. Fruits contain compounds that several times reduce the risk of blood clots, plaques. Cranberries are an excellent remedy for:

  • atherosclerosis,
  • diabetes
  • infections,
  • hypertension
  • varicose veins
  • kidney ailments
  • swelling of limbs.

The product has a moderate diuretic effect, it well removes excess fluid from the body and eliminates edema. With atherosclerosis, varicose veins, hypertension, the berry raises vascular tone. Fruits make them flexible, strong, eliminate the increased fragility of small capillaries. Cranberry fruit drinks are good for drinking to prevent heart attack, stroke, hypertension.

There are many popular recipes with cranberry fruit for the treatment of various ailments:

  1. In case of hypertension, the fruits are rubbed with honey and there is a delicacy three times a day on a spoon. Store honey-cranberry mixture in the refrigerator.
  2. Crush the product by adding 2 ripe oranges and 1 lemon with the peel. The resulting mixture is taken at high pressure and 1 tablespoon twice a day.
  3. In angina, cranberries fray, add beet juice and honey. Pour mixture with alcohol and insist 4 days in a dark place. Periodically shake the bottle with the tool. After the means is filtered and taken for throat diseases, 50 ml per day.

Cranberries with honey are used as a fortifying agent, as well as for the elimination of many inflammatory processes. It is useful to eat fruits every day with sugar or drink fruit drinks during an epidemic of influenza and ARVI.

Berry helps to cope with fever, fever, chills. It is used to treat anemia, arthritis, diseases of the larynx and colds. Berry effectively stabilizes the metabolism, lowers the secretion of gastric juice, treats diseases of the respiratory organs. If the gums are damaged, it is helpful to rub the fruit juice into the lesion.

Cranberries and Immunity

Taking care of strengthening the immune system, we should not forget about such a product as cranberries. It will save money on expensive drugs for flu and cold. The fruits have excellent antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effects.

In order to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to add lemon with skin to the grated berry. You can scroll a kilogram of fruit through a meat grinder and also chop a couple of lemons. Next, add a small amount of acacia honey to the resulting mass. It turns out very tasty delicacy, which is used for colds, laryngitis, pharyngitis, flu, runny nose. There are cranberries with SARS should be about 4 times a day.

Cranberry and cosmetology

Berry is suitable for rejuvenation - its structure contains antioxidant polyphenol, which interferes with the aging process. In cosmetology, cranberries are included in many skin care products. Cosmetology companies known to the whole world use cranberries to improve the relief and leveling of the dermis, saturating the epimdermis with useful vitamins and minerals.

The homemade mask from the product can be used to tighten the dermis and get rid of wrinkles. To do this, take ripe fruit and pound them. Mass should be squeezed through gauze. Cranberry juice is mixed with petroleum jelly and stored in the refrigerator. The resulting product can be rubbed into the skin with psoriasis, age spots, hair roots with baldness.

Any mask from this berry is a whole storehouse of minerals and vitamins. Cranberries can be used on dry, oily and mixed skin. Vitamin B contained in berries actively fights against rash and acne, heals purulent acne, eliminates inflammation. Potassium normalizes the PH of the dermis and has a powerful antioxidant effect. Vitamins that are present in the product, perfectly moisturize the skin and tightens it. Applying cranberry fruit in skin care can prevent the aging of the epidermis.

Cranberry based masks are best prepared from fresh, not frozen fruit. To the effect was positive, cosmetic products from cranberries should be used regularly. For too sensitive skin cranberries are not suitable. The mask should be kept on the skin for at least ten minutes, then rinse with warm water without using soap. Each cosmetic is required to be tested before application, putting a small amount on the wrist.

To improve the condition of the dermis, you can use not only the juice of the fruit, but also the pulp. It is necessary to chop the fruit, put the resulting mass on gauze and attach to the skin of the face for ten minutes.

It is useful to use cranberry-protein mask. For its preparation you will need:

  • chop fruits
  • add 1 egg white,
  • add flour to the thickness.

The resulting mass is applied to the skin of the face, after 10 minutes, wash off with water. The mask normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands and perfectly eliminates the oily shine of the face.

Other fruits can be added to cranberry masks - apple, orange, kiwi. Cranberry mass is well combined with grape juice and powdered milk, oatmeal and yolks. You can mix cranberry puree with cottage cheese and use the resulting product to care for your skin.

How to select and store berries

If you want to buy fruit in a store or on the market, then you need to pay attention to their appearance. Cranberries must be dry, undamaged, not lumped. Berries, respectively, should not be crumpled and elastic. Of course, there should be no mold on the fruit. You can also buy frozen cranberries in the store.

Cranberries can be prepared independently. For the winter you need to collect only ripe fruit. They contain special substances that protect the berries from damage. At home, clean ripe berries can be laid out on the fabric in a thin layer. Cover the berries with a thick cloth. So the cranberry is beautifully preserved for about 2 months. Before cooking cranberries should sort it out, removing rotted berries. Use in food can only be intact fruits.

Cranberry contraindications

Despite the beneficial properties of the fruit, they can not always be consumed. Of course, the nutritional value of this berry is huge, but in some situations it can be harmful, not good. The use of cranberries is forbidden when:

  • allergies
  • low carbohydrate diet
  • gastritis with high acidity,
  • liver problems
  • stomach ulcer,
  • with acute intestinal inflammation.

Incompatible use of fruits with sulfonamides. This can cause exacerbation of the existing disease.

Fruits should not be consumed during pregnancy and young children up to 4 years. It is necessary to refuse use of a product to all ulcers and patients with gastritis. In such cases, cranberries will irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines.

In some situations, it is recommended to dilute cranberry juice with water so that it does not adversely affect the gastrointestinal mucosa.However, doctors recommend at all to abandon the use of fruit with ulcers and gastritis, so as not to provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

How to eat better

In general, it is better to eat cranberries as a dessert after eating the main meal. So it will have a less negative effect on the gastric mucosa. Cranberries are used raw, in the form of fruit drinks and compotes. Berry has a very pleasant taste, it can be used to make a cake or other desserts.

Grind berries can be using a blender or a stupa. The resulting mass is whipped with sugar and milk, cooled in the refrigerator before use. You can cook fruit from fruit drinks. To do this, they fray, squeeze the juice. The cake is poured with a small amount of water, sugar is added and boiled over low heat. After cooking, filter and add pressed cranberry juice. Morse must certainly insist, it is very useful to drink with colds and sore throats.

Cranberries with honey can be eaten on an empty stomach. This tool helps with fever and heat, sore throat, colds, poor potency. Also, cranberries, ground with honey, are very useful in various vascular diseases. It is better for the remedy to be allowed to stand for three hours in the refrigerator, after which the delicacy is consumed on a spoon three times a day.

Eating cranberries should be moderate. Do not eat fruits in large quantities. This can cause deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract. It is better to use a tasty and healthy fruit mixture in minimal quantities, but daily. It is necessary to sort out the berries before cooking and by all means filter the mass obtained from the crushed fruits. Poor quality and damaged berries can not be eaten.

Cranberry harvesting for the winter

In addition to the use of fresh can be harvested cranberries for the winter. The recipes of this healing berry do not conceal anything complicated.

What are the general methods of harvesting cranberries?

Firstly, it is freezing in the freezer.

Third, brewing. Jam may just be cranberry, but the addition of other ingredients, such as apples, will not hurt.

For the preparation of delicious cranberry-apple jam, the main components are taken in equal proportions (in this case, 1 kilogram of cranberries and sliced ​​apples), mixed with two glasses of peeled and chopped walnuts and filled with syrup.

To prepare the syrup, you need to boil a mixture of one glass of water and two and a half glasses of sugar. The resulting mass is boiled over low heat for half an hour, then transferred to a jar. In winter, when the world "conquer" colds, this tool will help strengthen the immune system and not give up the infection.

By the way, it should be remembered that the berries are stored quite well fresh. Shelf life can be several months.

True, for this, several conditions must be met: the storage place must be dark, cool, well ventilated, and the berries themselves must be harvested after ripening, but not before! In no case should not collect the cranberries prematurely and bring to the color of ripe berries by keeping under a shed! Such cranberries will deteriorate very quickly, not counting the fact that they will be significantly inferior to normal berries in their beneficial properties.

Cranberries can not only be harvested, but also bought in the markets. Well, if you want to get the concentrated benefits of this berry, then you can purchase cranberry capsules. Taking the capsules is not as pleasant as the berries themselves, but the healing properties remain the same.

Cranberries - medicinal properties and contraindications. Cranberry application

Cranberry in translation from Latin means - "sour ball". Dal in his dictionary treats its name from the words "beak" and "peck."Americans call it “crane berry”, Europeans - “Russian berry”, Ukrainians - “crane”, Russians - “northern lemon.” Klukva is an evergreen shrub with shoots up to 30 cm (from the heather family).

Cranberries bloom in June, its berries are round, red in color, with a diameter of 8-12 mm. Gather berries from September to late autumn. Cranberries taste sour and tart. Cranberries grow in wet peat, moss, tundra and forest marshes in the North of many countries (Karelia, Alaska, Canada, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.) and even beyond the Arctic Circle (Arctic cranberries).

The cranberries are kept in the soaked form (in wooden barrels, glass containers with tight lids filled with cooled boiled water, in a cold place), as well as in ice cream and dried types. is a unique product. Cranberry is a storehouse of nutrients.

Cranberries are rich in glucose, fructose, sucrose, pectins, organic acids, vitamins and trace elements. This berry is a very low-calorie product. 100 g of cranberries contain:

  • proteins - 0.5 g
  • fat 0.2 g
  • carbohydrate - 3.7 g
  • water - 89 g
  • ash - 0.3 g
  • Calorie content - 26 kcal.

The composition of cranberries include:

  1. sugar (fructose, sucrose and glucose)
  2. organic acids (citric, benzoic, ursolic, quinic, chlorogenic, malic, oleander, succinic, and oxalic). The presence of these substances due to the sour taste of cranberries, as well as its properties to counteract kidney stones.

They have capillary-strengthening, anti-inflammatory, choleretic and diuretic properties. The same substances determine the resistance of the plants themselves to diseases. Cinnamic acid is considered the most important of them, and ursolic acid is close to the hormone secreted by the adrenal glands. Due to this, cranberry juice is useful in that it has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

Due to the high content of benzoic acid, cranberries have good keeping quality, are kept fresh for a long time and are resistant to damage by fungi and bacteria. pectins (they are distinguished by high gelling ability, easily form insoluble compounds (chelates) with heavy and radioactive metals (lead, strontium, cobalt, etc.

), contributing to their neutralization and removal from the body. vitamins (B1, B2, B3 (PP), B6, B9, K1, E and a high content of vitamin C, the amount of which in cranberries is comparable to lemons, oranges, grapefruits and garden strawberries). The presence of a large amount of vitamin C makes cranberries an indispensable remedy against scurvy and beriberi.

  • trace elements (potassium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, manganese, copper, molybdenum, boron, cobalt, tin, iodine, nickel, silver, chromium, titanium, zinc).
  • proanthocyanides and anthocyanides. These bioflavonoids cause the coloring of leaves and berries.
  • According to the content of biologically active substances and mineral salts, cranberry is one of the most useful wild berries.

    Due to the uniqueness of its composition and availability, cranberries are widely used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology, and even in the perfume industry. Useful properties of this berry are hard to overestimate.

    Berries have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antibacterial, tonic, wound healing, refreshing, tonic effect, increase elasticity, strength of the walls of blood capillaries, improve appetite, food absorption, secretion of gastric juice and pancreas juice, intestinal activity
    The great benefits of cranberries in its nutritional qualities necessary for the human body for its proper functioning. This tasty berry is necessary for every living organism. Cranberries feed on geese, partridges, black grouses, martens and even bears. She always saved the people of the North from avitaminosis. Cranberries are made from juices, fruit drinks, jellies, jams, jelly, cocktails, kvass. It is added to sauerkraut, salads, pies.Cranberries are good for making sweet dishes and confectionery. From it prepare numerous sharp sauces and seasonings for meat dishes. Food products with cranberries protect against radioactive effects on the human body.
    Cranberries for their healing properties is very much appreciated in traditional medicine. As early as the 16th century, cranberries were mentioned in the collection of practical advice “Domostroy”. Juice cranberries treated scurvy, cough, malaria, colds, fever, lubricated weeping wounds and ulcers. In ancient medical institutions, cranberries were equated in their usefulness to ginseng root or linden flowers.

    • antipyretic (with influenza, respiratory diseases, sore throat),
    • antiseptic,
    • anti-inflammatory,
    • vasodilator
    • bactericidal
    • tonic
    • immunostimulating,
    • anti-sclerotic agent.

    Cranberry is a natural antioxidant. It removes from the human body excess free radicals, the accumulation of which is the main cause of cancer. Cranberries treat scrofula, psoriasis and natoptysh. It strengthens the muscle tissue and bone structure of the growing child, nourishes the brain. It cleans and dilutes the blood, improves the appetite and the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, which prevents the formation of plaques and blood clots in the vessels. Cranberry normalizes high blood pressure and male potency, removes toxins and toxins from the body and slows aging. Klukva is an indispensable tool in traditional medicine "from all ailments."

      Cranberry berries and leaves - 10 berries and 1 tbsp. l leaves Water - 1 cup

    Brew berries and cranberry leaves in a thermos with one glass of boiling water and leave for 4 hours. Drink before meals? cup 2 times a day.

    Cranberry leaves - 1 tbsp. L. Kipyatok - 1 cup

    Pour boiling water over the leaves and leave for 30 minutes. Drink with honey without dosage.

    Cranberries - 1 tbsp. L. Kipyatok - 1 cup

    Mash cranberries, pour boiling water and bring to a boil. Then cool and strain.

    Cranberries - 2 tbsp. l.Lanolin - 50 g

    Mash berries, squeeze juice through gauze and mix it with lanolin. Ointment stored in the refrigerator in a well-closed glass container. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action.

    Cranberry juice juice - 1 cup Honey - 1 glass

    The ingredients mix well. Take a tablespoon three times a day.

    Freshly made cranberry juice -? glassesFreshly prepared red beet juice -? glasses

    Mix components and take on? cup 4 times a day.

    Cranberry juice - 20 ml Lanolin - 40 g Vazelin - 40 g

    This ointment has analgesic and antiseptic effect, reduces inflammation and dries moist areas.

    Cranberries - 3-5 pcs.

    Take one berry, stretch it in the fingers and mass every gum with the finger gums with circular movements.

  • Pound cranberries, pour warm water in a ratio of 1: 3. Strain and add honey to taste. "Live juice" drink by? cup 3 times a day.
  • Folk healer and delicious cranberries have significant contraindications for its use in:

    • allergies (individual intolerance to the components that make up the berry),
    • the presence of gastrointestinal problems (gastritis with high acidity, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer),
    • hypotension, liver disease, urolithiasis, kidney stones, breastfeeding, age of the child less than three years, metabolic disease (gout),
    • weakened tooth enamel (after each use of cranberries, rinse the mouth water with water).

    Of course, the extremely beneficial properties of cranberries in many ways exceed the contraindications of its use. But even a healthy person should not eat cranberries on an empty stomach, in a very concentrated form and in excessive amounts.
    The history of using cranberries in cosmetology has hundreds of years. During this time, a large number of cosmetic recipes have been accumulated using this unique berry.The richest availability of nutrients in the cranberry composition contributes to the strengthening of the skin, hair and nails of a person. Cranberry masks for the skin of the face is a very effective way to care for different skin types, especially problem and oily. They relieve fatigue and restore vitality of the skin, make it elastic and smooth, remove the unpleasant shine from the face, tighten pores, normalize the sebaceous glands, remove pustules. Masks from cranberries literally saturate the skin with vitamins, organic acids, pectins and trace elements. Cranberry cleanses the skin, helps to cope with redness and irritation, fights acne and acne, brightens freckles and pigment spots, whitens the face and smoothes wrinkles, rejuvenates and prevents skin aging. The effect of cranberry components on the skin of the face:

    • vitamin E - prolongs youth at the cellular level,
    • Vitamin B9 - fights acne and acne,
    • Vitamin C - rejuvenates and tightens,
    • trace element K (potassium) - maintains the level of humidity,
    • organic acids - are actively involved in subcutaneous metabolic processes, and this improves its condition.

    Every morning, wipe your face with a piece of ice from a refrigerator made from cranberry juice and chamomile decoction in a 1: 1 ratio. This simplest procedure will improve the blood circulation of the skin of the face, smooth fine wrinkles, make you young and beautiful. Take care of yourself, take a little time for yourself and you will achieve the desired result. Do not forget that everything in the world is exactly the way you want it to be.

    Useful properties and contraindications of cranberries

    Cranberry has long remained a popular berry, jams, fruit drinks and fragrant fillings for pies are made from it, and the leaves of the shrub are widely used in traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments: colds, reduced acidity of gastric juice and problem skin. But, like any medicinal plant, berries that are harmless at first glance must be used wisely, so you need to know all the beneficial properties and contraindications of cranberries.

    Useful properties of cranberries

    One can speak about the beneficial properties of cranberries for a very long time, its fruits are truly useful and healing food.

    Here are its main therapeutic characteristics:

    • Cranberry, due to the content in the chemical composition of a considerable number of bioflavonoids, stimulates the enzymes responsible for the metabolic processes in the body.
    • Berries are considered an excellent way to fight bacteria and viruses, they strengthen the immune system and remove excess fluid from the body due to the high concentration of anthocyanins.
    • In turn, proanthocyanides slow down the aging process and remove toxins, toxins and harmful salts.
    • Cranberry contains many different acids, this is due to its tart taste. I would like to pay special attention to benzoic acid, it is known as a natural preservative, which is why the fruits can stay fresh and tasty for a long time.
    • It contains many vitamins, among them ascorbic acid and vitamins of group B, microelements and pectins.

    It is precisely because of its chemical composition that cranberries won recognition from adherents of traditional medicine, on its basis many effective recipes were created to combat various ailments.

    Application of cranberry properties in the treatment of diseases

    1. To alleviate the symptoms of angina, mix cranberry juice, beets, honey and vodka in the same proportions, infuse the mixture for 72 hours. Take one tablespoon an hour before meals. The tincture is recommended to be stored in a dark and cool place so that it retains its beneficial properties.

  • If you suffer from a sore throat, squeeze the fruit juice and mix it with the same amount of water, the resulting mixture, rinse the throat several times a day.
  • With a strong cough, mix 100 ml of cranberry juice with 20 grams of honey of any kind, take the drink undiluted two tablespoons before each meal.

  • At the first manifestations of pediculosis, it is necessary to wet the skin and hair on the head with cranberry juice, it is an excellent remedy against parasites. Also with its help wipe bedsores in bedridden patients.
  • When hypertension is proposed to prepare a healing drink. To do this, take a couple of glasses of cranberries, 100 grams of granulated sugar and a glass of pure water.

    Berry the berries thoroughly, mix with sugar and water. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil and decant through a strainer. Several tablespoons of this mixture are added to water and drunk instead of tea. Also, hypertensive patients can take note of a recipe for cranberries and honey. You need to cook the same amount of berries and honey.

    Fruits are passed through a meat grinder and combined with honey. Such a folk remedy is recommended to take a tablespoon, preferably before a meal. With increased perspiration and pruritus, an ointment is made of 25 ml of cranberry juice and 100 grams of vaseline. The components are thoroughly ground together to form a homogeneous mass.

    This medical composition lubricates the affected skin on the body twice a day, and apply ointment on the skin with a thin layer. The term of treatment is at least 5 days. For problems with the liver, mix one glass of cranberries and honey, bringing the mass to a smooth state.

    Every day, eat a tablespoon of the healing composition immediately before a meal, you can drink with clean water. If you are the owner of oily skin on the face, mash the berries and apply the resulting gruel on the face for 10-15 minutes. This mask copes with the development of excess sebum and mattes the skin.

  • Apply a cloth or wipes pre-soaked in cranberry juice to sensitive skin. If you are worried about acne, then keep this mask for an hour, sometimes re-soaking pieces of cloth. It is advisable to complete a course of 10 masks, one procedure per week is enough.
  • Cranberry Drinker Recipe

    To prepare cranberry juice, squeeze out the remaining 2 cups of berries juice, pour the remaining cake with two liters of hot water and add sugar to it to taste. Put the liquid on a slow fire and let it boil. After that, let Morse brew for literally 15 minutes, strain the cake and add berry juice to it.


    Before treatment with folk remedies, we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the contraindications of cranberries, so as not to cause damage that is difficult to repair.

    • It is advisable not to eat berries with the existence of individual intolerance, manifested in the form of an allergic reaction.
    • Useful fruits should be abandoned during lactation, they are also contraindicated in children under three years of age.
    • Cranberries themselves are very sour, so it is forbidden to include them in the diet for gastritis and ulcers in order to protect themselves from exacerbation and progression of diseases.
    • Acids contained in cranberries, adversely affect the state of tooth enamel, destroying it, so it must be used in moderate doses and after rinsing the mouth with water.
    • Experts do not recommend drinking cranberry juice in its pure form, so as not to irritate the gastric mucosa, it is best to dilute it with clean water and take after meals.

    We told you about the beneficial properties and contraindications of cranberries and selected the most effective recipes using the fruits of this plant, which help to solve a variety of health problems.

    What is useful cranberry during pregnancy, how to apply the pressure

    Useful properties of cranberries: folk recipes

    As part of the cranberries are vitamins B, A, PP, K, and the content of ascorbic acid, it is not inferior to citrus.It is also rich in trace elements: magnesium, phosphorus, iron, calcium and even silver. It is used to protect the body from infections, as well as using folk recipes to relieve fatigue.

    Medicinal properties of cranberries and recipes for their use

    Cranberry Juice with Lemon - A Healthy Tonic

    Cranberry is easy to process, thanks to the benzoic acid content, it is perfectly preserved in the freezer, without losing its magnificent natural properties.

    Therefore, it can be used at any time of the year. When choosing a recipe for cooking cranberry dishes, do not forget to pay attention to other components in order to exclude individual intolerance and allergic reactions.

    General tonic, tonic and cranberry mixes

    To increase your appetite:

    Steamed in a thermos with boiling water (150-200 grams) 10 large berries and 1 tbsp. spoon ground leaves of cranberries, insist at least 4 hours. Strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth, distribute into three portions, take before meals.

    To set the mood:

    Finely grate small potatoes, squeeze well, leave until starch forms. Drain the liquid from it, add cranberry juice, decoction of potato pomace, a little sugar. The final ratio of components should be 1: 1: 1, taken in portions of 50-70 grams, 3-4 times a day.

    Take about 90-100 grams of cranberries, raisins, peeled walnuts and 1 large lemon. Skip everything through a meat grinder or grind well with a blender, pour honey over the mixture (about 100 grams will be needed). Keep in the cold, children under 14 can be given a sweet dessert of 2 tablespoons per day, adults - 3-4.

    With colds, heat, sore throat

    Cranberry - tincture of cranberry vodka from angina

    The following prescription works well for treating sore throats:

    Cranberry juice, beetroot, honey and vodka mix in equal proportions, leave for three days. In order for the mixture to be well present, it must be stirred, so you must not forget to shake the container. Take 3-4 times a day for an hour before meals (according to the art. Spoon).

    Cranberry useful properties and contraindications for pressure

    This berry is known as a very fast and effective remedy for high blood pressure. But it is important not to abuse, during normalization, it is better to stop eating berries and beverages, otherwise the pressure may fall below the norm.

    Cranberry jam - the best cold medicine for tea

    Pressure Tea:

    Crush cranberries and pour into a saucepan, add 100 grams of filtered or distilled water and a glass of sugar. Bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat. Insist under the lid for 5-10 minutes. Add water to an acceptable concentration, use instead of regular tea.

    Hot drink to stabilize the pressure:

    Cranberries, hips and chokeberry in the ratio 1: 2: 2 (you can use both dried and frozen berries), crush. A tablespoon of the mixture is added to a glass and filled with hot water, allowed to stand for 40 minutes, drink in 2 doses (take until pressure stabilizes).

    To relieve inflammation in the urogenital system

    Cranberry Anti-Inflammatory Lemon Tea

    A simple recipe for anti-inflammatory action:

    Several times a day, use 1/4 cup of pure cranberry juice. You can not drink water for half an hour, until you learn. It is recommended to apply an hour before breakfast.

    The perfect tea recipe:

    Prepare a mixture of cranberry berries and cranberry leaves (in a ratio of one to one). Buy in the pharmacy herbs for kidney tea and bearberry ordinary (mix them 3 to 5). All ingredients take in proportions 2: 2 to 3: 5. A tablespoon of the mixture poured boiling water (200-250 ml), boil, let it brew for half an hour. Take 3-4 times a day.

    If you have problems with the work of the digestive tract, stomach disorders

    Take the berries and cranberry leaves, crush them well and mix in equal proportions. Take 2 tbsp.spoon pour boiling water, boil on low heat and strain. Take half a cup 4 times a day for diarrhea. The intestines can be adjusted using a mixture of pure cranberry and beet juices. Drink 3 times a day for a few sips.

    Cranberries with honey have beneficial properties and contraindications.

    These two components are perfectly combined, the recipes with their use will become a real well of vitamins and microelements to enhance immunity, restore the protective microflora of the body after diseases and surgeries.

    Everyone knows such sweetness as cranberry in sugar, but in combination with honey, the taste is much more fragrant, and its sweetness completely compensates for the acid and bitterness of the berry. Honey, unlike sugar, is beneficial and enhances the healing properties of cranberries.

    Cranberries with honey - a protective remedy for all diseases

    Cranberry tea leaves:

    It is simple to prepare and incredibly useful tonic tea, which can replace the traditional use of black and green: 1 tbsp. spoon boiled leaves with boiled water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Consume in combination with honey.

    Warming Vitamin Drink:

    2 cups of dried rosehip berries pour boiling water, leave for 2 hours to infuse, add to the broth half a glass of cranberry juice and 1 tbsp. a spoon of honey. Take half an hour before meals or with meals.

    Means for gargling with sore throat:

    200 grams of juice mixed with three tablespoons. spoons of honey, after rinsing the mixture can be swallowed.

    To increase the body's protective function during the treatment of tuberculosis:

    Drink cranberry juice with honey before meals. Add linseed oil to the mixture well.

    Cranberry benefits and contraindications for women during pregnancy

    Cranberries in sugar - a favorite treat for pregnant women, helps from edema

    Many are interested in the question of whether it is possible to use and what is useful cranberry during pregnancy. First of all, it is a vitamin complex and macronutrients necessary for the development of the fetus. But the most valued by women is the ability to reduce swelling and remove fluid from the body.

    During pregnancy, doctors and nutritionists recommend drinking cranberry juice:

    For cooking, you will need boiling water (1 l), cranberries (150 grams), sugar or honey (optional). Berries need to be well washed, knead, squeeze the juice with gauze. Cake pour boiling water, boil well for 10 minutes, then add previously separated juice, and sugar or honey to the broth.

    In addition, cranberries and drinks from it will improve uteroplacental circulation, help to strengthen blood vessels and avoid varicose veins during pregnancy.

    Contraindications in the use of cranberries

    It is necessary to take into account that the berry has some limitations in its application.

    Who should not eat cranberries

    It is strictly forbidden to use it in any form with increased acidity of gastric juice, in particular, in gastritis. Do not get involved in drinks, tinctures, extracts and berries of cranberries in any form for ulcers and liver diseases.

    For any diseases of the stomach and weakened intestines (for example, after poisoning or diarrhea), it is better to use the cranberries in the processed form, avoid fresh berries, frozen and dried. In addition, it is necessary to exclude cranberries from the diet, if you take sulfate preparations, such as mesalazine, sulfasalazine, salofalk.

    Cranberry is also contraindicated for people suffering from hypotension, as it in itself reduces blood pressure even more. If the above problems do not concern you, still do not forget:

    • you should definitely not eat cranberries on an empty stomach,
    • after eating the berries in any form, rinse the mouth well.

    Amazing in composition and healing qualities of cranberry, the medicinal properties and contraindications of which are described in the article are considered to be one of the most useful and rejuvenating berries.However, in order not to harm the health, carefully study the recommendations and doses, and in case of diseases, consult your doctor.

    Cranberry - useful properties and contraindications

    No wonder the people are called cranberries "sour healer." This red berry can cure many diseases, overcome infections, improve well-being and saturate the body with useful and necessary substances. About the healing properties of cranberries was known in the XVI century.

    Juice and pulp of this berry were used for coughing, scurvy, for healing wounds, for disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Nowadays, scientists have proven that cranberry enhances the effects of certain antibacterial agents, quenches thirst well and stabilizes blood pressure.

    Preparation of drink

    Cranberry juice, the benefit and harm of which will be discussed below, retains all the healing properties of the berry and has a minimum of contraindications. Suitable for both children and adults, including for pregnant women. For its preparation, fresh or frozen berries are used. How to do:

    • take 1 glass of berries,
    • defrost them if you use frozen ones
    • Squeeze the juice out of them (don't use it yet),
    • add a third of a cup of sugar or honey to the rind of the berries (in case of diabetes replace sweetener or exclude) and pour one and a half liters of water,
    • boil the mixture for 2-3 minutes on low heat,
    • Cool and add the juice.

    The benefit of cranberry fruit drink according to this recipe with or without honey is maximum. This is due to the fact that the juice does not undergo heat treatment and the vitamins contained in it do not collapse during cooking (boiling destroys vitamin C up to 90%, vitamin B6 up to 40%). As a result, when cooking the peel, only the minimum of vitamins that remain in it (10% of ursolic acid) is lost. And, means, medical properties will remain.

    Similarly, you can cook the jelly. Dilute 1 tbsp. l starch in a glass of water and add this solution to the peel and sugar or honey (sweetener for diabetes), filled with water. Boil the mixture until it thickens for 10–15 minutes. Then pour in a thin stream of juice, stir and turn off the heat. So it will be possible to save useful substances and get a drink familiar viscous consistency.

    Kissel and mors are equally useful, but kissel also has an enveloping effect on the walls of the stomach and intestines, protecting the mucous membrane and preventing the development of dysbiosis. In the juice you can add cranberries in the amount of 1 to 1 with cranberries. Lingonberry increases the diuretic effect, which is good in the presence of edema and sediment in the kidneys and bladder. But lingonberry also gives bitter taste to Morse, to improve its taste, it can be sweetened with honey.

    Important! The calorie content of the freshest cranberries is low - 28 kcal (caloric content of dried or dried - 308 kcal). The calorie content of the drink from fresh berries is about 49 kcal due to the sugar content in the composition.

    Cranberries for immunity

    The benefits of cranberry for the immunity of children and adults are explained by the content of vitamin C in berries. In fresh and frozen berries, it contains 15 mg, in dried and dried 0.2 mg. This vitamin strengthens the immune system and increases the resistance of the human body to the effects of viruses and infections.

    The daily intake rate for women and adolescents is 70–100 mg, for men - 120–150 mg. But during the outbreak of colds, as well as during the illness, it should be increased to 100-120 mg for women and 150-170 mg for men. It shows the use of berries to improve immunity in children and adolescents who have lower immunity than in adults, and people with poor health, for example, during the recovery period after illness. This will help prevent new infections. Honey will enhance the effect of cranberries, as it also contains vitamin C (0.5 mg).

    The use of cranberries for pregnant women is also explained by the presence of vitamin C. In pregnancy, weakening of the immune system is very dangerous.Infections and viruses that a woman can become infected with will harm not only herself but also the baby. However, the use of drugs during pregnancy is limited. To keep your immunity high, it is recommended to consume more vitamin C - up to 120–150 mg. Include in the diet more foods containing this vitamin (cranberry, lemon, spinach, black currant).

    Use juice or jelly with honey or without daily 1 glass a day (both children and adults, including pregnant women). After three days, take a break for the same period to prevent an increase in gastric acidity and heartburn. After that, continue to receive another 3 days. You can stop the course after stopping the epidemic of colds or after recovery. Pregnant women should stop drinking in the last weeks of pregnancy so that the acidity of breast milk does not increase. This can be harmful to children, as it damages the walls of the large and small intestines, as well as the stomach. Determine the timing of the reception will help the doctor.

    Benefits for the urinary system

    The benefits of cranberries for the body of children and adults lies in its positive effect on the urinary system and kidneys. It manifests itself in the following:

    Both for adults and for children, you should take juice from cranberries or kissel (with or without lingonberries) in 3-day courses, taking breaks for the same period. So healing properties will be maximized, and there will be no harm done. High acidity of the drink will not have a negative effect on the stomach and tooth enamel.

    You can use cranberries with honey (which will additionally increase immunity due to the content of vitamin C) or without. Drinking with lingonberries additionally relieves edema, because it has a diuretic effect.

    Cranberries for pressure normalization

    Morse or cranberry jelly with honey or without is indicated for use by people with hypertension. This drink has a diuretic effect, relieving swelling and lowering blood pressure. Cranberry has a mild diuretic effect. Lingonberry has a much stronger diuretic effect. It can be added to the juice to enhance the effect. In this case, cranberries and lingonberries are mixed in equal proportions.

    Potassium in the composition strengthens the walls of blood vessels and keeps them in good shape. It also has a positive effect on pressure, normalizing it.

    Diabetes benefits

    Cranberries can be used with diabetes. Its use does not cause an increase in blood glucose in diabetes of the first type. Drinking cranberries in type 2 diabetes is not only not harmful, but also beneficial.

    This is due to its property to regulate the work of the pancreas. It is this gland that produces insulin, which helps maintain normal blood sugar levels. With type 2 diabetes, regular consumption of up to 100 grams of cranberries helps reduce blood sugar levels.

    Cranberry for men

    For men, cranberries are useful for several reasons. Potassium has a positive effect on blood vessels, increasing their elasticity and tone, which indirectly contributes to an improvement in potency. In addition, catechin and epicatechin (organic substances present in cranberries) are combined with proanthocyanidins, which are also in the composition, and form large polymeric bonds that promote vascular relaxation similar to the drug "Viagra". Cranberry is useful for men as a means of increasing potency.

    When cranberries should not be consumed?

    Despite the fact that the use of cranberry juice does not cause doubts, there are also contraindications to the use of this drink. Also in these cases, you can not use the berry in its pure form, juice or jelly from it:

    1. the property of cranberry juice to acidify the environment makes it unacceptable when the enamel of the teeth is thinned and partially destroyed, as the use causes pain (when acid hits the dentin under the enamel, nerve cell processes in it transfer impulse to the dental nerve, causing pain),
    2. the same property explains the contraindication to taking cranberries with weakened enamel, since the acid acts on it aggressively, destroying it even more,
    3. gastritis with high acidity, heartburn, ulcer - absolute contraindications to taking cranberries, its juice or cranberry jelly due to the fact that it increases the acidity of gastric juice,
    4. idiosyncrasy (cranberry allergy) - contraindications to the use of its derivatives (juice, fruit drink, kissel, jam),
    5. regular use of cranberry juice or kissel leads to the washing out of the body salts, so take them 3 days in a row with a break for the same period,
    6. in case of diabetes mellitus, exclude or substitute sugar or honey in fruit drinks with natural sweeteners permitted in diabetes,
    7. The last weeks of pregnancy and breastfeeding are two more contraindications, since an increased acidity of milk can lead to stomach problems in a child.

    If the use of cranberries begins during pregnancy, it is better for a woman to first consult with a doctor. Cranberries tend to go bad with certain medications. For example, a contraindication to its use is the intake of sulfonic drugs (antimicrobial agents such as Dermazin, Calfizin, Silvederm).

    The benefits and harms of cranberries, considered in the article, are relative. This is not a medicine, but only an additional therapy. Cranberry juice with cranberries will not relieve hypertension, but is good as an additional remedy.

    Parasites in the body?

    Some symptoms of appearance are:

    • excessive sweating
    • weakened immunity, frequent colds,
    • weakness, fatigue,
    • nervous condition, depression,
    • headaches and migraines,
    • successive diarrhea and constipation,
    • want sweet and sour,
    • bad breath,
    • frequent feeling of hunger
    • problems with losing weight,
    • loss of appetite
    • night gnashing of teeth, drooling,
    • pain in the abdomen, joints, muscles,
    • cough does not pass,
    • pimples on the skin.

    If you have any of the symptoms or doubt the causes of ailments, you should clean the body as soon as possible. How to do this, read here.

    If you find an error, please highlight a piece of text and click Ctrl + Enter.

    Common cranberry

    Red, soft in texture and very sour in taste, berries can cure many diseases. In addition, they are used for both preventive and culinary purposes. Official medicine considers cranberry extract as a light diuretic with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial activity.

    Useful properties of cranberries are familiar to mankind for a long time. Berries are more popular than the fruits of the closest relatives - blueberries and blueberries. This is not surprising, because cranberries are a real source of healing substances that diversify the human body. And its correct and moderate use will help preserve health for many years.

    Where to find thickets

    The most valuable for therapeutic purposes are considered large-fruited and common cranberries. The first species is most common in the Appalachian Mountains. Cultivated on an industrial scale in special artificial swamps.

    Common cranberries are widely distributed in Russia. An exception is the territory of the Kuban, the Caucasus Mountains and the Volga region. In Europe, cranberries grow to the north of France, in North America - almost throughout Canada.

    The second name for common cranberries is marsh. It fully characterizes the requirements of the plant to the conditions of its growth. Cranberries need increased soil moisture, so it grows on wetlands moistened by underground and surface sources, less often on the marshy banks of rivers and lakes. Also, cranberries are capable of forming thickets in coniferous forests.

    Botanical description

    The plant belongs to the number of evergreen shrubs. Because of their small size, people often call it grass.

    • Roots. The plant has a core root system.Also, all species are characterized by the presence of a large number of adventitious roots, which grow from the shoots and provide them with moisture and substances necessary for development.
    • Stems. Bending, filiform, capable of ubiquitous rooting. The length reaches 30 cm.
    • Leaves. They have an oblong ovoid shape and solid edges. Small, maximum length 1.5 cm, width - 0.6 cm. Located on the branches alternately, fastened with short petioles. The top of the sheet plate has a dark green color, the bottom one is almost white. The stark contrast is justified by the presence of a thick layer of wax on the bottom of the sheet, which is necessary to protect the gas exchange organs of the plant from moisture when changing the water level.
    • Fruit. Cranberry fruits in the second year of its development. The berries appear immediately after the end of flowering, but ripen for a long time - right up to October. They have a round or ellipsoid shape. They are eaten by birds, after which they spread the seeds over long distances, ensuring the distribution of cranberries. After the seeds are eaten by birds, an increase in their germinating activity is observed.

    The main condition for the normal development of cranberry shrubs is the presence of particular fungi in the soil, with which the root system of the cranberries densely grow together, forming mycorrhiza. This moment is very important for the berries to concentrate the mineral substances, since it is the fungi that ensure their entry into the plant itself. In turn, the cranberry bush provides the fungus with substances of organic nature, their derivatives after photosynthetic reactions. It is proved that without the formation of mycorrhiza, the cranberry quickly weakens, begins to hurt, and eventually dies from a lack of mineral compounds.

    Preparation of medicinal raw materials

    Dried cranberries lose a lot of nutrients, so they are harvested fresh. A characteristic feature - the berry, which has a complex chemical composition, is beautifully stored in water. The harvested fruit, after the final ripening, is poured with ordinary cold water in cans or wooden barrels, where they can be stored until the next season.

    Harvesting is often done by hand, using special wooden hooks. They are convenient to raise branches for better access to berries that can be picked at different times of the year. The biological value of the fruit depends on it.

    • Collected in September. Berries untouched by frost, ripen in boxes, contain the greatest amount of valuable substances.
    • Collected after the first frost. Then the berry becomes sweeter, but loses points in terms of beneficial properties.
    • Collected in early spring. The sweetest berry - after the descent of snow. Regarding the healing properties of such fruits are considered the least valuable.

    It is correct to freeze not only that which was torn off, but already lain for some time in a dark place and a finally ripened cranberry. The berries are washed with cold water, dried on a paper towel, and then frozen, spreading out the raw material in a thin layer on a wide pot. After three hours, the berries can be poured into a container or plastic bag.

    The healing composition of the fruit

    Cranberries are considered to be one of the most useful berries, because its chemical composition is simply striking in its richness and variety.

    • Sahara. Contains mono- and disaccharides (glucose, fructose, sucrose), as well as high-molecular carbohydrates represented by dietary fibers and pectin substances. All carbohydrate compounds are involved in metabolism, are sources of energy for the human body, are consumed by all its cells.
    • Organic acids. Presents tartaric, oxalic, quinic, chlorogenic, ursolic, benzoic, succinic, ketobutyric, oleic, ketoglutaric acids. All of them are active participants in protein and fat metabolism. Many of these acids affect the level of energy consumption by cells, increasing it.They launch metabolic processes, speed up metabolism, and participate in the formation of cell membranes. Most acids have bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, reduce the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood.
    • Flavonoids. Quercetin, betaine. Ensure the strengthening of the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood viscosity, have an antioxidant effect.
    • Other substances. In small quantities, cranberries contain catechins, leucoanthocyanins, and glycosidic compounds. All of them have an antioxidant effect, hepatic and cardioprotective effect, normalize the flow of metabolic processes. Tannins provide cranberry with astringent, enveloping, anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Vitamins. Cranberry is considered a vitaminizing plant because of the high concentration of vitamins. Among them, vitamin C, K, E, and vitamins of group B. They regulate the course of redox reactions in the body, and therefore are necessary to perform all physiological functions.
    • Minerals Cranberry is the leader in potassium, as well as calcium and iron. Among the trace elements in cranberries are quite rare: cobalt, lead, silver, nickel, titanium, chromium. Cranberry also contains the usual, but vital minerals: sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium.

    What does berry treat

    Extensive therapeutic properties of the berries can be used for many diseases.

    • With hypertension. In folk medicine, the use of cranberry pressure is popular. It should be said that from the point of view of official medicine, berries should be used as part of complex therapy of hypertension. In this case, you can achieve positive dynamics of the disease, as well as stabilization of the patient.
    • In cases of digestion. Berries are used as a gastroprotective agent, as well as to stimulate the pancreas and gall bladder. Indications for use: hypoacidic form of gastritis, cholecystitis. Recommended regular use of berries for people suffering from diabetes. Fruits regulate sugar levels, improve cell sensitivity to insulin.
    • With urinary problems. Cranberry eliminates inflammation in pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, cystitis, urethritis, and inflammation of the bladder. Providing a mild diuretic effect, cranberries help to cope with swelling and fluid retention. Also, the plant helps to prevent the formation of kidney stones and remove the existing small deposits. Relaxation of smooth muscles contributes to the flow of this process with minimal pain. For any gynecological diseases, cranberry helps to eliminate the inflammatory process, prevent its transition to a chronic form, protects against the formation of cysts, polyps.
    • With ARVI. Cranberry berries, tea with them, jam, juice, will help reduce body temperature and manifestations of fever. The use of cranberry cough is based on a mild bronchodilator effect, which facilitates the removal of mucus and reduces the risk of cold to bronchitis. Mouth and mouth rinses help to cope with pharyngitis, laryngitis, sore throat, stomatitis.
    • When immunodeficiency. Cranberries are recommended to be used by people suffering from a chronic decrease in immunity, as well as during the recovery period after illness, operations.
    • From disorders of the central nervous system. Cranberries have mild sedative and muscle relaxant properties. Can be used in the period of increasing mental and physical stress to ensure the body's resistance to stress, maintain clarity of thinking. Cranberry helps to cope with seasonal depression, asthenic conditions and insomnia.

    To get effective medicines from cranberries at home, there are many recipes. The most popular ones are cranberry juice and tincture.

    Alcohol tincture

    FeaturesTincture on alcohol is used to prevent atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, as a general tonic, to lower blood pressure, with ulcerative lesions of the stomach.

    Preparation and use

    1. A glass of cranberries filled with a glass of sugar, put in a warm bright place for ten days.
    2. Add to the mixture a glass of medical alcohol.
    3. Insist in a dark place for five days, then filter.
    4. Consume a tablespoon twice or three times a day, on an empty stomach.

    Vodka agent

    Features It is used for all indications characteristic of cranberries. Tincture on vodka is less strong than alcohol, therefore it has a milder effect on the stomach.

    Preparation and use

    1. To prepare the tincture on the cranberries, a glass of berries is pounded in a mortar or crushed in a blender to a mushy consistency.
    2. In a saucepan, heat a glass of water to boil. Pour a glass of sugar, bring to a boil again.
    3. Mix the grated berry and sugar syrup.
    4. A glass of high-quality pure vodka is added to the mixture.
    5. Insist month in a dark place, occasionally shaking.
    6. Filter through gauze into a convenient bottle.
    7. Take a tablespoon twice a day.

    Cranberry juice

    Features It is very effective as a febrifuge for colds. Suitable for the treatment of renal diseases.

    Preparation and use

    1. A glass of ripe berries chop into porridge.
    2. Pour three liters of water, bring to a boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 15 minutes.
    3. Add sugar to the juice, honey, spices to taste.
    4. Take inside a glass, up to six times a day.

    Treatment with cranberries in the presence of chronic diseases requires prior consultation with the attending physician.

    Other uses

    Berries are actively used in cooking for desserts, baking, cooking various sauces for meat dishes. They are also used in the alcohol industry, as a basis for cranberry tincture or for flavoring vodka.

    In cosmetology, cranberry extract is used, as well as its juice. Diluted with water, it helps to eliminate acne and pustular eruptions, prevent scar formation, and also eliminate rashes of an allergic nature.

    Cranberry juice and whole fruits are used to prevent cancer of the prostate, breast, female genital organs. Rinsing the mouth with diluted juice helps prevent tooth decay and whiten tooth enamel.

    What is the danger

    Side effects of treatment with cranberries can manifest themselves as a decrease in pressure, heartburn, pain in the right hypochondrium, and dyspeptic disorders. In this case, the use of berries should be stopped and continued after a few days, reducing the dosage by one third.

    • hyperacid gastritis,
    • any form of liver disease,
    • antiplatelet medication,
    • tendency to thrombosis,
    • individual sensitivity.

    With proper harvesting and storage of berries, the use of cranberries for maintaining health and eliminating existing pathologies is invaluable. Even experienced doctors confirm that the mild tonicity and strengthening effect of the berry can be used in most of the diseases studied. But for safety reasons, it is better to coordinate reception of cranberries with the doctor.

    The use of cranberries: medicinal properties and contraindications

    Cranberry - A well-known sour berry, a relative of lingonberries, growing in different parts of the world, as a rule, in marshland. There are many varieties of this berry: they are all edible and are a source of vitamins and other beneficial substances, a favorite treat for people and an indispensable ingredient in cooking.

    The composition of berries, calorie

    The cranberry is unique in its composition, namely, the presence of vitamins and minerals in it.

    The composition of the berries include:

    1. A whole set of vitamins such as K, A, PP, groups B and C. Most of it contains vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
    2. Minerals (potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, boron, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, silver).
    3. Organic acids. The composition contains only natural acids of plant origin (citric, ursolic, chlorogenic, benzoic, oleanolic).
    4. Antioxidants and catechins.
    5. Polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are present only in the grains.

    Protein, sugar, fats and carbohydrates are represented in it in small quantities. But it has a high content of fiber.

    Product of the day. Cranberry:

    Cranberry Berry: Composition and Useful Properties

    The inhabitant of the Northern Hemisphere, cranberry grows in wetlands with a cool, humid climate. Due to the grace of a flower resembling the head of a crane, it is called “crane berry”, and the richness of its mineral composition makes it a valuable food for residents of the northern regions. It retains useful properties until spring. The berries gathered in September are beautifully stored in containers filled with water for a long winter. In Russia, the “cranberry” business brought a considerable income to the state treasury, and fruit drinks, juices, and dried fruit were part of the diet of the majority of residents.

    Fresh grapes of cranberries, which are not inferior to lemon, grapefruit (55 mg per 100 g of berries), fresh cranberries have unique properties, give people healthy vitamins and trace elements:

    • vitamins:
      • group B - thiamine, niacin and riboflavin,
      • K - phylloquinone,
      • beta-carotene (A) and pyridoxine (B6).
      • folic acid,
    • trace elements: potassium, calcium, fluorine, iodine, magnesium, iron, etc.
    • organic acids: benzoic, malic, citric.

    For its antioxidant properties, cranberry is considered a “rejuvenating” berry. Canadian scientists in clinical studies have revealed that the risk of tumors in individuals who consume 100-150 g of these berries daily is reduced by 35%. Residents of industrial cities with a high level of pollution of the atmosphere is vital to add to the diet of cranes, reducing the level of carcinogens in the blood.

    Benzoic acid, which contains a lot of cranberry, is a natural preservative, therefore, the beneficial properties of “crane berries” are widely used for preservation. Dried cranberries and leaves of the plant will become a source for strengthening vitality and health during the long months of winter, during the period of spring vitamin deficiency. Drinks, fruit drinks, cranberry tea - great energy, enhancing the work of the brain, giving tone to the body.

    Being a natural antibiotic, the miracle berry will accelerate the healing process for sore throats, colds, viral infections. Useful properties are invaluable in pyelonephritis, cystitis. If you want to clean the body of toxins, eat 2 tbsp. spoons of cranberry jam for a month. Clear and thin the blood, not worse than aspirin, will help fruit drinks and tincture of cranberry.

    The particular acidic properties of cranberries are prized in cooking:

    • delicious meat dishes with cranberry sauces delight gourmets,
    • “Cranberries in sugar”, cakes, and other pastry masterpieces ideally emphasize the compatibility of incompatible flavors - sour and sweet,
    • Sauerkraut with the addition of cranberries will be not only juicy, crispy, but also very useful.

    What is rich in cranberries

    A large amount of vitamins of groups B and PP has been found in cranberries. It is saturated with vitamins C and K1, organic acids, macro-and microelements, it has a lot of sugars, pectins. Cranberries are rich in acids such as citric and malic, and also contain ursolic, quinic, ketoglutaric, oleanolic, benzoic, and chlorogenic acids, and there is a bit of sorrel and amber. In addition, the berry has many essential oils.

    Cranberries are saturated with useful substances such as calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, molybdenum, magnesium, manganese and copper. And there are titanium, magnesium and iodine, boron, zinc and nickel, chromium, tin and lead, cobalt and silver.It is useful due to the high content of leucoanthocyanins, anthocyanins, catechins, tannin, betaine, flavonols and phenolic acids.

    Who is she shown

    Cranberries are capable of giving a serious rebuff to Staphylococcus aureus, malaria, Escherichia coli, pathogens of the sore throat and flu. Back in the 16th century, a delicious remedy, fresh cranberries, was successfully used to treat wounds, for colds, coughs, fever, and scurvy.

    The healing properties of the berries help to slow the growth of malignant tumors, strengthen the blood vessels and capillaries, and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. Cranberries should be used by people with high blood pressure, it expands the walls of the heart vessels, helps prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis.

    Berry has a positive effect on the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, improves appetite. It is shown to people with low acidity of the stomach, improves the pancreas. It is recommended to be eaten by people suffering from colitis and constipation, gastritis and heartburn. Those who suffer from overweight will also benefit from cranberries. Medicinal properties of the plant will help to cope with diseases of the genitourinary system and liver. With constant use of the berry will help prevent the formation of kidney stones.

    Cranberries have a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the skin. In the form of lotions and ointments, it is used to treat purulent wounds and burns, for scrofula, dry eczema, psoriasis, lichen, erythema, and other ailments. Doctors recommend using cranberries for allergic rashes, baldness, vitiligo, vasculitis and even with the appearance of lice.

    For future mothers

    During pregnancy, the body is under tremendous pressure, it needs huge portions of vitamins and trace elements to develop a new life. Women will benefit from cranberries for good nutrition and increased immunity, especially during the cold season. Cranberries contain a large amount of vitamin C, namely, it is known that it is the guardian of the body’s defenses. It is impossible to hurt future mothers.

    In this period, the use of drugs is reduced to a minimum, and antibiotics are completely contraindicated. Because the disease is better to prevent than to treat. Cranberry helps to absorb nutrients and vitamins, has a beneficial effect on the skin, improves collagen production, and normalizes hormones.

    Tasty and healthy recipes

    Sold fresh, frozen and dried cranberries. The first you can immediately eat or cook something delicious from it. Frozen and dried cranberries are used to make compotes and other beverages. In fact, cranberries are very widely used in cooking; recipes can be simple or complex. We will focus on the easiest. Preparing a healthy delicacy takes only a few minutes.

    - Cranberries in sugar. You must have ever tasted such a tasty dish. You can prepare a meal yourself, and it is very easy to do. Rinse and dry fresh berries. In a separate container, beat the egg white with powdered sugar. Now it remains only to dip the berries in it and let them dry well.

    -Cranberry juice. It perfectly quenches thirst and restores strength. Take the berries and pass them through a meat grinder or blender. Squeeze out the juice, but do not throw out the cake - it is a very valuable ingredient. It should be placed in a saucepan, add water and boil for five minutes. After the juice and sugar are added, honey is better. This drink is drunk chilled.

    - Kissel. Prepares almost the same as juice. But after the ground cranberries are cooked, diluted starch is added to it, and in a couple of minutes - juice. This is a very interesting dish. If in the process of cooking add a bit of cinnamon to it, then it will turn into a main dish - cream soup (served with sour cream or cream).

    Preparing medicine for the whole family

    Excellent potions can be made by yourself.Let us dwell on a few simple but effective recipes from grandma's piggy bank. Cranberries are made from real health elixirs. You don't need any special skills - everything is simple.

    Cranberries with honey perfectly help in the fight against cough. Take it to the tablespoon every 2-3 hours. This is a medicine that children will happily eat. Rinse the cranberries and pass it through a meat grinder (blender), now it only remains to add honey to it. Proportion: 1 to 1. If honey in your house was not, it does not matter. It can be replaced by sugar.

    For immunity

    Cranberries on alcohol (cranberry tincture) will not only serve as a soft aperitif, but also strengthen your immunity, especially in the winter. Drink helps to overcome a cold. To do this, overnight drink 100 grams of such tincture, wrap yourself up and go to bed. It is necessary to sweat well, after changing the underwear and sleep. If you wish, you can repeat the procedure, but the main thing is not to overdo it. How to prepare such cranberries on alcohol? The recipe is presented below.

    Take a bottle of quality vodka, 1.5 cups of berries and a glass of sugar or honey. Mince cranberries or simply grind well with sugar. No berry should remain whole. Place the sweet mixture in a bottle, fill it with vodka, close the container tightly. Place the tincture in a dark warm place for 2 weeks, periodically shake the contents (every 2-3 days). After you need to filter the tincture of the cake and store in a cool place. Now you know how to make a healthy drink and medicine (this is cranberry with alcohol). The recipe is very simple, but you will need to wait a certain time.

    Cranberries have been used as a healing remedy for centuries. She helped our ancestors to overcome even the most complex diseases and served as an excellent treat for children and adults. This is a medicine that has passed the test of time, and therefore he can definitely be trusted with his health.

    Calorie, Vitamins and Minerals

    Cranberry is a low-calorie product, but the number of calories in fresh and dried berries varies greatly (which is understandable, because moisture leaves the fruit during drying, which causes them to lose weight many times).

    So, if 100 g of fresh berries contain only 25 Kcal, then the same weight of dried product accounts for more than 300 Kcal. This should be remembered by those who, intending to lose weight, gnaws dried cranberries all day. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates in cranberries are in the ratio 0,5 : 0,2 : 3,7.

    A distinctive feature of the cranberry composition is a large number pectin. In addition, berries containing sugars, anthocyanins, catechins, betaine, organic acids - citric, malic, oxalic, ursolic, chlorogenic, amber, oleander and others.

    Cranberry Berries

    The beneficial properties of cranberries for the body are determined by its unique composition. So, cranberry berries:

    • improve appetite and, increasing the production of gastric and pancreatic juice, stimulate the digestive system, thereby shown in low acidity and some diseases of the pancreas,
    • beneficial effect on urinary system, have a diuretic effect, contribute to the suppression of the development of pathogenic bacteria, therefore, are indicated for renal disorders,
    • endowed with property stop inflammatory processes and even hinder the development of malignant neoplasms (especially in the intestines, mammary glands and prostate),
    • balancing cholesterol in the blood, it has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, stimulates the heart, relieves headaches, is a good prevention of atherosclerosis and strokes,
    • refresh and invigorate, quench thirst and have antipyretic properties, so they are indicated for respiratory viral diseases, influenza,
    • kill the harmful flora in the body, they have an anthelmintic effect (experiments show that even spoiled minced meat, to which cranberry concentrate was added, later turned out to be edible and did not cause stomach disorders).
    Cranberry juice will bring tremendous benefit with urinary tract infections, gastritis, cardiovascular diseases, colds, coughs and even oral inflammations.

    This healing elixir is also endowed with the ability to disinfect wounds and heal burns, as well as to increase the effectiveness of antibiotics.

    Cranberry during pregnancy

    A separate topic is the role of cranberries in the life of future mothers. As you know, any viral and other acute diseases during pregnancy are especially dangerous, and taking antibiotics during this period can be no less detrimental than the infection itself.

    On the other hand, the female body during the carrying of the baby is under additional stress and is therefore particularly at risk of being affected by viruses. Further, the kidneys and urinary organs are those systems of the body that are most often affected during pregnancy. Cranberries with its bactericidal, anti-inflammatory properties, which are manifested both in the general effects on the body, and, in particular, in relation to the genitourinary system, during pregnancy simply irreplaceable!

    But that's not all. Drinking cranberries will help the expectant mother to get rid of the varicose veins that often arise during this period, since this berry has a very beneficial effect on the work of the blood vessels. The same property of cranberries ensures the normalization of blood circulation in the area of ​​the placenta, and, therefore, helps the fetus to develop normally.

    Useful and healing properties for the human body

    Cranberries are valued for their many beneficial qualities for the human body. These include:

    1. Normalization of metabolic processes. Help in the removal from the body of all toxins and toxic substances.
    2. Reducing high blood pressure.
    3. Strengthening capillaries.
    4. Normalizes blood cholesterol levels. Interferes with formation in blood vessels of blood clots and plaques, well thins blood.
    5. Antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. Well reduces high temperature with colds and flu. Helps the body to fight its intoxication.
    6. Strengthening immunity. Cranberry eliminates vitamin deficiency, being a kind of source for giving strength and vigor to the body.
    7. Prevention of the formation of malignant tumors in the body.
    8. Improved concentration.
    9. The analgesic effect on headaches or pains in women during menstruation.
    10. Strengthen the nervous system, hair and nails.

    About the benefits of cranberry for the body:

    Possible harm to health and contraindications

    Along with other products, this berry has its contraindications to use. These include the following indicators:

    • cranberry allergy. It manifests itself mainly in the form of allergic manifestations on the skin. It can be in the form of a rash, redness, itching. Therefore, it is contraindicated in women while breastfeeding a child, as well as children under 3 years old,
    • the presence of gastric or intestinal ulcers. as well as various types of gastritis. You can not eat cranberries during the exacerbation of these diseases,
    • low pressure (hypotension),
    • the presence of urolithiasis, gout, liver disease.
    Cranberries should not be eaten if you have allergies, gout, low pressure and ulcers.

    Recommended do not eat fresh berries or juice before eatingso that the gastric mucosa is not irritated and gastric juice is not excreted in large quantities.

    Cranberry juice before use must be diluted with water.

    With cold and flu

    Cranberry has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body, makes a person sweat. Because of this, she well knocks fever.

    Drinks from it quench thirst. With colds, it is necessary to drink cranberry infusion.

    Cooking method: berries (1 cup) crush and pour boiling water (1 liter). The resulting solution is brought to a boil, infused, then filtered. Drink during the day for 1 glass several times.

    Cranberry has antipyretic effect on the human body, quenches thirst

    With hypertension

    Berries, juice or jelly from them have a good diuretic effect on the human body. At the same time, potassium is not washed out of the body.

    One of the recipes for cranberry drink from hypertension: Crush 2 cups of berries, add 0.5 cups of granulated sugar, add 1 cup of water.

    Stir the mixture, bring to a boil and strain. Mix the mixture in the amount of several teaspoons with hot water and drink as tea.

    Use of angina

    In this case, cranberry juice is used.. They can gargle and use inside. To rinse the juice, you must first dilute with water by half.

    When consumed inside prepare the following means: cranberry juice and beet juice, honey, vodka are mixed together in equal proportions.

    The mixture is infused for 3 days, stirring occasionally every day. The finished composition take 1 tablespoon about an hour before meals.

    With cystitis

    Cranberry acts on the body as an anti-inflammatory, diuretic and antiseptic. The proanthocyanide contained in it prevents the bacteria causing cystitis from accumulating on the walls of the bladder.

    It is recommended for its treatment. daily drink 1 glass of fresh juice.

    To strengthen the immune system and eliminate avitaminosis

    Cranberries, due to its composition, helps to strengthen the immune system and saturate the human body with vitamins, especially in the spring.

    It is recommended to take such a drink.A: A handful of berries pour 0.5 liters of hot water, leave to insist, then strain and drink as tea. You can add honey.

    The second version of the drink: The cranberry ground with sugar (2 spoons) is poured with boiling water, infused. Ready drink drink as usual tea.

    Cranberry - rejuvenating berry:

    Application in cosmetology

    Cranberry has found its application in cosmetology. She copes well with skin diseases.such as scrofula, psoriasis, lichen, allergic skin rashes, burns. In all these cases, lotion or cranberry ointment is used.

    Ointment for storage put in the fridge. Apply as needed, causing damage to the skin with a thin layer.

    In addition, cranberry is part of a variety of cosmetics for the face and body. It helps gently cleanse the skin of dead cells, nourishes it.

    Processing methods

    Cranberries can be eaten not only raw. There are quite a few ways to process it.

    The most famous are:

    1. Cranberries, ground with sugar. For this, 2 kg of ripe berries are ground with a blender and mixed with 3 kg of granulated sugar. It is stored for quite a long time in the refrigerator or just in a cool place.
    2. Cranberry Kissel. A solution of 1 tbsp. spoons of starch and 1 tbsp. cold water is poured into water with sugar and crushed cranberries. Cook the mixture until it thickens for about 10-15 minutes. Then juice is poured into the resulting kissel, mixed and removed from the heat. Kissel is ready to eat.
    3. Cranberry Jam. It can be cooked with only one cranberry, or with various additives, such as apples. 1 kg of apples, 1 kg of berries, 2 cups of chopped walnuts pour pre-cooked syrup and put on a slow fire. Blend the mixture for 30 minutes with constant stirring. The finished jam is transferred to sterilized jars and rolled.
    4. Morse. Berries (0.5 kg) are ground in a blender, squeezed juice. In the remaining berries pour water and boil for 5-10 minutes. The resulting decoction must be drained and add the pressed juice. To taste in the juice you can add sugar or honey.
    Cranberries are used to make jam and jelly, fruit drinks, and rub with sugar.

    Cranberries are beautifully stored fresh. within a few months. To store them choose a well-ventilated and cool place.

    The berries themselves must be ripe and well dried. In addition, the cranberries can be frozen or dried, while its shelf life increases.

    Cranberries should be present in the diet of each person.. It brings many benefits to man, is a kind of natural antibiotic. But at the same time you should not forget about her some contraindications.

    With a weakened immunity

    In the cold season and especially in spring, when the reserves of vitamins in our body are depleted, it's time to take care of a little health. Sour frozen or dried berries will be most welcome. A handful of these fruits need to fall asleep in a thermos, pour boiling water, insist and drink with the addition of sugar or honey.

    For diseases of the joints

    Cranberries to relieve joint pain is taken on a prescription similar to the one used to treat hypertension.

    Mix freshly squeezed cranberry and garlic juice in the ratio 5 : 2, Insist 24 hours, mixing from time to time.

    Add honey (twice the volume of the berries), mix again and take a teaspoon three times a day 15 minutes before meals.

    How to use in cosmetology

    Not paid attention to such a useful product and cosmetology. It is not surprising, because the sour berry has a beneficial effect on the entire body. From cranberry exposure, the skin becomes more elastic and taut, acquires youth, velvety and pleasant color. Also, the berry will help get rid of the peeling and dryness, remove unhealthy shine and redness, and even eliminate such an unpleasant phenomenon as acne. Cranberry is very useful for hair (especially fat type).

    To prepare cranberry lotion for oily skin, grate a whole lemon on a grate, pour in vodka (250 ml), remove it in a dark place and forget it for a week.

    After this period, we filter, add to the liquid a glass of freshly squeezed cranberry juice, 100 ml of boiled water, cooled to room temperature, and a tablespoon of glycerin. Mix all ingredients well. This lotion is used to wipe the skin of the face daily before bedtime.

    On the basis of red berries can be cooked face mask. Grind the fruit in a blender or crushed in a mortar and apply the resulting substance to the already cleansed skin.

    Leave for a quarter of an hour, then gently wash off with warm water. Repeat the procedure three times a week for a month.

    Cranberries in cooking: what to cook, how to prepare and store

    Cranberries are used not only in traditional medicine and cosmetology, but also in cooking: thanks to its sour taste, it is applicable not only in desserts and cocktails, but also in salads and main dishes - both meat and fish, including various seafood.

    About all kinds of jams, marmalades, confitures, jelly, fruit drinks, compotes and kvass, liqueurs and liqueurs can not be said at all.

    The product as a culinary ingredient can be used fresh, frozen, dried, soaked and even pickled. Berry creates unique compositions in an ensemble with citrus fruits and apples, nuts, vegetables and even mushrooms.

    For a snack, it is recommended to make a light salad of dried cranberries, cream cheese and boiled chicken fillet, for dessert - a fruit salad with cranberries, grapefruit or pineapple and whipped cream.

    Baked poultry will play a completely unique notes, if you apply to her cranberry sauce with apples. To prepare the sauce, put 0.5 kg of fresh cranberries in a saucepan, cut into slices two sour-sweet apples, half a cup of powdered sugar, a pinch (or stick) of cinnamon and some water. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and boil until thick. Bon Appetit!

    Possible contraindications

    Like any potent agent, cranberries can bring not only benefits but also harm. The red color of the berry suggests that it can cause allergies (besides, many suffer from intolerance to ascorbic acid).

    In order to avoid adverse effects of the product on the walls of the stomach, it is better to use berries for such people (even in remission) after a hearty meal.

    Finally, the excessive use of sour berries can adversely affect the condition of your teeth, so the mouth after eating such food should at least be thoroughly rinsed.

    All listed contraindications are very conditional: they call for only to exercise healthy caution and a sense of proportion in the use of berries, which can bring undeniable benefits to health.

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